Trade Show Tips to Generate More Leads

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Lead generation is probably the primary reason as to why people exhibit their businesses, products and services at trade shows. Although there are some exceptions to the rule, most exhibitors look to create a rich supply of leads at trade shows to enhance their business, make contact with people and target a specific market.

Many business owners go to trade shows expecting that their presence will be enough to generate leads but this is definitely not the case. You need to be proactive and generate leads by using tips and tricks of the trade. The list here will give you an insight into how you can make contacts, attract potential clients and generate good leads from the time the trade show opens its doors:

Your Shows

  • Research trade shows and choose those that are the most relevant to you.
  • Book early and secure the best possible booth spot instead of waiting until the last minute.
  • Go to trade shows that are outside of your local area to expand your contacts.
  • Track trade show leads and choose the shows that offer you the best return on your investment.

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Your Booth

  • Get a corner booth space.
  • Choose a booth that is close to traffic within the auditorium.
  • Select a booth that is right next to a larger competitor.
  • Get a larger booth space and plan out your display so it fits into the space well.
  • Avoid dead spaces that few people ever go to.
  • Advertise your booth location in advance so people know where you are.

Your Exhibit Design

  • Add more lighting to your booth.
  • Use strong colors and appealing graphics on promotional signage.
  • Match your booth colors to those of your logo and advertisements.
  • Use slogans to attract attention.
  • Use unique banners with memorable designs.
  • Use banners that will be seen from all angles at the trade show.
  • Use taller banners to attract people who may otherwise miss you.
  • Invest in new signage and banners when your old display is looking bad.
  • Use a theme that connects with your products and services.
  • Avoid clutter.
  • Make sure that your display is well laid out and accessible.
  • Be unique so as to stand out from the crowd and avoid blending into the background.
  • Use technology to showcase the best of your business.
  • Schedule a presentation to encourage people to return to your booth.
  • Showcase product benefits around the booth.

Your Promotions

  • Promote your products and services by taking advantage of social media to reach more attendees.
  • Offer real time Tweets or updates as to what is going on so that people can connect with you.
  • Offer social media discounts on the day.
  • Show testimonials at your booth.
  • Offer a free gift from your trade show booth via postcard promotions.
  • Send emails to your mailing list to let them know which show you will be at.
  • Demonstrate your products and services at the trade show.
  • Introduce new products and services at your booth.
  • Add displays that allow people to touch your products.
  • Encourage attendees to try items out for themselves.
  • Offer free samples to people.
  • Provide snacks and drinks at your booth to encourage people to talk to you.
  • Advertise in the show book.
  • Offer contests and competitions at your booth to encourage interactivity.
  • Provide the opportunity to take advantage of discounts and show specials.

Your Booth Staff

  • Make sure your booth is staffed well.
  • Take knowledgeable staff who do not blend into the background.
  • Encourage your people to smile and be happy.
  • Make sure that your staff know all about objection handling.
  • Tell staff not to resort to pressure selling.
  • Strategically place staff around the auditorium in promotional t-shirts to draw people in.
  • Strike up a relationship with the booths either side so you generate referrals for each other.
  • Make sure your staff are always being proactive rather than loitering.
  • Make sure all staff can use your products effectively.

The above proven methods to generate more leads will help your business’s success, so take them into account and do whatever you can to attract more visitors to your display exhibit.

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