When Is The Best Time To Publish A Press Release?

When people publish a press release, they usually put a lot of efforts in writing it, editing it and making a professional press release. But something that not many take into account is the timing of publishing.

best time to publish a press release

First you need to make sure that the press release covers something that already happened. Even if it’s one day after the launch of new product, it’s okay. Just be sure it’s not published before the launch.

Another thing to consider is which the day of the week the press release is published, and when it is sent. It usually takes a day or two before a press release is published, so it is best to send it to editors about 3 days before you want it to be published. Consider that during the weekend, their mailbox is flooded, so the best day to send the release is Monday, around noon, after they read previous e-mails.

Also, consider holidays before you send the press release. If you know you need to publish something and a holiday is coming up, do your best to send it and get it published at least a few days before the holiday.


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