The Importance Of Bloggers To Your Event Marketing

In this day and age, industry bloggers are treated as part of the press and they are considered as authorities. Influential bloggers are being invited to shows and events, and getting a good review from a well-known blogger in your field is practically equals to gold.

You first must learn where to find bloggers in your industry, and then, how to communicate with them and build a relationship with them. Finding bloggers in your industry is quite simple, as there are plenty of websites and forums that you can search.

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For instance, look at website such as “Technorati”, “Linkedin” and “Alltop”. They offer a ranking of authority websites and blogs, based on the keywords you entered. Another option is to simply search on “google” for that certain keyword or phrase, and then on the left bar click on “blogs”. This will show you only blogs that are related to those keywords.

Now that you have found interesting blogs and read them and understand the blogger’s point of view, it is time to connect and build a relationship. Don’t attack at once, start with leaving a long, rich comment on one of their posts. Show that you are familiar with the topic and have some input or an opinion to share, without pitching yourself or your company.

It would be best to follow them on Twitter and comment or re-tweet once in a while. If you read an interesting post they recently published, tweet about it and let them know. Also, if you stumble on an interesting material that you think might interest them, send them a link.

After you communicate for a while, either on the site or through e-mails, you can invite them to a special hospitality event, to meet your staff and get to know your company and products. Another option is to invite them to a private demonstration of a certain product.


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