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Everything You Need To Know About Scrolling Banners

motorized scrolling bannerTo captivate visitors attention in trade shows, having a nice display is not enough. Presenters know that they need a lot more than a good location or friendly staff to stand above everyone else.

A great way to get more people to check out your booth is with a motorized scrolling banner. When you add movement to your trade show display it will instantly catch the eyes of visitors rather than a stationary display.

Scrolling banners offer you the chance to showcase your message anytime and anywhere. They are perfect for trade shows, festivals, lobbies, restaurants and point-of-sale displays. Scrolling banners operate in a way that moves a looped printed banner from up to down.

Scrolling banners offer a few major benefits –

  • They are an affordable solution for any business to display a new product, service or message.
  • The banner display is always at movement to capture your target audience.
  • They are a great medium for high-traffic venues such as trade shows, conferences and other conventions.

Present An Attractive Booth With Display Backdrops

If you want to provide a finished look to your company booth, a backdrop display is a necessary feature. A large, sturdy display that clearly showcases your company name and information sometimes can run the risk of being too bulky. You should choose a display that doesn’t weigh you down and subsequently make traveling to and from the trade show a total nightmare.

Browsing through various options of display backdrops can be simplified by focusing on the size, style and price range. One great option is a large adjustable display which comes in various sizes and printed on durable vinyl or on dye sublimated fabric. There is a pole pocket on the top and the bottom of the banner that simply slides over the aluminum bars of the framework for minimal assembly required. This offers a large advertising display at a reasonable cost without comprising quality.

A straight or curved trade show display can provide a versatile, professional backdrop to your company’s space at any convention. The hardware expands outwards to set up and resembles a scaffold with interworking cross bars, and your custom print will be featured on 3 or 4 laminated poster panels adhered to the hardware with magnets.

pop up banner stand

Another useful backdrop is a pop-up display, that utilizes a state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process to provide the most vibrant, high-quality print available. The assembly of the pop-up display requires you to simply expand the hardware like an accordion. The fabric is already attached to the stand so you will not waste time and effort preparing and setting up your company booth at the trade show.

It’s a smart move to invest in a backdrop that can complete your trade show space and can be used at numerous trade shows. Choosing the right backdrop for your next trade show is crucial to having a successful company booth that will be both impressive and informative and make your company shine over your competitors.

Large Adjustable Banners – The Best Way To Promote Your Business

For your next big trade show or other promotional event, a large adjustable banner is well worth considering for your arsenal of marketing tools. Setting up an exhibit for your company is an exciting undertaking, but it can also be challenging in a few specific ways. You’re usually competing with plenty of other business owners in the same or a similar industry. A large adjustable banner display will jump out visually from other, smaller banners. It will also add more visual interest and color to the rest of your trade show booth.
drawing a crowd

Adjustable banners fit various spaces

These banners include frame hardware that adjusts in both height and width, which can be ideal for a trade show where you have limited space for your exhibit. Adjusting the width can allow you to display your banner within the allowed square footage and still catch visitor’s attention. When taking your business’s exhibit to outdoor events with more leeway in terms of set-up space, you can then pull out the telescopic frame and make your large vinyl banner stand out even more.

Adjusting the height of your banner allows you to display it along with tables, backdrops and any other elements you want to include in your exhibit. If you don’t wish to use your large banner as a backdrop itself, you can lower its height so it doesn’t block your exhibit’s additional wall backdrops. The same idea applies if you want to lower your banner and place it in front of your display tables.

They draw more interest

On average, more people will pay more attention to large, bright banners than they will to smaller ones. A tall, wide banner will have an impact because it will visually jump out among a lot of other trade show exhibits. Adding vivid images, graphics and colors to a large banner will make a difference in the foot traffic at your next event. Modern print technology includes the use of fade-resistant inks for the banner design, and these finished large banners are also printed to look especially appealing under the artificial lighting used at most indoor trade shows.

Very easy to assemble

Most adjustable banner frames have tripod hardware with locking mechanisms, making them very quick and simple to raise and lower. Putting the frame itself together also takes only a few minutes of locking the different parts together and inserting the poles into the banner sleeves. Other convenient features include stabilizing support feet, telescopic support bars and durable canvas tote bags to store banner kits when not in use. When disassembling and storing an adjustable banner, we recommend carefully rolling the banner evenly to prevent unwanted creasing at any of the edges.

Convenient for travel

Even though they’re fabricated with sturdy hardware, large adjustable banner displays are still lightweight and easy to transport even through crowded convention halls. Each banner kit’s frame and support bars are fabricated from high quality aluminum that resists denting, scratches or other types of wear and tear. If you’re planning on adding several trade shows to your company’s yearly schedule, taking a large adjustable banner for your display is worth the initial investment. Your banner display will stand out in a busy exhibit hall, and it will not place extra trouble on your booth staff to transport it from one place to the next.

Create A Winning Display With The Right Trade Show Accessories

As a business owner you surely know that exhibiting at a trade show is an exciting and potentially quite profitable venture for you. An engaging booth can be a big hit with attendees because many will spread the word to others at the same event about your exhibit. Putting together a successful trade show exhibit takes time and detailed planning to generate a good return on the initial investment. Selecting a backdrop, ordering banners and putting together a table top display are only some initial steps.

Another vital component of your exhibit consists of which accessories you select. These smaller parts of a display are sometimes overlooked, yet they can make all the difference in your customers’ impressions of your business. Savvy presenters put just as much thought into their booth accessories because they realize their customers respond unconsciously to details.
trade show crowd

What are the advantages of good trade show accessories?

The best trade show accessories strike a delicate balance in your overall booth layout – they add visual interest without appearing cluttered or overdone. Accessories should also create a sense of continuity that ties your overall booth design together. Your chosen colors, banner and poster designs, banner stand metal finishes and interactive booth components all play a role in determining which accessories would look the best with your exhibit.

The right accessories can have an impact on your goal as an exhibitor. Success at each show entails making impressions on many new customers so they will make purchases from your business at some point in the near future.

Ideas for useful trade show accessories

Professional trade show designers make it their job to stay on top of the latest accessory trends for exhibits, some of which include:

  • Podiums with custom-designed banner wraps
  • Interactive stands with presentations on tablet computers
  • Holders for brochures or flyers
  • Kiosks or iPad stations

Spoken presentations have become quite common for all types of trade show exhibitors, and this tactic can be an excellent way to interact directly with your core customer base. You can start a presentation once enough of a crowd gathers at your booth, or you could schedule a series of presentations at regular intervals throughout each day. In either case, you will need an easy visual reference for each of your main points about your products or services. One option is to add a stand for your tablet computer so that you can swipe through each of your presentation slides quickly.

The podium you select can also make a noticeable difference in your trade show display. Adding a wrapped banner to an otherwise basic podium can add a definite professional touch to your presentation. Just as with other kinds of banners, a podium banner can be printed with custom high-quality graphics showcasing your core marketing message.

Display lighting ideas

led display lightsBooth innovative lights have gained a lot of focus and attention from exhibit designers. Lighting a display can create a professional and welcoming atmosphere for your booth visitors. This step can also help to present your products in the most flattering layout possible. Options for specialty lights include adjustable banner stand lights, LED backlights for your larger posters or banners and smaller table display lights for your sample products. Both warm and cool-toned lights are available for booth displays, and the best lighting tones for your exhibit are largely tied to your chosen color scheme.

Unique exhibit flooring

Adding some specialty flooring to your booth is an extra touch that your visitors will remember. Many of your potential customers have been walking around on the trade show floor for a least a couple of hours, which is not always that comfortable. Adding some portable carpeting to your booth can be a welcome and more comfortable change. It can also create a more elegant atmosphere for your display area. Trade show carpeting often comes in sets of foam-backed squares for quick and easy set-up. Some booth accessory vendors also offer wood flooring panels that are assembled in much the same way.

Trade show accessories are an integral part of your booth design plan for any type of event. You can take interactive displays and presentations to the next level with the right accessories.

Trade Show Displays – The Best Way to Showcase Your Products


Trade shows comprise an important marketing avenue for many companies. Although print and online advertising can be effective, business owners still often see the best returns from direct customer interaction at events. A large number of industries host at least one trade show each year, and exhibitor display spaces give business owners a chance to showcase their latest products and services. A good booth gives customers useful information about product features and benefits. Since trade shows are busy places with many vendors competing for customers’ attention, each display needs to be engaging as well as professional.

Popular Trade Show Displays

Trade show booth exhibits have their own industry of professional designers and consultants who offer their ideas and suggestions. Trends and styles for display booths can change each year, but one of the prevailing concepts is to create an interactive space that goes beyond a simple table display. Recent trade show display ideas that have brought great results include:

  • Product demonstration videos playing on TV screens
  • Interactive areas where customers can test-drive sample products
  • Contests and random drawings that will give participants special deals or other incentives
  • Sales-free areas of the display booth where visitors can browse before speaking with sellers
  • Free promotional items such as tote bags or retractable banner pens branded with a business’s logo

Colors, lights and display banner packages are also integral parts of an attractive display. Booth design consultants often stress that a simpler color scheme is preferable to a visually busy one, and an organized product layout projects the image of a well-organized business.

sales staff conversation

Where to Set Up a Trade Show Display

Industry conventions are some of the most popular and potentially lucrative places for display booths. These gatherings are focused on professionals in a certain field, and they frequently include guest speakers, seminars and workshops in addition to an open display booth floor. Many attendees are interested in visiting these booths to learn about the latest developments in their industry-specific products and services.

Other places to set up booth exhibits include county fairs, farmers’ markets and craft fairs. These outdoor gatherings are aimed more at the general public than at professionals in a specific field. For a relatively new business, setting up these exhibits can be an excellent way to get involved in the local community and to meet a core customer base.

Using Trade Show Displays to Attract More Clientele

Capturing visitor interest is both an art and a science. Industry experts use a concept called “trade show impact” to measure the rates of impression a display booth has on visitors. They also use this idea to measure the average positive impressions and to determine how to increase that favorability in the minds of potential customers. Some established methods to build trade show booth impact are:

  • Staging interesting, high-energy product demonstrations that inform and educate interested visitors
  • Offering incentives or small rewards to visitors who connect with the exhibitor through social media or a contact form
  • Going beyond the standard table-and-backdrop booth layout

Creative Trade Show Display Ideas

The most memorable booths are also the ones with the most creative features. One point to remember is that a fine line exists between a creative display and a gimmick, so trade show consultants recommend picking only one or two main booth display ideas. Getting visitors involved will make a company’s booth stand out in their minds; some possible booth ideas include:

  • Staging a raffle drawing for visitors who enter their contact information; prizes can be a tablet computer or a similar gadget
  • Holding contests or trade-show-wide scavenger hunts in exchange for product coupons or discount codes
  • Using staged lighting to highlight different products or areas of the display booth

Display booths are staples of a company’s promotion efforts to keep bringing in new customer interest. Face-to-face interaction at an exhibit booth is also a great way to build up customer loyalty.


Presenting At A Trade Show? You Must Consider Banner Stands!

If you are looking for signage that you can move around or take to different venues, such as trade shows, then you need to think about retractable banner stands. There are literally hundreds of different sizes and shapes for you to choose from, and people often take retractable banners to trade shows to use as part of their display and to raise brand awareness.

retractable banner standThe good thing about retractable banner stands is that they take just seconds to assemble, and also to take down. All you have to do is extend the supporting pole and unroll the banner itself. The cylinder that houses the banner also acts as a protective case so that you can transport your banner to lots of trade shows without damaging it. Many people use the same banner for years, and only “retire” a banner when they have a company revamp.

The pricier banner stands feature a small halogen light which draws more attention to the company’s artwork and message, and most people prefer to use silver or black stands, as these neutral colors don’t detract from the all-important message to the customer. Take time to think about what you want to say to the audience at the trade show – you need a clearly placed and visible logo, as well as a very brief description of your products and services.

You’ll be able to choose from lots of different widths and heights, and together with vibrant graphics and a clear, concise mission statement, a retractable banner is excellent shorthand with which to tell people what you’re all about. Another feature of a custom-made banner stand is that you can use different banners with the same cartridge – it is easy to change the banners, and it would be useful if you’re pitching to different audiences at different trade shows. An older audience, for example, might want a more subtle approach than a younger one.

One important thing to remember is to buy the best quality product that you can. You don’t want vinyl that will fray, or colors that would fade. Because banners are a big feature at trade shows, you need something that will look new and vibrant every time you unroll it.


Is Your Trade Show Display Attractive Enough?

At trade show, a main component for success is visibility. If nobody sees your booth, it won’t matter that you have an excellent product or a unique service. Standing out among dozens or hundreds of competitors is tough, that’s for sure, but it’s not impossible. The thing to focus on is an attractive booth that everyone will see and want to visit.

Your display needs to create a buzz, so that every visitor will want to come in and check out what it’s all about. So, it needs to be engaging and attractive and offer some added value to the visitors. People want to feel that some thought was put into the efforts of bringing them into a certain booth.

the road to success

One thing that will definitely bring a lot of crowd is a product demonstration. A live demonstration is something that many presenters often neglect, and it’s a shame because it can certainly create a lot of buzz and interest about your booth. Accompanied with an interactive, fun lines by your best sales crew, a live demo will boost your display and generate interest and probably a lot of good leads.

This also leads us to choosing the right staff. A well-trained staff can make all the difference between a mediocre presentation and a WOW presentation. Young and fresh staff will swoop the audience and make a fun presentation. So, invest in your team, make sure they are happy and even offer them incentives for bringing in more sales leads or for talking to as many potential clients as possible.

In the end, people will remember that your booth was interesting, fun or unique, and that’ll bring them to visit your store or website to make a purchase.


How To Attend Two Events If You Only Have One Display?

trade show display

With so much industry events and trade shows, it’s not so unreasonable that you would want to attend more than one event in the same day. But what do you do if you only have one exhibit display? Don’t discourage, there are ways to overcome this obstacle without the need to give up anything.

If you only have one display, and you can’t afford buying a new one (or it’s not worth it to invest in a display just for this one time of 2 simultaneous events), you can rent one. There are plenty of companies that offer booths to rent and you can dress it up with your banner and a table throw, and it looks like your own. Another option is to buy a second hand booth, it might not cost a lot more than renting one, and you could use it again in the future.

Now that you have the second booth, all you need is a good strategy to promote your business in both events. Split your sales staff, and make sure you assign one leading sales person for each event. Prepare promotional giveaways in quantities to last for both events, and make them a bit more generic to fit both events, it will save you a big headache of splitting the giveaways.


Learn To Create A Powerful Trade Show Display

Trade shows give you the opportunity to network with potential clients face to face and to demonstrate just what your business has to offer. So, now that you’ve registered to the event, you need to design your trade show booth in a way that it will attract as many visitors as possible.

One very important aspect of the display design is the color. Not many people pay attention to this, but it’s very important. You probably didn’t know that more than 14% of people remember a booth based on color alone (this is according to a recent study).

colorful pencils

Make sure that the colors you choose not only go well together, but are also relevant to your business, products and services. If, for instance, you always use red as the product packaging color, it would be best to contrast it with a simple black and white design.

You should also remember that bright colors are more welcoming than darker colors and could encourage people to come to your booth. Another thing to keep in mind is that too much color could repel rather than attract people because it looks unprofessional.

Another aspect to think about when designing your booth is lighting. Basically, you need to highlight your products and services. You can use yellow spotlights to illuminate the booth so visitors can see all of your products. You can also showcase a laser show alongside a product demonstration to ensure that it sticks in the memory of people even after they left the trade show.

Do your best to avoid shadowy areas because you are not making the most of your entire booth space. It will also make the booth look smaller and might put people off coming to speak to you.


Check Out These Signs To See If You Need A New Display

Participating at a trade show can help you to enhance your brand identity, network with other businesses and attract new customers. This will all go to waste, though, if you do not invest in a display booth, banners and other similar promotional materials.

There are lots of signs and tells that you need a new display booth and they should not be ignored, because trade shows, as we all know, are all about first impressions. Read on to find out what signs you should look for.

new trade show display

Probably the first thing you need to look at is the technology you use. If your technology is old and outdated, it suggests that your business is living in the past. Today’s visitors appreciate all of the newest lighting shows and computer technology so impress them with a new display that embraces the latest technology.

Another important issue is the display’s colors and overall design. Look closely at your display and check for any wear and tear of the banners or the booth itself. Your display, banners and signs should be in the best condition and well looked after.

If the colors of the display are faded, it’s also a sign you need to get a new display. This is because bright colors attract the most eyes. Faded colors are not catching as many eyes, so people who would normally stop are walking by and ignoring your booth.

Does your booth shows any of the signs mentioned here? If so, then do not hesitate to invest in a new display. Remember that your display is what attracts people to you at a trade show and even the smallest wear and tear can compromise your success.