Tips for Effective Trade Show Giveaways

Giveaways are effective tools to promote your trade show event and to make it memorable to your guests. Its effectiveness does not rely solely on the recipient – as a matter of fact, much of its success is dependent on youthe giver. How do you know if you are selecting the right gift for your visitors?

The art of gift giving1. Give it some thought. You’ll know that you’re choosing the right giveaway if you think about your guests not just as objects willing to buy your products but as actual people. Giving a gift is one thing, thinking about what to give is another. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

2. Put some personal touch in it. Gifts appear to be more special if you hand it to your guests personally rather than leaving it on the floor for people to help themselves in. Plus, it will be a perfect opportunity to talk to prospective buyers if you give the gifts to them yourself.

3. Feel good about it. You shouldn’t feel bad about giving away gifts to people you don’t even know. In fact, you should feel good about it – this element of sincerity shines through the guests which makes them feel even more special thus remembering the trade show more.

4. Appreciate the value of giveaways. Again, you should not see the giveaways as objects without value or contribution to your trade show success. Understand it as an opportunity to build rapport with your guests!

5. Don’t expect too much. Giveaways have a latent value – in other words, don’t expect a quick return on investment immediately. Giveaways make guests feels special and so the next time you hold another trade show, they’ll be there – just like old friends. In addition, giveaways are effective ways to produce and retain repeat buyers so don’t you feel bad about it!

The principle of giveaways for trade show events is no different from the idea of giving gifts to your loved ones. You should value your visitors as much as you value your friends – after all, you owe them your success. For more info on gift giving and trade show tips, visit this link: Trade Show Giveaways

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