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6 Things You Can Do To Get Noticed At the Trade Show

A trade show exhibit can make a significant difference in your company’s bottom line for the rest of the year. Reserving a space and setting up a booth are the relatively easy parts. The challenging aspect of a trade show is to stand out from a large crowd and stick in visitors’ minds. Some of the most memorable things you can do at a trade show involve thinking outside of conventional business practices while still projecting a professional image.

1. Offer Memorable Promotional Items to Customers

Standard fare for promotional items includes pens, coffee mugs, tote bags and similar items for many trade show exhibitors. The main problem is that a number of visitors discard these items or put them away and forget about them once they leave the trade show. One idea is to give out promotional items that offer a little extra everyday convenience for potential customers during their daily routines. Examples include electronic sensors used to locate misplaced car keys or a pocket-size digital recorder for dictating notes on the go. Customers who can use these promotional products daily are also much more likely to remember your business.

2. Spend Some Time Outside of Your Booth

It may sound counter-intuitive, but business owners who network on the trade show floor away from their own booths are those who bring in more foot traffic. Meeting and talking with others in your industry is a very good way to spread the word about your company. If you learn about other entrepreneurs’ businesses and send interested customers to their trade show booths, these owners will quite often do the same for you. While you work the trade show floor, make sure to take along a stack of your business cards or brochures to hand out.

3. Incentivize Your Products Both Online and Offline

One of the goals of a trade show booth is to get visitors interested in learning more detail about your products and services by visiting your website, blog or social media pages. Studies have shown that potential customers who look up a business online, bookmark its website or follow it on social networks are several times more likely to come back and make future purchases. As part of your incentive plan, offer each new customer a small reward for liking your Facebook page, following you on Twitter or connecting with your Google+ page. If it’s in your budget, you can even offer double rewards for those who refer a friend to your online pages. Displaying a QR code to be scanned with smartphones allows customers to connect with your company right from the trade show floor.

4. Get Your Customers to Participate

People enjoy getting involved directly with a trade show exhibitor whose products interest them. Holding raffle drawings, scavenger hunts or wheel-spinning for a prize are all excellent ways to interact with customers. These activities are fun and effective at strengthening buyer loyalty. They also provide trade show visitors a welcome break from passively browsing through booths and listening to sales pitches. Gift certificates towards your products are popular to give out as winning prizes, and you can even hold a raffle drawing for a bigger-ticket item such as a laptop or tablet. Adding these contests and activities to your exhibit may cost a bit more, but the returns can be much bigger as more visitors tell their friends in attendance about your trade show booth.

5. Break Away From Conventional Booth Layouts

The standard trade show booth features a table with printed brochures in the front and sample products in the back. This layout is so common because it has worked just well enough for many business owners for years. If you want your returns from a trade show to be exceptional instead of “just good enough,” consider mixing up the layout of your booth. Try displaying your product lines in the front, sectioning your booth into different product-line-specific areas or including a walkway that naturally draws curious visitors further into your display area. Using panels to create more separation from the main trade show floor is another tactic of successful exhibitors. Customers who feel they are in a “mini-store” of sorts are more likely to stay longer, browse through more of your products and engage more with your sales staff.

6. Don’t Simply Have a Sales Pitch; Tell a Good Story

Many customers want to hear the specifics about how your product or service will make their lives easier or solve a certain problem they often encounter. A sales pitch that simply lists features and benefits is no longer sufficient because most people do not mentally connect these points to their everyday lives. Based on your target audience demographics, create a narrative presentation that takes them through how they would commonly use your product.

Some of the best practices at a trade show do not simply involve fancy colors, lights or graphics in your booth design. They instead emphasize building solid connections with customers and with other vendors in your industry. Incorporating these ideas into your next trade show will help you noticeably stand out from the competition.

Giveaways – The Secret To Trade Show Success

While many people underestimate the real importance of giveaways, successful and experienced companies make the most out of these promotional items. People love receiving gifts, that’s a fact, so there is no smarter strategy than using these items to act as permanent reminders of your brand and company. Offering giveaways is not optional, it’s necessary. So, all that you need to know is what kind of item to choose.

  1. Always set a budget before choosing one or item or another. Some of these objects may be more expensive than what you expect, so set a budget first in order to save yourself from future troubles. However, be careful. It is not advisable to choose low-quality items just because they are affordable. Giveaways represent your company and a low quality item with your brand printed on it is not exactly a great reminder of your business.
  2. If you are interested in promoting a specific product you should offer free samples, promotional discounts, and coupons to your targeted audience. If you are more interested in building your brand you should choose useful items that people can use every day: calendars, coffee mugs, tote bags, day planners etc. These functional objects have two purposes: reducing the chance to be thrown away and acting as a permanent reminder of your brand.
  3. If the trade show will last several days you can also select different items to give away each day. This is perfect to add a fresh and different touch to your daily exhibitions.
  4. In fact, you should choose two different types of freebies for different types of visitors. Have pens and other cheap items to give away to passersby and save those expensive giveaways to bestow on those potential clients that may lead into future customers.
  5. In order to improve your results, always train your staff properly about when to offer gifts. Make sure they know the importance of recognizing a good prospect before giving them one item or another. They must be wise and perceptive in order to get the most out of your giveaways.
  6. Research and find the best promotional companies that offer high-quality giveaways at reasonable prices. Ask for high-volume discounts that can make it more affordable for you. Make sure to print your company logo as well as the right messages on every item.

Giveaways represent a small piece of you company and that small piece will act as a constant reminder of your business and brand. So, choosing the right items to give away is not a trivial decision. Small details can make the difference and they can be the secret ingredient of your success.

How To Choose The Right Giveaway For Your Next Event

Trade show exhibitors often wonder which giveaway will draw lots of visitors to their booth. Choosing the right promotional item for your target audience can be pretty tricky and should be thought about carefully. The right giveaway should reflect your business, your booth, and your budget.

The answer to which giveaway is the right one relies on a few in-depth questions. Much like the 5 W’s in journalism, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is attending the event – identify your target audience, their interests, their background, their average age, demographics, and so on.
  • What are your goals from this event – generating leads, increasing brand awareness, introducing a new product, etc.
  • Where are you giving away those items – is it outside or indoors? Is it a festival or an industry trade show?
  • Why are you giving something away? It should be useful in some way, whether it’s a sample product or a customized tote bag to carry all the brochures and media kits.
  • When do you plan to give the items away – goes for time of year as well as specific hour of the day. If you give a tote bag for instance, give it at the beginning of the day, but not too early, to give people a chance to collect a few items – they’ll appreciate it a lot more.

Another way to help you decide on the right giveaway is to look for hot trends. These can be in your specific industry, or just hot in general – like large memory flash drives, microfiber screen cleaners, smartphone cases, thermo bottles, portable mobile chargers, and even t-shirts, that might be old school but still very useful.

Even generic giveaways might work well for exhibitors. If you don’t have a new sample to give, and your budget can’t afford technological items like flash drives or chargers, then you can always go for some old tricks that work: pens with your logo, hats, t-shirts, magnets, keychains, etc. These items might get thrown away eventually, but they can be used for a short period and stick in your prospects memory for a while.

Avoid These Mistakes Trade Show Exhibitors Always Make

Those who present at trade shows have one main goal – to attract more people to their booth. Making steps towards this goal is great, but it needs to be done smartly. Mainly, you need to make time and look over your plan to make sure you don’t make any of the following mistakes.

Copying a competitors idea

sharing ideasIt’s okay to spot an innovative idea and incorporate an aspect of it in your next exhibition, but it’s not okay to copy it altogether. People don’t like copycats, remember that. In general, don’t waste too much time comparing your display to others, and instead work on coming up with your own ideas. You can definitely get some inspiration, but in no way should you copy a display to the exact.

Thinking social media channels work on their own

Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin can play a huge role in your exhibit’s success. However, these websites are tools, and as such, needs to be operated and maintained constantly. If you let a page sit unused for too long, people might think you have gone out of business. Always stay active by commenting on other pages or posts, making new connections or posting interesting news from your field.

Handing out useless giveaways

portable flash driveThere is no doubt that giving away a free item for those who took the time to visit your booth is an excellent idea. But, this item must be useful and memorable, otherwise your investment will go to waste. Avoid ordinary items that usually sent to the trash, like pens, stress balls or cheap T-shirts. Instead, focus on useful giveaways like key-chains with flashlights, USB devices, phone covers, luggage tags and even sporty water bottles. Don’t forget to print your company’s name on logo on the items and you’re all set.

Should Exhibitors Give Away iPads At Trade Shows?

Announcing an iPad giveaway is undoubtedly a great method of grabbing large numbers of visitors’ attention. You could award this high-ticket giveaway as a raffle prize to visitors who place their business cards in a container, or you could offer a chance at winning to potential customers who agree to receive more information about your products and services. Giving away an iPad at your trade show booth has both positive and negative aspects, so it would be best to know them in advance.

holding an ipad

Cons of giving away an iPad

It could be an investment risk. IPads are fairly expensive, and there is no guarantee that you will earn that investment back through future customer purchases. The size of this risk depends on several factors like your average monthly sales figures and how much you aim to increase those numbers from new leads after the trade show.

It may increase your numbers of “cold” sales leads. Staging an iPad giveaway is likely to draw attendees who are only interested in the chance at the prize, not in your products or services. Requiring them to complete a task to be eligible may reduce this problem but not completely eliminate it. When following up with new leads from an iPad giveaway, expect to get no responses from at least a certain percentage of them.

It might not fit well with your overall marketing objectives. An iPad may not be the ideal choice for all types of booth visitors. While this prize may be very popular, it probably would not have the same lasting advertising effect as other giveaway items embossed with your business name and logo. People who see your name on items they use on a daily basis are more likely to remember your products and keep up with the latest news about your company.

Pros of giving away an iPad

It will increase booth traffic. The lure of a displayed iPad on an exhibit table is evident, both at retail stores and at industry trade shows. Particularly after a new iPad version hits the market, consumer interest in the device is quite high. Giving away a new iPad to one lucky winner at a trade show will generate a great deal of attention for your booth in a relatively short time.

It often leads to better visitor engagement. Requiring participants to fill out a contact form or sign up for your company newsletter are good tactics for building possible sales leads. The chance at winning an iPad is a strong incentive for booth visitors to become possible sales leads and receive more information about your products and services at a later date.

It can enhance your company’s reputation. People will not only talk about the prize; they will also keep mentioning your business name. Holding this type of contest sends the message to potential customers that you are willing to invest some upfront capital in order to build rapport with new and existing customers.

Giving away an iPad to one lucky visitor will help your booth stand out from your competitors. To increase the likelihood of getting a good result from an iPad giveaway, take the time throughout the trade show to engage with as many visitors as possible and to build their interest in your products. This element comes from a high quality sales team and a well-planned approach to your presentations.


Things to Consider When Buying and Using Retractable Banner Stands

One of the most popular display equipment used in trade shows is a retractable banner stand. The banner stand has plenty of graphic design space that allows you to share your brand or company message and at the same time, keep your design simple and clean. With these qualities, you need to make sure that you choose the retractable banner stand that would fit all your needs.  Here are some things you have to consider when buying this type of display stand.

retractable banner standQuality

When looking for banner stands, you need to look for manufacturers who use high quality materials. This ensures that the display will last for many uses.  As such, you have to think of the frequency in which you will use it as well as the regularity in which you will disassemble it. Aspiring buyers must think about the location (outdoors or indoors) where the display will be placed. In terms of quality, interested people must take these points into account as most will affect the longevity of the display.


There are various banner stand sizes available in the market. When choosing the right size, you must think of the allotted space in trade shows. There are those which fit the standard space offered by trade shows while there are stands which are made for larger display areas.


With the number of trade show display companies online, many people get overwhelmed with the process of choosing the right one.  If you see a company you like, do an online search for reviews made by previous customers of the company. Also, you have to look at the company website to see their profile, product guarantees and price range. To get your money’s worth, it never hurts to research online for previous clients handles as well as samples of their work.

For more info on retractable banner stands, visit this link: retractable banner stands.

Knowing the 7 Types of Trade Show Giveaways

Trade show organizers mindlessly buy trade show giveaways, but they seldom know that giveaways can be classified into 7 types. Depending on the trade show’s theme, the giveaway’s effectiveness will vary. To help you discover the potential of trade show giveaways, we categorized them into 7 types with their corresponding strengths and weaknesses.useful giveaways

1. Ready-to-Wear – RTW giveaways are highly valuable. It’s also considered a great avenue to print your shirt’s logo for a wider advertisement and marketing of your products. The downside to this giveaway is when you rushed its production making it look unpleasant.

2. Edible Treats – edible treats are priced for their enormous potential to attract large sums of attendees. The only trouble with this kind of giveaway is that after the item has been eaten, it will leave no souvenir to the visitor to remember the trade show.

3. Informative Souvenirs – for trade shows that target a specific audience, informative souvenirs are a great option. You can customize it into attractive little pieces of advice for a field you share in common. However, avoid rushing this giveaway since it can take a lot of time to finish.

4. Hot Stuff – this kind of giveaway can attract the greatest range of attendees. Hot stuff souvenirs should be trendy and up to date with the latest media personalities and news. It’s a sure clincher for those who want great numbers of attendees in their trade shows.

5. Bargain Giveaways – these are cheap things that do not cost as much as personalized giveaways or invitations. The only thing you should avoid when choosing to give this kind of thing is to make your product line look cheap. Bargain giveaways should be cheap, but nonetheless elegant to the eyes.

6. Useful Things – this is probably the most expensive type of giveaway. While it can give your attendees a lasting impression, useful giveaways normally can’t be enough for the entire population of visitors.

7. Personal Giveaways – personal giveaways are highly meticulous to make, and can only attract a certain amount of target audiences. It is seldom used as it can often lead to fewer buyers.

Tips for Effective Trade Show Giveaways

Giveaways are effective tools to promote your trade show event and to make it memorable to your guests. Its effectiveness does not rely solely on the recipient – as a matter of fact, much of its success is dependent on youthe giver. How do you know if you are selecting the right gift for your visitors? (more…)

Why iPad is a Bad Trade Show Giveaway

One way to increase attendees to your trade show is by giving away freebies and some items they surely would like to have. Giveaways range from simple trinkets, free food to high-tech gadgets. However, using an iPad to lure in attendees might not be a good idea. Here’s the reason why. (more…)