Trade Show Promotion Ideas

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Trade shows always require planning, creativity and effective strategies that respond to your specific purpose. For example: To position your company as the leader in the industry, you will require a large space and a very high quality exhibit. If you are looking for the first position in the technology niche, then you must keep an updated display with the latest and greatest components.

If you are running a service business, make sure you offer a display with open and nice areas for visitors to feel comfortable enough. If you have a tight budget or you are a small company, make a good use of retractable banners and inexpensive popup. However, no matter your specific purpose, certain ideas are always of great help to make the most out of any trade show.


The use of display graphics is always very useful for any company to promote its products, services or brand. But, it is imperative to create great graphic designs to be able to attract visitors’ attention into your booth. When designing your banners always use only the necessary words and images to convey your message. Remember the rule: “Less is more”. Bullet points shouldn’t have more than 10 words and you should also use colorful images to catch the eye. It is important to ensure that logos and text can be read from a distance of 15 feet.

trade show promotion ideas


Location is crucial. Since we drive on the right, people always turn right when entering an exhibition. So, if you want people to see your display first, try to locate the stand on the right aisle of the exhibition.

Trained staff

You should always train your staff. This is a key factor in the success of any trade show. Make sure that they know all the details and understand the messages that you want to give. As appearance is so essential in these events, you could even consider hiring a model to promote your products. Ensure that they are ready to do a good job. Your staff must be available, making eye contact with visitors and ready to talk to them.

Samples and catalogs

Always offer a free service or product to all the visitors at the trade show. You should also include a super special offer that only people registered at your booth can have access to.

Take advantage of the advertising chances offered by many trade show organizers. Trade show catalogs and diaries usually receive much more attention from visitors than individual advertisements. Generally, organizers offer free editorial in their trade show catalogs. This is a great opportunity, considering that these catalogs are usually kept for a long time after the show is over as a good reference of sources. Free signage such as tickets, badges, catchy flyers and passes are usually included in your booth rental. If not, you should certainly include them in your advertising budget as a great chance to put your company brand, logo or name product in full view of everybody.

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