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How To Get The Most From A Trade Show Booth

trade show displayIf you are about to attend a trade show, it is crucial to draw attention and a noticeable and visible trade show booth will help to achieve that goal. Trade shows are blasted with lots of products and big name companies, so if you want to get potential customers interested in your business, you need to stand out.

When considering how to get the most from a trade show, the most critical factors to consider when assembling your trade show booth are: size, colors, design and eloquent features to draw attention from passersby.

A feature that always draws attention is a video display. When you are displaying a video, potential customers can see or hear it from a distance, and come to your booth to check out what they’ve just heard.

It is also important to include some unique characteristic or a design feature that will differentiate your booth from the others. If you will have that booth that everyone is talking about, you will have people flocking in to see what all the fuss is about.

Put a lot of emphasis on colors. A display booth designed with the right colors will stand out in a crowded room. Even if the booth isn’t large, with the right colors it will be visible to everyone in the trade show.

Remember, the best way to get visitors to learn about your business is to have a booth that really stands out. When you are presenting your products and trying to draw in attention from other competitors, you must have that special something that will make your company stand out in the crowd.


How to Use an iPad for Trade Shows

The iPad is one of the newest and coolest devices used in trade shows.  This well-loved product lures people to your booth with its many features.

Uses of an iPad in Trade Shows

a) Traffic

Experience an increase in the number of people who visit your booth with an iPad display as this device provides interesting activities. Most people are lured by the beauty of this device when things get boring in an event. By providing this interactive display, you provide entertainment and information at the same time.  With the iPad’s long battery life, you need not worry about electric outlets for as much as 11-12 hours.

b) Promotion

With the iPad’s high definition display, you can show media rich content that you wish to share during trade shows. This may be product demos, industry information, company profile, products and services through videos, slideshow, photos and PDF files. If you have wireless internet connection, you can show your company website or let them surf Youtube for company or industry videos. The possibilities are endless.

ipad stand

c) Interaction

The interface of an iPad station at a trade show is intuitive, making your visitors spend more time with the device. They can read and watch with ease. You can use this time to talk to them about your company, your products and your service. Once you feel that they are interested, you can ask them to sign–up.

d) Lead

One of the mistakes that people do after trade shows is that they do not follow-up on their customers. Fortunately, there are many apps in the market that can help you send information easily to people who signed up during their visit. You do not have to wait until the end of the show, you may choose to send information after talking to them.

The Trade Show Counter

In order to maximize the use of an iPad, you may consider purchasing an iPad trade show counter. With the use of a recessed counter top, this product was made for the specific dimensions of an iPad. An insert is also included to keep the iPad safe.  For your sound requirements, an audio port is built-in the counter to allow the sound from your iPad to be heard by your potential customers.

You may also promote your brand and company message through the counter display with its full-color, dye-sublimated graphic. The fabric material may be dry cleaned and ironed, perfect for many trade show days.

When traveling, the counter display can be stored in a padded travel case to secure the iPad and counter.




Maximizing Your Custom Trade Show Display

It is essential for every trade show event to maximize the space allotted for graphics, display, fonts and banners. Trade show designers should always make it a point to consider which parts should be highlighted and which parts should be left alone. This will allow a clean, yet effective custom trade show design.

A simple yet effective trade show design
Show Only What is Necessary

When designing trade shows, some exhibit managers tend to throw in all the information on a single space without considering first how it would look like to people seeing it. Sure, they will find all the information they need, but will this keep them interested on the show? The answer is NO. When designing pieces that show vital information for your trade shows, make sure to put only what they need to see. Other information can simple be left out or relocated to other spaces in your exhibit area.

Depth is the Real Star

Trade show booths should be designed in such a way that the front will pique the customers’ interests and invite them to go inside the booth. As such, the front act for trade show booths should normally look vibrant and suggestive of what’s inside. However, when they enter the booth, make sure to show them the depth of information they will learn. It is important to keep them interested to avoid using bland designs that will make them yawn or fall asleep.

Aim for the Stars

The height of your displays is another important element in trade show design. You should make it a point to place a design that would catch visitors’ attention from far away. Determine the optimal height from which these decorations should be placed in for them to effectively capture the attendees’ attention from afar.

In essence, always study how depth, height and brevity will help your trade show designs to be inviting and informative at the same time.