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Want A Successful Trade Show Booth? Follow These Tips

Are you about to exhibit at a trade show soon? Want to stand out above your competitors? It’s time to realize you can’t just stand there at your booth, you need to do something to get the attention you want! To make your exhibit profitable and successful, you need to do something that will catch people’s eyes and draw them in. Here are a few suggestions on how to do just that:

Product demonstration

Presenting and demonstrating your products creates movement at your booth. This intrigues prospects to come by and check out your solution to their problem or need. When you demonstrate your product, make the benefits as clear as possible and show exactly how it works and what people can gain from it. If your product is too big, or if it is a service, you can shoot a video and play it on a large screen, it will work the same way.

Make sure to place a few chairs, and make your visitors as comfortable as possible. Even if you just started the day and no visitors are at sight, you can start the presentation – eventually people will come, stop and stay to hear about what you have to offer.

Entertaining visitors

To attract a large volume of people to your booth, you can hire an entertainer to gather a crowd. Anything that will draw attention can work – musicians, dancers, models and even a magician. The main thing you must remember – once the crowd is drawn, it’s up to your booth staffers to engage them and turn them into leads.

Communicate with attendees

It’s a common problem – a lot of booth staffers are not feeling comfortable to talk to strangers, so they stay deep inside their booth, waiting for those few attendees who walk in on their own. This is not the time to be shy, especially if you want to exceed your competitors. Make sure you have at least one staff member who is friendly and communicative, and place this person at the front of your booth. This staffer can engage people with questions like “Have you seen our new product?”, “What brings you by to this show?”, and even a simple “Where are you from?” to start a conversation. Once people are engaged, it’s much easier to keep them in with a demonstration and further explanation about your product or service.
There’s no doubt that creating movement in your booth is hard work, but your company probably invested a lot to present at that show. Don’t waste it on sitting there, doing nothing.

Things You Should Avoid When Exhibiting At Trade Shows


Exhibiting at a trade show doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have the busiest booth, the biggest brand or the largest budget. A successful exhibitor also knows what to avoid from, so here are a few things you should think about:

Never choose a vendor only by the price. Smart exhibitors know that paying a bit more for a quality display or banner stand will save them costs in the long run, as they will last long.

Never commit to more than one show if you don’t the time and resources. Exhibiting at a trade show takes a lot of time, energy, funds and staff resources, so bouncing from one show to the next will eventually wear you down.

Never exhibit without a useful promotion. Giving away free stuff is a sure way to attract attendees, and if the free gift is also useful to the visitors, even better – it will set your brand in their mind while they use it over and over again.

Never repeat yourself. Having the same booth at the same trade show year after year will get boring eventually. Most trade show attendees come to these events for years, so they want to see new things and innovations. Make sure you refresh your exhibit every 3-4 years, and include trendy colors, designs and technology.

Take these suggestions into account before you head out to your next trade show. Planning ahead is crucial and can make all the difference between success and failure.

Before You Head Out To The Trade Show – A Few Tips


If you are about to present at a trade show, you should take the time to arrange every detail before you head out. There are a few simple tips that will make your showcase a success, so follow them carefully.

  • First thing you should do is to make sure you exhibit at the right place. Many times, trade show exhibitors participate in events that are not right for them, or without even knowing why they go (because they went last year, or because it’s a big show). You need to make sure the show is in the industry of what you offer, and you have indeed something to offer, and not just go blindly.

  • Following this advice, look for shows where there would be a large percentage of potential customers. Also, plan your presentation to apply to that certain crowd, based on age, demographics, line of business or fields of interest.

  • With that in mind, design your exhibit booth to appeal to those potential clients. A lot of times, exhibitors design their booths to praise their company or to show off a leading product. This is not the best idea, although it’s important to stand out, you don’t want to come out as a show off.

  • Instead, focus your message to best appeal potential clients and prospects. Don’t invest everything on the logistics, you have to leave time and budget for your marketing strategy. It’s important to take care of the shipping, installation and the design of the booth, but it’s equally important to invest in marketing, giveaways and press release announcements.

  • Another important aspect is your staff. Those people that occupy your booth and welcome visitors must be both highly trained and professional, and also friendly and approachable. Your staff must be well trained, so make sure you don’t leave without having a meeting and going over every aspect and scenario with your team members.

  • In many cases, the prime objective of presenting at a trade show is to get potential leads. For this you’ll need a follow-up plan to contact those leads after the show. It’s best to assign a certain staff member to enter the leads, and have a smooth process for getting those leads quickly to the right sales people.

If you read those guidelines and you realize you haven’t followed them, now is the time to start embracing them and follow them. Before your next show, make sure you have all the info you need to make it a success.

How To Make Your Trade Show Booth A Success

Trade shows and events usually present business opportunities, and it’s critical to know how to make the most of them for a successful event. It’s imperative to research before the event to learn about your competitors and to find out what they plan to present or what kind of giveaways they plan to offer.

Now, once you’ve entered the event, stay focused and don’t miss any opportunity that might present itself. Take these suggestions into account and leverage them to your advantages:

Make sure you and your team are refreshed. Stack your booth with beverages and refreshing snacks, to keep your staff fresh and well hydrated. Also, let your team take turns and go on a break, even if it’s for a quick stroll around the venue, or a 10 minutes break for coffee and a snack, or a smoking break. When your staff stay refreshed, they will bring more liveliness to their presentations and conversations.

Don’t be discouraged if people don’t stop at your booth. This can happen from time to time, and it doesn’t matter how your booth is designed or what kind of giveaways do you offer – it just happens. They key here is to stay motivated and approachable. Always look for opportunities to engage with passers-by, and initiate a conversation. It’s a trade show after all, so you must make yourself seen and heard.

Come with a well prepared presentation. This will help you present your product or service in a clear, concise way several times a day. When you prepare your presentation in advance, you’d likely won’t miss critical selling points or forget to mention good reviews.

Do your best to grab attendees attention. With everything that’s happening on the trade show floor – music, lights, conversations and announcements, you need to capture visitors’ attention. Your presentation needs to be funny, interesting or deliver some news, in order to catch people’s attention.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring cool giveaways and product samples – these are great crowd pleasers. Don’t be afraid to show you go the extra mile and that you care about your clients. The trade show is the place where you build relationships and strengthen your brand, so use every tool you have in order to succeed in it.

How To Increase Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

Presenting at an industry event and competing for attention against other presenters is difficult, to say the least. There is always something happening – raffles, giveaways, presentations and demos, classes, speeches and so on… You want to attract as many visitors as possible to your booth, but how do you do that?

  • Start with pre-event announcements. You need to let everybody know about your participation in the event, otherwise, how will they know? Send your clients an email about your exhibition in the event, write about it on your website or blog, inform your followers on social media channels (if you’re not present at social media – now is the time to start!), and even announce with a press release to the media.
  • Another related aspect is to build anticipation within your clients. You can tease them with hints about a new product you’ll be unveiling at your exhibit, or spread rumors about a desirable prize like an iPad or a new smartphone.
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  • Offer useful promotional items. Visitors at trade shows are bombarded with pens, key-chains, mugs, hats and other useless gimmicks. Don’t be one of those presenters, this is the time to be unique and offer a giveaway that is also valuable to visitors, like a flash drive, recycled bag or a product sample. Don’t forget to add your logo, so you’ll be remembered each time they use your gift.
  • Make your booth space a relaxing environment. Trade show visitors often get overwhelmed with all the lights, chats, music and overall chaos around them. This is where you come in, offering attendees a calm, quiet and soothing environment. Provide comfortable seating, offer a beverage or a snack, and minimize surrounding clutter and chatter.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to drive more traffic into your booth. Make sure to prepare plenty of time before the trade show and don’t leave things to the last minute.

For Your Next Trade Show – Find The Most Suitable Spokesperson

The success of any trade show relies primarily on the strength of the product as well as the way that the product is presented. The spokespersons chosen for an event are of great importance. They convey the message of the event and set the tone. They should provide intelligent insights and the latest information regarding the industry in a way that is informative, energetic and entertaining while remaining professional at the same time.

The selection of speakers is not just one of the most important aspects of trade show organization; it is also amongst the most difficult. Their success often determines the success of the entire show. The important thing when looking for speakers is to find the correct balance of qualities: knowledge, intelligence, entertainment and motivation. They should have good knowledge on the topic and the ability to connect with an audience.
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Determine your objectives

Before you start thinking about speakers for your trade show, it is important to consider the objective of your trade show’s program and the topics that you want covered. For example, a sales-related trade show might call for more “motivational” aspects of a presentation where a technology-related expo might call for richer content.

Research about potential speakers

There are tons of people that consider themselves speakers, but only a select few are really good. A great way to find good speakers is to consult with friends and acquaintances within your network of event professionals for stand-outs. You can also contact a service that provides speakers for events and conferences. These services can provide you a list of relevant speakers and also help match you with the most appropriate people.

Make sure to look into the backgrounds of prospective speakers as well as check their references. People that brag about being speakers for all occasions might be just plain desperate. Professional speakers will generally have particular areas of expertise on which they are comfortable speaking and will often decline an offer if they feel uncomfortable or unable to speak on a particular topic. Ask for a list of the past few events at which they have spoken in addition to references from former employers.

Take the time to have a nice long conversation with prospective spokespersons. Talk with them about the objectives of the conference and see how the conversation goes. A good conversation can help dissolve your concerns.

The best way to determine whether a speaker is the right match for you is to watch them speak. If you can’t make it to one of their appearances then request a video or audio recording of their most recent events.

Provide info

info buttonIt is important to provide your prospective speakers with detailed information regarding the trade show: your goals, industry-related information, key names, important keywords, newsletters and audience demographics. Anything to help them customize their presentation to the event and the attendees.

After talking with a prospective speaker regarding the trade show and they have a good idea of the material that you want covered, ask them to create an outline of their presentation. This will reduce the chance for any unwanted surprises and help make sure that their presentation fulfills the needs of the event.

Celebrity spokesperson isn’t always the best choice

If you’re thinking about hiring a famous person to speak at your show, it’s important to keep your head straight. Just because someone is famous and beautiful doesn’t mean that they will be accomplished public speakers. It is just as important to evaluate celebrity speakers as it is non-celebrities. Still, many celebrities are very accomplished public speakers and you can always depend on them to impart the added value of their name to your event, just choose carefully.

Create A Stylish Booth Without Emptying Your Wallet

In today’s world, image is everything, especially when advertising your company or organization. Creating a sleek marketing exhibit that reflects your business, whether it’s a stylish retail store, new restaurant or even a bank, will help combine fashionable tastes with real marketing results.

colorful retractable bannerTranslating your vision of a fashionable booth into a reality without exceeding your budget is key to a successful and stylish trade show booth or company space. The most economical marketing decisions to create a modern advertising exhibit are choosing a signature display piece, deciding on a color scheme that is timeless but trendy, selecting versatile displays that can change with the times and generating a staff dress code that is both professional but in style.

Just like how interior designers create a design focusing on a central piece of furnishing, a stylish trade show booth needs to have a central eclectic advertising display. One impressive advertising display can not only add style to a company space but is also an economical marketing solution. A scrolling banner stand for instance, can provide the movement that prevents your booth from becoming stale and keeps your company current in an ever-changing competitive market. Also, placing your signature display in the center of your booth will draw the visitor’s eye to your sleek advertising display.

Color is an effective visual that can grab an audience’s attention and allow your company to be in style with colors that are popular at the moment. However, you do not want to choose a certain color scheme for your marketing exhibits just because it is in style for the time being. Deciding on a color scheme for your booth and keeping it consistent throughout your displays and is crucial to establishing branding. Try incorporating a timeless color combination like black and white but add a bright accent color that follows a current trend like neon green or yellow.

Because the concept of what is in style and modern is an ever-changing idea, selecting versatile displays that can change with trends can be helpful on the quest for a stylish, cost-effective booth. You will save on the cost of purchasing a whole new unit as well as avoid the risk of displaying an out-of-style exhibit. Be sure to learn the process of changing a poster out of an existing display before purchasing.

With such a stylish booth, you and your staff should present a sophisticated image as well. Though you want to appear professional, solid business suits will appear out-of-sync with a modern advertising presentation. Instead of conventional business clothing, try a more casual look like stylish pants with a vibrant, edgy company shirt or interesting accessory like a belt, a hat, or a tie. Keep in mind, there should be a balance between trendy and professional so that you and your company do not come across as too casual or even sloppy.

Follow these tips and you can have a stylish trade show booth without exceeding a tight budget.

How To Steal The Show At Your Next Expo

Presenting at a trade show or expo can be an intimidating experience. You might feel insecure in a place full of large companies with appealing exhibitions, especially if you are a small brand. The competition is fierce, but remember that every large company started as a small exhibitor. Training their staff properly and creating engaging strategies to attract good prospects to their booths, made the difference for these big organizations.

stealing attention

So, having a clear purpose is essential. You will be there, on the trade show floor, to sell your product, to build a brand and to manage to raise your company from obscurity. How can you do that? These tips will help you improve your performance at any trade show and expo:

  1. Convey your company message through your trained staff and digital devices. Tablets are perfect devices where you can include detailed information about your products and company, appealing activities and all the necessary tricks to attract attendees’ attention. Actually, they can work as a great hook to engage good prospects in conversation. Design an appealing strategy to load tablets with interesting surveys, simple challenges, chances to win valuable gifts and any trick that attracts their interest. Remember that electronic literature saves you money and gives you more chances to use it and share it even after the event.
  2. Include power charging stations at your display. This is a really good strategy for any kind of exhibitor. People carry mobile devices on them, everywhere they go. So, offering an area with a free power charging service where people can recharge their phones or tablets is a great strategy to attract visitors and to keep them long enough to make a purchase. Provide a wide variety of adaptors, locate the station near the aisle and make it easily visible with eye-catching signage.
  3. Another great way to attract visitors is by adding engaging and educational video content. This way, visitors will be happy to come back every time and get additional information. Holding the audience captive makes visitors forget the event and get totally focused on the message you want to convey.

Now is the time to work hard and to prepare the ground for an incredible experience. Don’t feel daunted by obstacles. Steal the show and take your small company to the next level.

Experts Insights For Selecting The Right Trade Show Booth

Before you go out to buy a new trade show booth for your next exhibition, you need to think carefully about critical elements that will make the difference between success and failure. To get just what you need, you have to take the time and plan carefully. It’s not always easy, so here are a few tips to set you on the right track.
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  • The first and most critical step you is to set your goals. Setting your main goal is totally necessary to guarantee a good purchase. Organize a meeting with your staff and define those goals that you expect to achieve during the trade show. This is crucial not only the booth itself but also for any issue and decision related to your exhibition.

  • The next step would be to establish your budget before considering one option or another. Always remember: the cost will be per square foot and booth model.

  • Together, your goals and budget will dictate the kind of trade show booth model you will get. You can choose portable or pop up displays that tend to be smaller and easier to transport and to set up everywhere. They are perfect solutions for doing a circuit of trade shows. You can choose modular booths that are generally made of lightweight materials and can be used in a variety of configurations. Custom booths, for instance, include specialized graphics and layouts and they are a bit more expensive but ideal for trade shows that demand a bigger presence or for exhibitors who just plan to attend one or two shows in a year.

  • When choosing the type of booth you prefer, always consider its weight. If the booth you choose is made of heavy materials you will also need to budget shipping, transportation and storage expenses.

  • You should also consider the assembly and disassembly system before making a decision.

  • Try not to blindly choose the cheapest offer. Remember the saying: if you buy cheaply you pay dearly.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute. You should plan ahead and work together with a professional wide format printing company.

  • When choosing a printing company for banners or display stands, base your decision on its reputation, years in business, quality, references and testimonials.

Buying a trade show booth cannot be a quick purchase; it’s a process that will determine your future success in business. Set your goals and your budget, plan ahead and choose wisely.

Interactive Technology Will Take Your Trade Show To The Next Level

If you want to create a really awesome and interactive experience in your next trade show, it’s time to harness technology to your benefits. Forget about traditional methods like LCD screens, social networks or QR codes, we are talking about really interactive experiences based on the latest technologies. In order to catch visitors attention you will need the best methods on the market.

A great starting point would be to use touchscreens and holoscreens. These are appealing solutions that generate traffic into your booth. You can use them to design interesting presentations that people can interact with. They are one of the best choices to create a personal experience with your products and get people involved with your brand.

binary codeAnother very interesting option is the interactive projection mapping. This new technology allows you to project animations and textures on different objects and structures creating attractive visual effects. You can also use infra-red sensors that allow users to interact with these animations where they can control them by using their body movements. This close interaction will hook every visitor on the trade show floor.

A less complicated option is to use simpler elements such as lights, sounds, special effects and videos. You can create an interactive atmosphere with a thematic stand. For example, if you are exhibiting ski products, you can recreate winter in your stand by using white cold lights, playing videos of skiing or sliding and even turning down the thermostat, and actually set a chilled environment. This way, people will immediately catch your message and they will identify your brand easily.

Another advanced solution is the mobile augmented reality. Since most people use smartphones, this solution is perfect to create a unique interactive experience between your products and your visitors. With this technology simple objects turn into really interesting animations once visitors see them through their smartphone cameras. You can also use this solution to bring detailed information about your products in a visual and interactive way.

Whatever you do, remember that the thing is using every available element to create a unique and interactive experience for your visitors. The more interaction you create, the more chances you have to attract people, and of course, generate more good leads.