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Outdoor Advertising With Banners And Flags

Spring is here and summer is on its way, and the warmer weather brings various outdoor trade shows and festivals. These types of events allow you to promote your business and network with other members of the local community. Just as with indoor events, your exhibit booth needs to stand out from the crowd in order to draw customer traffic. Planning an outdoor display comes with a few different considerations, and a number of accessories are available for creating colorful, interesting exhibits that show off your products and services.

Outdoor displays

In general, outdoor exhibits rely more on banners and similar elements to grab visitors’ attention. One of the best options is to have a large custom-designed vinyl banner that reflects your business’s mission and culture. Bright colors on a banner are great options, as long as they coordinate with the rest of your display and with your product packaging. Outdoor vinyl banners are designed to withstand all kinds of weather, and they are durable enough to last for a few years at least.

No matter the weather outside, you should take some measures for shielding your display from the sun, wind or rain. Customized tents are excellent options, and they’ll also protect your booth employees and attendees from the harsh sunlight. Another major advantage of outdoor displays is that you have fewer space restrictions most of the time, so you’re free to add accessories outside your space, including teardrop flags with your business logo.

Outdoor banners and flags

Teardrop-shaped banners or feather flags placed right next to your booth will help bring in visitors as they see the flags flapping in the wind. These types of flags take only a minute to stake into the ground, and they’re just as easy to remove and pack up after the trade show. Flags can be custom-printed in the same way as banners, though it’s best to keep your message as short and concise as possible. People tend to spend less time stopping to read advertisements on flags, so sticking with just your company logo printed on each flag is just fine.

Posters are another alternative that don’t flap in the wind as the previous two kinds of flags. They can also come in bigger dimensions so you can add more text, such as your slogan and company contact information. This kind of signage is great for extra breezy weather when several loudly flapping flags could turn into a distraction.

Planning and set-up

Planning well ahead is a key part of a successful outdoor trade show exhibit. You want to have banners and flags that catch potential customers’ attention when there are many other exhibits competing for their interest. Ease of assembly is another must for outdoor trade show exhibitors. Check that your display materials are in good repair, without any parts missing. Also, before the show, make sure your employees know how to set up all exhibit elements quickly.

Surprise Your Guests With Banners For Parties

Parties and balls are really special occasions – everyone looks forward to them and make sure that they have their very best clothes on, but what about the building the event is being held in? Doesn’t it deserve a bit of a makeover too?

Of course it does, and a really good, inexpensive way to inject a bit of glamour into the venue is to transform the insides with temporary decorations like banners. Party banners really give a sense of occasion to the event – essentially, it’s just the same as a person going for a pre-party makeover and manicure, before putting on that dress and hitting the dance-floor.

Balls are often held for a particular purpose, and this is often charitable, so as well as making drab walls look amazing and shiny, a big, custom-made banner helps to remind people why they are there. Parties are great fun, of course, but if it’s a charity event, we need to keep the cause in mind, as no doubt there’ll be some sort of collection going on at some point during the evening.

More personal parties, for family and friends, are other good venues for banners. Everyone loves to see a custom-made party banner as soon as they walk in to the event, and it brings everyone together under it, as it were. A short message, of congratulations, or a welcome, always goes down well, especially if it’s a new baby, or someone’s graduating, and the banners can always be stored as keepsakes for the years to come.

The most effective and affordable banner for this kind of event is a vinyl banner. It’s durable, can be hung from many locations and it’s vibrant and eye catching. So, if you want your party or charity event to be remembered, don’t forget to add a banner!

Take Advantage Of Banners To Advertise Sporting Events

Banners can be used to advertise many different types of sporting events, from kids’ Little League games to major league teams with well-known names and players. Sporting events rely on fan support as their livelihood, and a banner can be an excellent way of letting team devotees know about upcoming games and matches. More advertising translates into higher ticket sales, and sports teams rely on this revenue to keep going from one season to the next.

Using vinyl banners is one of the most cost-effective means of letting the general public know about upcoming games for high school, college and community sports teams. Just as with other outdoor uses of banners, this advertising venture represents an investment that can quickly pay for itself. Vinyl is one of the best and most durable materials for outdoor banners because it withstands wear or damage from rain, wind, sunlight or similar elements. Designing banners for school or community teams is one of the simplest advertising ventures; many individuals ordering these banners stick to using the team name, mascot and colors. If a given team plays at the same location on a regular basis, this can also be rendered on the banner if preferred.
hockey match with banner at background

In addition to ticket sales, many sports teams rely on local business sponsors for their continued livelihood. These companies frequently provide funds for team uniforms, equipment, facility use fees, fan memorabilia and other related costs. Professional and semi-professional teams often have the help of public relations professionals to attract and maintain this kind of financial support from sponsors. Smaller, non-profit community sports teams alternately need to rely on groups of volunteers to bring in monetary donations from local businesses. Sets of vinyl banners displayed at community sports teams’ games can noticeably help bring in more customer interest in their sponsors’ products and services. For this reason, both sports teams and local businesses benefit from this type of sponsorship advertised to the general public with outdoor banners.

Vinyl banners can sometimes be placed only in certain areas at some sporting events. Organizers or sponsors cannot place banners in the sightlines of players where this outdoor advertising could be a distraction during a game. Many geographic metropolitan areas also do not allow banners to be placed where they’re visible from the main streets.

Some jurisdictions only allow banners to be displayed within a one-mile radius of a sporting event stadium or other venue where a given game will take place. When planning to use banners to advertise a sporting event, it is within organizers’ best interest to double-check all applicable local laws regarding banner wording and display practices.

Vinyl Banners – A Great Solution For Both Indoor And Outdoor Events

Vinyl banners are cost-effective and versatile means of promoting your business. You can have them displayed in indoor or outdoor areas and order them in range of different sizes. In addition to your storefront or office building exterior, you can display one of these banners at a trade show or any outdoor event to help generate interest in your products or services.

The benefits of vinyl material

Vinyl is a strong material that can last for years if kept clean and stored properly. A vinyl banner can withstand harsh weather such as rain, wind or snow. It is also resistant to fading from intense sunlight. To maintain a vinyl banner, it is recommended to keep it in a cool, dry place away from excess humidity whenever you are not displaying it.

Another main benefit is the costs; a high quality and custom-printed banner will cost less than many other forms of advertising. If your business is relatively new, you usually have a smaller advertising budget that will gradually increase along with your profits. Investing in a vinyl banner and displaying it in a prominent area is a practical option for getting your business name out there without spending a large portion of your ad budget.

Having your business name, logo and graphics rendered on a vinyl banner is a fairly straightforward process with just about any shapes and text you want on the finished product. A professional-grade banner-printing machine can create clear, bright designs on the vinyl surface.

hanged vinyl banner

Places to hang vinyl banners

Hanging a vinyl banner on the exterior of your company building is a great way to advertise, especially if you are located in an area with a lot of people passing by throughout the day. You can also display this type of banner at your booth whenever you participate in a trade show. Including it as part of your backdrop or table display is an easy way of promoting your business name.

If you are a store owner, you can use vinyl banners indoors to inform customers about your latest sales specials, discounts or promotions. Several different annual sales specials can be excellent means of building customer loyalty, and ordering a custom banner for each special sale is a practical marketing tactic.

Another possibility for vinyl banner display is to place smaller vertical ones on the light poles of the street where your business is located. You may need to get permission from your city or town management, but in most cases these local government offices are happy to help local business owners. Advertising with banners is a great way to promote your company name in a wider geographic area not limited to your storefront.

Best practices for displaying vinyl banners

Once you have purchased a banner, the location you place it can make a big difference in how much your customer traffic will increase. Some of the best practices for displaying a large storefront banner are placing it front and center as well as over your main entryway if possible. If you have a large storefront window, hanging your banner on the inside of it is another way to create a visual impact. One of the best features of vinyl banners is that they are lightweight enough to hang from many different places where traditional permanent signs would be too heavy.

Using vinyl banners is an effective and inexpensive means of building awareness about your business. Vinyl is durable enough for you to hang outdoors without worrying about damage from nature elements. Trade shows and local events are excellent places for additional advertising of your business, and hanging an eye-catching banner is a convenient way to let attendees know about you.


Outdoor Banners Will Liven Up Any Event

During the summer, a lot of events are taking place outdoors. Trade fairs, expos, music festivals, sport events, markets and much more. In all of these events, sponsors often make use of banners to highlight promotions, to inform about upcoming attractions or to promote their business.

If you are considering using an outdoor banner to promote your business or services, you should make your research about the types of banners, and which kind fits best to the intended event.

large outdoor banner

Outdoor banners are usually made of vinyl, which is a very durable and weather resistant material. The conditions outdoors can be quite extreme – from hard rain and wind, to melting sun. In the vinyl category, there are a few sub-categories of types of vinyl.

For instance, one type of vinyl, called flat vinyl, is good for close-up reading since it is less likely to curl and it offers great color saturation. A more flexible material is the scrim vinyl. It has vertical and horizontal fibers that provide maximum strength and durability under any weather conditions.

Another option is mesh vinyl. Mesh has holes that allow the breeze to pass through, which helps to keep the banner in place, even in the windiest conditions. These holes make mesh banners ideal for window displays, since they will not block natural light from passing through.

Whatever type of banner you choose, make sure it fits the event, large enough to be seen from afar and colorful enough to grab attention.


A Few Good Reasons To Use Vinyl Banners

variety of vinyl bannersWhether you advertise your business outdoors or at a conference, using vinyl banners can boost your marketing campaign and bring in more interested potential clients. The advantages these banners have are plenty; here are a few main ones:

  1. They are cost effective – These banners are the least expensive, compared to other banner types. Their low costs make them the best choice for every event.
  2. They are durable – Vinyl banners are made of durable materials, making them perfect for outdoor events where they will sustain rain, winds and sun. They are even flame resistant.
  3. They last long – They will not tear easily or fade out. These banners can resist almost any force of nature and still stay vibrant and intact.
  4. They can be either matte or gloss – No matter what kind of event you attend, you can have these banners with either matte finish or gloss finish.
  5. They work with all colors and designs – Vinyl banners can be printed with any color and graphic design you choose. The choices are practically unlimited, you can choose any color and design you like.