The Affect Of New Trends On Trade Shows

An interesting article caught our attention about how to take some new trends in the catering world and implement them on events and trade shows. Sounds a bit peculiar at first, but there are a few interesting points that might help in your next show.

people at an event

One trend for instance is the local cuisine and drinks. Most people usually expect to experience the local food when they visit a new place. The same goes for trade shows – the visitors want to experience something different, so if you incorporate some unique aspects in your booth, more people will come to check it out, which eventually transfer to more sales. You can add info-graphics to your display and see if you get more engagement.

Another trend to translate to the trade show world is the alcohol trend. Lately we see more and more hard alcohol being served at events. This means that the budgets are getting bigger, since hard alcohol requires a bartender to mix the drinks. If a company can afford that, there is no reason they could not afford new trade show accessories to boost their display.

Here you can read the full article: Trend Spotting and How It Affects Your Trade Show.


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