Ways To Make Your Booth Noticeable

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expo boothThere is no doubt that one of the most challenging aspects of trade shows is to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by visitors. In order to be memorable you need to get creative and think outside of conventional business practices.

Start with offering unique promotional items. Most giveaways get tossed or forgotten moments after the show. Items that offer a little extra will be used daily by those who received them, and visitors who use these items daily are also much more likely to remember your business.

Another thing that not many exhibitors follow is to interact with fellow exhibitors. When you meet and talk to others, you spread the word about your company. If you send interested customers to fellow exhibitors’ booths, they will most likely do the same for you.

Excellent ways to interact with customers can include scavenger hunts, raffle drawings, or wheel-spinning for a prize. These fun activities are a welcome break from passively browsing through booths or listening to long sales pitches. These activities might cost a bit extra, but the returns can be much bigger as more visitors tell their friends about your cool booth.

When you make a sales pitch, make it more than simply list the features and benefits of your product. Based on your target audience demographics, create a vivid presentation that will make your audience see how they can use your product.

The best trade show practices emphasize building solid connections with customers and with other vendors in your industry. Incorporate these ideas into your next trade show and you will stand out from the competition.

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