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5 Ways to Achieve an Impressive Booth on a Tight Budget

As an exhibitor at a trade show, attending the event and setting up your booth can be a strain on your finances. You want to produce an impressive company booth that will present your business in the best possible way. Though a professional-looking space can carry a hefty price tag, you should avoid skimping on quality to fill up space in your booth.

Smart planning for your trade show event will allow you to create an eye-catching display without going above and beyond your means. Follow these 5 helpful tips for achieving an impressive booth on a tight budget:

  1. Select cost-effective displays. Large, bulky displays that cost a fortune will not help you stay within budget and create a professional display space. Instead of conventional, sizable free standing units, opt for a retractable banner stand. Cost-effective and easy-to-use, a floor retractable banner stand is the ideal addition to your trade show space. Place one in the back of your booth or two on either sides of your display table and you are sure to attract visitors to your event space.
  2. Use what you have, and utilize displays you already have from past events to save money. Update your existing exhibits with new graphics and your display will be up-to-date without forcing you to purchase a completely new unit. Many advertising displays have the option to change the printed banner on the frame so when selecting displays, keep in mind that you may want to change out graphics in the future.
  3. Utilize your space. Creating a plan as to what the layout of your space will be is as important as the displays themselves. No matter the quantity or size of banner stands you have to work with, creating a pattern that allows for a traffic path for both you and potential visitors will make your space appear organized and professional. A well thought out layout will produce a surrounding that will help your event space be both functional and interesting.
  4. Create vibrant designs – focusing on attention grabbing graphics will help give your booth a boost. Since graphic design costs are usually priced by time used to create the design, having a clear vision of what you want to include in your design and what you envision the finished product to be will help shorten the design time and therefore financial costs.
  5. Include knowledgeable staff. Friendly staff members who offer expertise about your company and services to visitors are as good of a marketing tool as an effective advertising display. Train your employees on the specifics of your company and they will be the ultimate cost-effective and efficient marketing solution for your business.

For the cost-conscious buyer, an impressive booth that will make your competitors jealous and visitors compelled to stop at your company space is a must have!

Make A Great Impact From A Small Space

A lot of exhibitors tend to think that bigger is better when it comes to trade shows, but it’s not necessarily true. You don’t really need a huge space to make an impression and attract visitors, a smaller space can make the same or even better impact. Here are a few reasons why smaller booths are better:

trade show attractive booths

Warm and welcoming space. Large exhibit spaces can often be intimidating, and visitors might even get confused and baffled, which can lead to them leaving the booth quickly. A smaller space is more inviting and offers a sense of warmness and friendly people.

More money left to spend on marketing. If you invest in a large booth, you are likely left with a limited budget for everything else. However, with a small booth, you’ll be left with a bigger budget, so you’ll be able to invest on marketing endeavors such as special giveaways, a celebrity spokesperson or a raise to your staff.

Intimate, face-to-face conversations. A smaller space usually offers a more intimate environment, where you or your staff can make face-to-face conversations with visitors. By creating an intimate environment you send a message that you care about anyone that steps into your booth and you’re willing to take the time and talk to them for as long as they need.

So, to sum it up, when you are designing your next exhibit space, remember that you don’t need to drain your budget on a large and flashy booth. A smaller booth will be just as beneficial, if not more.

Getting the Most From A Single Trade Show Display

Only have money in your budget for one advertising display? Don’t want your lone trade show banner stand to fall short in presenting a professional and effective marketing solution for your business? Don’t let your advertising options be controlled by your budget strings.

Having only one advertising display can be effective but it also leaves little room for error. The design, location, style and versatility of your display are crucial elements to a successful company showcase. Adhering to the following critical display concepts ensures that your display will stand its ground in a fiercely competitive business market.

trade show exhibit

  • Design. You only have one chance to make a first impression. With a single banner stand fitting into your budget, the design of the display will either help or hinder your marketing plans. Do not bombard your audience with information overload on your exhibit. Including lines and lines of formidable text and informative imagery will only deter visitors from stopping at your booth space. Instead, entice visitors with a clean design of a central logo or company name with a few key words. An impressive image, like one of your most popular products or key features of your company, will draw an audience to your space. Once the display attracts the audience, you can rely on your knowledgeable staff or informative brochures to elaborate on what your company does and who you are.

  • Versatility. With only one display in your possession, you want to make sure that your presentation doesn’t grow stale event after event. Keeping your display current while reusing the same stand multiple times is dependent on the ability to change the graphics on your stand. Having the option of alternating graphics on your display will allow your solitary advertising exhibit to change with you and your company.

  • Location. Placing your display in a high-traffic area where it will be seen is a must. The most attractive exhibit will fail to capture attention if stationed in a low profile location. Showcase your stand next to your event table or in the center of your booth as a backdrop to boost its effectiveness. If you own a brick-and-mortar business, place your stand at the register or point-of-purchase point.

  • Style. The style of the chosen display must suit your needs and your goals. Do you want a horizontal display that will cover more floor space or a vertical display that will add height to your advertising exhibit? Browsing through the various styles of displays and settling on the design that is right for you is important. A style that is timeless, unique and fits your company will make your exhibit a long-lasting investment.

With only one advertising display you can garner well deserved attention to your business. And with the additional funds from increased sales, you can eventually expand your display exhibit at the next trade show.

Create A Stylish Booth Without Emptying Your Wallet

In today’s world, image is everything, especially when advertising your company or organization. Creating a sleek marketing exhibit that reflects your business, whether it’s a stylish retail store, new restaurant or even a bank, will help combine fashionable tastes with real marketing results.

colorful retractable bannerTranslating your vision of a fashionable booth into a reality without exceeding your budget is key to a successful and stylish trade show booth or company space. The most economical marketing decisions to create a modern advertising exhibit are choosing a signature display piece, deciding on a color scheme that is timeless but trendy, selecting versatile displays that can change with the times and generating a staff dress code that is both professional but in style.

Just like how interior designers create a design focusing on a central piece of furnishing, a stylish trade show booth needs to have a central eclectic advertising display. One impressive advertising display can not only add style to a company space but is also an economical marketing solution. A scrolling banner stand for instance, can provide the movement that prevents your booth from becoming stale and keeps your company current in an ever-changing competitive market. Also, placing your signature display in the center of your booth will draw the visitor’s eye to your sleek advertising display.

Color is an effective visual that can grab an audience’s attention and allow your company to be in style with colors that are popular at the moment. However, you do not want to choose a certain color scheme for your marketing exhibits just because it is in style for the time being. Deciding on a color scheme for your booth and keeping it consistent throughout your displays and is crucial to establishing branding. Try incorporating a timeless color combination like black and white but add a bright accent color that follows a current trend like neon green or yellow.

Because the concept of what is in style and modern is an ever-changing idea, selecting versatile displays that can change with trends can be helpful on the quest for a stylish, cost-effective booth. You will save on the cost of purchasing a whole new unit as well as avoid the risk of displaying an out-of-style exhibit. Be sure to learn the process of changing a poster out of an existing display before purchasing.

With such a stylish booth, you and your staff should present a sophisticated image as well. Though you want to appear professional, solid business suits will appear out-of-sync with a modern advertising presentation. Instead of conventional business clothing, try a more casual look like stylish pants with a vibrant, edgy company shirt or interesting accessory like a belt, a hat, or a tie. Keep in mind, there should be a balance between trendy and professional so that you and your company do not come across as too casual or even sloppy.

Follow these tips and you can have a stylish trade show booth without exceeding a tight budget.

Setting Up Your Trade Show Budget – What You Need To Do

Trade show budgets have to be carefully created and there are two key elements to consider. First, you must know everything a trade show budget has to include. Second, you should learn about how you can stretch your trade show budget without harming your performance. A trade show budget can be broken down into these elements:

  • Booth space (from 29% to 36%)- allocated by the trade show organizers.


  • Show services (17%) – this includes cleaning, carpet and padding, power, phone and fax lines, waste removal etc.

  • Exhibit design (form 11% to 16%) – this includes materials, banners, draping, lights and other accessories.

  • Shipping (12%) – this must include freight and drayage.

  • Travel and other expenses (13%) – this would include accommodation, meals, flights and transportation.

  • Advertising and promotions (12%) – this includes email, printings, direct mail and giveaways.

smart budgeting
Now that you have an idea on how you can break your budget down, there are some tips that you need to consider when setting your budget and trying to reduce expenses:

  1. Make a list of every item and service that will cost you money and set a reasonable budget. Be realistic, don’t waste money on a larger booth space if you cannot afford all the expenses that come with the expansion.

  3. Decide if it is a better option renting than purchasing. Renting a portable display saves you the costs of building an exhibit. You can also consider leasing if you will attend several trade shows in a year. Leasing providers offer you flexible payment plans of three-year payments for instance. Besides, leasing is much better for your tax savings because they are classified as expenses and not as capital purchases.

  5. Book your booth space early to get special prices or discounts. Early booking can save up to 20% of your budget.

  7. Advanced ordering of trade show services can prevent you from premium show service fees. Pay as soon as possible for the services you requested to avoid late fees.

  9. Reduce your accommodation and traveling expenses by booking in advance. Many hotels, airlines and car rentals offer discounts for those who book early.

  11. Make a good use of the options offered by trade show organizers. Many of them offer free or cost-effective advertising services.

  13. Get information about all the advantages you have as exhibitor and make sure your providers will respond if you have last-minute mishaps.

Remember, it’s very important to set up a reasonable budget and include all kinds of expenses into it. Also start your planning process at least 6 months before the trade show begins. This will ensure you get the most successful booth.