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One of the things when preparing for a trade show is to take care of the shipping, storage and setup of the display materials. Many exhibitors don’t take into account the importance of shipping but in fact, it’s an important element that will ensure your trade show’s success. So, what elements of shipping and transport should you take into close account? The next tips are extremely important.

When you are about to transport your banner stands or trade show displays to each exhibit location, you’ll need a safe and convenient way of transport. Durable and strong shipping containers can secure your display material and banners while you are traveling to the venue.

Also, you might want to consider shipping in advance to a close warehouse. This is quite convenient because it gives you peace of mind, knowing that your material will arrive on time to the trade show floor. In addition, shipping early also prevents last minute extra expenses such as air freights.

The first thing to consider is packing and labeling. To reduce expenses to the minimum, try to group your material in fewer containers, and pack together items that won’t damage each other during transportation. Include a business card in each container in case they get separated during transportation.

Remove all previous labels from boxes and crates, and attach your current label with clear and strong tape. Plus, design creative marks for your packages such as attractive colors or ribbons, so they can be easily identified.

Before sending your shipment, it is important to make sure that you fill out your details correctly to avoid delays, confusions, or other issues. Don’t forget to include these details in particular:

  • Delivery date and time
  • Trade show name and address
  • Assigned booth number
  • Exhibiting company name
  • Your contact name and cell phone
  • Reference number
  • Number of pieces included in the shipment
  • Special instructions and requirements to deliver freight

One useful tip that will ease the process – make sure you save in your phone’s contacts list the phone numbers of the trade show shipping carrier, customer service center and the general services contractor.

Follow these tips for a safe, stress-free shipping of your display. Proper shipping will save you lots of headaches once you get to the trade show floor and it will help you get off to a flying start!

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