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Know How To Choose The Right Banner For Your Restaurant

The best way to ensure your restaurant or pastry is noticed by potential customers and steadily draws in a loyal client base, is to place advertising signage outside. Banners can feature your name, logo, contact details or a special promotion you are marketing to drive visitors into your eatery. Even a simple “Open” sign or a list of your specials of the day can effectively encourage customers to check out your place.

Some of the banners suitable for restaurant advertising are:

  • Sidewalk signs like small poster stands, offer double-sided visibility to display your menu specials to make passersby stop and take a look at your food offerings.
  • Vinyl and mesh banners are affordable and versatile displays that can be hung on the front of your restaurant or on a fence near a busy intersection.
  • Window banners can be hung on the window and advertise a special deal, a changing menu, or even a large colorful “Open” sign.
  • Pop up banners are a great solution for advertising – they’re affordable, durable and really easy to set up. You can place them inside or out, and offer a daily special or a nightly attractive deal.
  • Telescopic or retractable banners are great to welcome guests once they enter inside your facility. They can display a simple “Please Wait to Be Seated” message, or a collection of the most recommended dishes.

To ensure your restaurant’s success and to create a loyal crowd of returning hungry customers, start thinking about a creative banner for your eatery.

What You Need To Know Before The Trade Show Starts

group of peopleHave you lately participated in a trade show and feel that you didn’t make the most out of it? Maybe there were a few things that you missed. The first stage of getting ready, tends to be underestimated by some exhibitors. By the time the trade show starts, a lot of marketing work needs to be already done. Otherwise you won’t have a good chance to attract targeted audience.

Here are a few tips for you to get organized before the next event and make it a success:

    1. Use social networks to your advantage: Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools of this century, but are you using it right? A few months before the show starts use Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to promote the event. However, always make sure you are using different messages on each channel. When you are using different social networks at once, people may receive your company messages several times, through different channels.


    1. Use the benefits of smart phones: Most of your targeted audience uses smart phones. So, make a good use of it and guarantee that smart phones can easily access to every digital channel that you are using to promote your trade show. Also make sure that your website and the digital promotion you send are viewable on smart-phones.


    1. Use the hook of gifts: You need the right people coming to your booth, so check the trade show pre-registration list and your customers list and choose the best giveaways. Offer a gift if the prospect visits your booth or a special discount that they can use only during the show.


  1. Use pre-arranged appointments: Of course, you need to find a very unusual way to do it. For example, a couple of weeks before the show, send your targeted audience pocket planners where they can schedule their activities during the event and subtly highlight one of the slots for a visit to your booth. Don’t forget to print your company logo on the pocket planners.

All that you need is targeted audience coming to your booth, and this requires pre-planning long before the show starts. Plan your next trade show carefully and start working at least a few months before.


Press Release: Innovative Tension Fabric Displays from Post-Up Stand

Post-Up Stand has introduced a tension fabric display that utilizes a stretch fabric banner, which easily slides over a curved hardware stand. The innovative curved design of the display allows for quick assembly and visual depth while not compromising the stability of the free-standing unit. A sturdy sectioned aluminum tubing framework with push-pin locks complements the vibrant high-quality banner.

tension fabric display

The tension fabric display provides not only durable, but also unique displays for customers wanting to stand apart from their competition. Based on the customer’s preference, the curved stand can be showcased to make either the convex or concave side of the display the forefront of the banner stand. The printed banner also utilizes an inventive dye sublimation printing technique in which a heat press is used to produce vibrant and crisp graphics.

The displays are offered in a wide variety of sizes to fit any display location or advertising need. The versatile display can serve as a custom table top stand or backdrop to a display booth at a trade show, college fair or special event.

The tension fabric display features a user-friendly stand, with sections of the hardware conveniently numbered for foolproof assembly. The fabric banner also includes a hand-stitched zipper that prevents the banner from shifting once the display is assembled.