What To Include In A Media Kit

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media press kitYour company is never too small to think about having press kits. Media kits are essential to open doors. They are an excellent marketing method that offers information to people interested in knowing about you, from reporters and editors who want to write a news story about your company or any launched product, to anyone who wants to collaborate with you. Knowing what to include in your press kit is imperative because a media kit is a great way to put the spotlight on your company.

Here are some tips to help you create your own media kit:

First of all you must include press releases. This is probably the most important element of any media kit. If you have a new product a press release can help you introduce it. The same way, if you have any news story such as a merger with another company or any upcoming event, a press release will help you to announce it.

Another important element is backgrounder. It will provide information about your company, its vision, interests and mission. It can include some biographies about important executives and public faces behind the company.

You should also include catalogs, images and logos. It is always essential to make sure that they have high resolution. Remember, quality is the key. You cannot promote a high-quality product by using poor materials. You can also add a brief letter addressed to the media thanking them for their interest in your company. In this letter you should list what you include in your press kit.

what to include in a media press kit

If you are promoting a new product you should certainly include a sample of the product. This is always a very creative way to attract media and to give press people the chance to taste on their own the product you offer.

You can also make a good use of some digital features to include in your press kit: CDs and DVDs with images, demos, presentations and video tours as long as they are necessary and useful for editors and reporters.

You should also include a past press coverage. If your company has been covered by any newspaper or magazine you can include a press coverage where you detail those media outlets. Many people like to include a list of articles written about their company or even some samples of these writings. This could be interesting, but don’t overdo it.

You should also include if possible personalized items in your media kits. Anything where you can put your company’s name and logo could work. Pens, pencils, mouse pads, stress relief balls, magnets, notepads, stickers and so on. They tend to be great advertising tools because people always use them. So, your company’s name will be just in front of them.

Always include your contact information. A few business cards with your email addresses, phone numbers, location and website URL is the most recommendable choice.

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