Trade Show Giveaways – Essential Tips

Trade show attendees expect to be wowed and to leave the event with some kind of memento. The best gifts are the ones that give extra – useful gadgets that won’t get thrown away, or refreshments that will get people to flock into your booth. So, what kind of gifts should you give your booth visitors?

gift bag

Refreshments are a great idea, especially if you can’t offer a product sample or an expensive gift. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee of some popcorn-to-go. The refreshment should be easy to eat while walking around the exhibition floor, and you can place the food in customized wrappers or canisters with your business logo on them.

If you have the ability to hand out product samples, you should definitely do it. This applies only if you sell products that are easy enough to place in a gift bag or basket. If your products are quite large or you only provide services, consider holding a raffle and give your items or services as the prize.

Promotional products are always welcomed, especially if they go a little beyond the regular magnets, pens and key-chains. It’s much preferred to give something useful, like – protective tablet covers, flash drives, electronic sensors to locate misplaced car keys or tote bags to carry all the gifts.

If your products and services need some time to explain, keep CDs or DVDs of your latest product videos on-hand. Another option is to include a QR code with your media kit, so your visitors could scan it with their smart phones. The code would lead the customers to your videos or to a webcast explaining your product or service.


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