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Want A Successful Trade Show Booth? Follow These Tips

Are you about to exhibit at a trade show soon? Want to stand out above your competitors? It’s time to realize you can’t just stand there at your booth, you need to do something to get the attention you want! To make your exhibit profitable and successful, you need to do something that will catch people’s eyes and draw them in. Here are a few suggestions on how to do just that:

Product demonstration

Presenting and demonstrating your products creates movement at your booth. This intrigues prospects to come by and check out your solution to their problem or need. When you demonstrate your product, make the benefits as clear as possible and show exactly how it works and what people can gain from it. If your product is too big, or if it is a service, you can shoot a video and play it on a large screen, it will work the same way.

Make sure to place a few chairs, and make your visitors as comfortable as possible. Even if you just started the day and no visitors are at sight, you can start the presentation – eventually people will come, stop and stay to hear about what you have to offer.

Entertaining visitors

To attract a large volume of people to your booth, you can hire an entertainer to gather a crowd. Anything that will draw attention can work – musicians, dancers, models and even a magician. The main thing you must remember – once the crowd is drawn, it’s up to your booth staffers to engage them and turn them into leads.

Communicate with attendees

It’s a common problem – a lot of booth staffers are not feeling comfortable to talk to strangers, so they stay deep inside their booth, waiting for those few attendees who walk in on their own. This is not the time to be shy, especially if you want to exceed your competitors. Make sure you have at least one staff member who is friendly and communicative, and place this person at the front of your booth. This staffer can engage people with questions like “Have you seen our new product?”, “What brings you by to this show?”, and even a simple “Where are you from?” to start a conversation. Once people are engaged, it’s much easier to keep them in with a demonstration and further explanation about your product or service.
There’s no doubt that creating movement in your booth is hard work, but your company probably invested a lot to present at that show. Don’t waste it on sitting there, doing nothing.

Trade Shows Around The World – Annual Anti-Aging Congress


The 22nd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine is a yearly event discussing the future of medicine today. This year, the event will take place in December 11-13, 2014 at the Venetian/Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas.

The event’s educational program provides access to unparalleled content, ground-breaking research, knowledgeable speakers, and valuable resources that enable today’s health practitioners for sustained success and growth. Physicians are invited to the World Congress to learn effective medicinal approaches and to improve the well-being of their patients.

Some of this year’s conference highlights include:

  • Hormonal Health
  • Diagnostic Testing and Interpretations
  • Clinical and Aesthetic Advancements
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Stress and the Immune Response
  • Function Neurology
  • PRP-new research and applications
  • Skin technology, skin tightening therapies and procedures
  • The Science of Stem Cells
  • Endocrine System
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Nutrient Strategies
  • Chronic Stress, Oxidative Stress


Attendees will also enjoy these bonuses:

  • The A4M Conference App
  • Networking Reception
  • Exhibit Hall – showcasing over 250 vendors, plus product showcase and presentations
  • Evening Workshops – featuring highlighted speakers
  • Car Givaway – a chance to win a FREE car


Double-Sided Banner Stand Will Boost Your Display

Trade shows or events of high-traffic usually offer little floor space, and as an exhibitor, you’ll need a special marketing display to attract visitors. A double-sided telescopic banner solves the small space issue – it takes up little space and still remains a high quality advertising tool.

The set up of this kind of banner stand is quite simple, as it comes with an innovative telescopic support bar which easily adjusts to your height preference. The stand comes with a telescopic vertical bar that locks in place with screws after raising it to the desired height.

Once the vertical support bar is placed, the horizontal poles are fed into the top and bottom banner pole pockets. The bars fit simply into the shelf-like display on the stand. Then, you’ll just need to attach the two printed banners to showcase your business from any angle.

Telescopic banners are perfect for a congested trade show booth, point-of-sale display and even a small conference. They will effectively promote your business or product without the hassle of a bulky stand or a complicated set-up. Also, they are quite affordable and can be stored and transported easily.

Major Exhibit Design Mistakes Any Exhibitor Must Avoid

Want your trade show exhibit to bring in more attendees and potential leads? Your staff is ready, you have an interesting promotion and even a great presentation, but you need to make sure your exhibit booth is well designed to attract maximum visitors.

Your display design should be thoughtfully planned and convey the message that your company can be trusted and worth the investment. In order to convey that message, here are 3 mistakes you must avoid from:

  • Non-attractive messaging. One of the most important aspects of the exhibit is the marketing message. If the message is too long, visitors won’t stop and read it. Your message must be clear, concise and attractive. Keep it short and snappy to create interest.

    A great way to determine your message quality is to look at attendees expressions when they first view your message. If they seem confused or if they ask who you are and what you do, it means your message is not good enough.

  • Outdated or faded graphics. When the graphics are faded, old or simply low quality, they signal that you don’t really care about your company. And if that’s the case, why should the visitors? Poor graphics leads to the inevitable scenario where attendees just keep on walking pass your booth.

  • Worn out display. This creates a poor company image, because it sends the message that your company is unprofessional. Attendees that see a poor, shaky display held with duct tape, would wonder if that’s the same quality they’ll get if they buy your product or service.

Worn out, poorly executed display and graphics convey the worst possible message to attendees. This tells them your products are outdated, and that you don’t really care about them or your company. Trying to save a few bucks on your exhibit would ultimately lead to loss of potential clients. Make sure you invest primarily on your display and marketing message.

Trade Shows Around The World – World Travel Market

The World Travel Market is a leading business-to-business global event presenting a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors to travel professionals from all over the world. This annual event presents a unique opportunity for the global travel trade to meet, network, learn and conduct business.

The World Travel Market is held in London,England every year since 1980. This year, the expo will be held on 3 – 6 November 2014 at the Excel, London. The event is attended by leading corporate experts from this field, and visited by thousands of participants each year.

The scope of exhibited items at the event is impressive, ranging from airport and flight travel services and tourist board services, to event management services and tourism management support.

Dozens of interactive seminars, debate sessions and presentations are organized during the show, and experienced speakers are invited to address the audience about trending topics.

One of the most interesting sessions is the WTM Speed Networking sessions – 2 sessions that take place on Monday and Thursday in the WTM Global Stage. WTM Speed Networking provides an invaluable opportunity, matching the right buyers to exhibitors.

Easy Steps To Upgrade Your Next Trade Show Stand

Trade show exhibitors always look for the best strategy to make their next show a more successful event. They look for better results, effective visibility, more traffic and more prospects that will lead to more customers.

All these elements are related to the trade show stand. The first question is about your display size. It seems pretty obvious that a larger stand could give you a more sophisticated appearance. Attendees generally identify large stands with successful companies that can afford those spacious stands. However there is no sense in paying for a larger stand if you don’t have the right strategies to make a good use of it.

  • Work on your visibility and make sure your stand can be seen from a distance. Include a vibrant, eye-catching signage to let attendees know about your booth location.
  • Make lists of your prospects and arrange meetings before the show starts. Organize your schedule in a way that your booth is never empty.
  • Hire a professional staff that can handle the pre-arranged meetings. A person for every 50 to 75 square feet of your booth is perfect. So make sure you hire the right number of employees. An empty room is not advisable but neither is an overcrowded booth.
  • Depending on the space you are planning to rent next time you also need to take care of the kind of displays and graphics you will use to exhibit and to advertise. You might need to upgrade graphics and banners or rethink the messages you want to communicate, especially if your trade show display upgrading has to be with some modifications and changes in your company and the services you are offering.

There are many things to take care of when upgrading your display space. It is not only about getting a larger room, it is also about being able to make a good use of that extra space in order to get a more successful and effective experience from your next trade show.

Social Networking Tips For Trade Show Exhibitors

As an exhibitor you probably know that no matter what kind of event you are organizing, the best way to reach audiences, increase the number of attendees and to make your show a huge success, is to take advantage of all the marketing channels within reach.

The most successful strategy is to merge traditional and offline marketing techniques with social media channels. With simple steps and dedicated work you will have access to a wonderful and huge world impossible to reach with traditional methods.

Increase your online visibility: Most events have their own official website, but only a few take full advantages of all the free and available tools out there. The first thing you can do is create an event page of your company and publish different types of content in different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram and so on.

Engage with your audience: Engaging through social media is one of the smartest strategies to increase your presence on the web and to promote long-term relationships with potential costumers. Social survey platforms like Tweet Poll are perfect to promote interaction while engaging attendees. You can also use hashtags to receive feedbacks, to follow all kinds of conversations, retweets, and participants’ activity. Hashtags are the best way to track all the online activity revolving your event.

Make the event last longer: Record the most interesting, funny and remarkable moments of your trade show and upload them on different social media channels. The same way, if you hold conferences or give lectures you can release those interesting contents at online communities. Those strategies are perfect for several reasons – your event will last longer even after it’s over. You can also extend the event to those who didn’t have the chance to be there. You have more opportunities to encourage those who didn’t come this year to attend the next event.

When integrating smart strategies that involve social media you can create buzz-worthy events that will attract the attention of attendees, and also extend the experience to millions of potential customers. It’s time to make a move and play your cards right.

Surprise Your Guests With Banners For Parties

Parties and balls are really special occasions – everyone looks forward to them and make sure that they have their very best clothes on, but what about the building the event is being held in? Doesn’t it deserve a bit of a makeover too?

Of course it does, and a really good, inexpensive way to inject a bit of glamour into the venue is to transform the insides with temporary decorations like banners. Party banners really give a sense of occasion to the event – essentially, it’s just the same as a person going for a pre-party makeover and manicure, before putting on that dress and hitting the dance-floor.

Balls are often held for a particular purpose, and this is often charitable, so as well as making drab walls look amazing and shiny, a big, custom-made banner helps to remind people why they are there. Parties are great fun, of course, but if it’s a charity event, we need to keep the cause in mind, as no doubt there’ll be some sort of collection going on at some point during the evening.

More personal parties, for family and friends, are other good venues for banners. Everyone loves to see a custom-made party banner as soon as they walk in to the event, and it brings everyone together under it, as it were. A short message, of congratulations, or a welcome, always goes down well, especially if it’s a new baby, or someone’s graduating, and the banners can always be stored as keepsakes for the years to come.

The most effective and affordable banner for this kind of event is a vinyl banner. It’s durable, can be hung from many locations and it’s vibrant and eye catching. So, if you want your party or charity event to be remembered, don’t forget to add a banner!

Trade Shows Around The World – Food Ingredients Asia

Food Ingredients Asia (FI Asia) is one of the top food and beverage ingredients sector trade shows in Asia. The show will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia for the third time this year, on Oct 15-17 2014 at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran.

The expo is the biggest and most highlighted meeting event for business players in food industry around the globe. This leading food ingredient trade show is an opportunity for Indonesian businesses and manufacturers to introduce their products to Asian markets while gathering the latest information about the food ingredients industry.

FI Asia gathers industry players, from senior level corporate executives to top business decision makers. Participants can attend the conference sessions and get updated about the recent product innovations and sectoral developments. More than 2,000 companies exhibit at the event, displaying a large range of nutritional supplements, bakery supplies, natural ingredients, functional foods and lots of other products.

The expo is a great venue to launch new products and exhibitors have ample opportunities to directly interact with prospective business clients. This year, expected attendance is about 50,000, as a large number of overseas visitors come to the show as well.

FI Asia is the world’s gateway to the Asian region of the food ingredients industry. This source for high quality ingredients and growing consumer market is the new destination for the industry’s prominent participants.

Upgrade Your Display With Eye Catching Table Throws

A table throw can dress up an ordinary table at a trade show booth and bring more continuity to the whole exhibit design. True, it’s an additional expense, but it is worth considering for your next trade show, particularly if you will be exhibiting at one with plenty of your industry competitors as well.

Adding flare to the table display

A table throw is a simple addition to your booth, but it can make a big difference. It can also be a more economical choice over replacing tables that have become scratched or worn out over time. Many table throws also come in a variety of colors and screen-printed designs that can be customized to include your company logo.

Designing an eye catching table throw

Trade show attendees have a great deal of visual input demanding their attention, and bold colors in a table throw will help draw their eyes to your trade show booth. If you own a business that specializes in visual media – such as a photography studio or video-editing service – you can even have sample still images of your work screen-printed on the fabric of your table throw. This option is an excellent way of letting your potential customers view larger-scale examples of your past work.

Other creative options for a table throw include contrasting colors, with your company logo set off against a darker panel to make it stand out.

Table throw measurements

The average full-size table throw is approximately 64 to 85 inches high and between 128 and 152 inches long. These dimensions are cut to fit most standard size rectangular tables used at trade show booths. If you are using a table with different measurements, you can still find a throw to fit it properly.

As an exhibitor, you have a range of design and dimension choices for adding a table throw to your booth. Just as with other elements of your display, you can have these table coverings customized with your business’s logo, colors, graphics and even screen-prints of your work samples in some cases. The right design and set-up for your table display will grab attendees’ interest and draw them in to find out more about your company.