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A Great Way To Refresh Your Retractable Banners – Change Their Graphics

small portable banner standThere are so many reasons to use retractable banners when presenting at trade shows or expos. They are easy to set-up thanks to their assembly system, they are portable because they are made of very lightweight materials, and they can be custom-made so you can find them in different sizes, shapes and designs.

One of the more important benefits of retractable banners is the fact that they can be reused several times. Many people don’t think this is important, but it actually is if you stop to think about the great benefits of having a reusable solution.

One of the greatest advantages of retractable banner stands is having the chance to change graphics on the spot. They come with a very simple mechanism to swap up the graphics in just a few minutes. If you need to change your message or if your graphic looks too old to continue exhibiting it, you don’t have to change your banner stand. You just need to replace the old graphic with a new one, saving you time, money and efforts.

Most of the times the materials used to build trade show displays will take hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose, causing a serious damage to the environment. Every time you reuse your retractable banner instead of throwing it away, you are not only saving money and time, but also the environment.

Moreover, reusing your banner stands will also give you more options to focus your attention and money on other aspects of your exhibition. You can use that saved money to improve the quality of your graphics. Choose the latest printing techs and the best inks to get top-quality images and powerful colors to spread out your messages more effectively. You can also choose less cheap and more durable materials for your banners so they can last a longer period of time.

These reusable solutions for retractable banners can make things a lot easier, giving you the chance to be green while offering you remarkable advantages that you shouldn’t ignore. This may be the right time to reconsider your decisions, so stop to think and make a good choice.

The Great Benefits Of Point Of Sale Banners

A point-of-sale banner, or display, is a special type of sales promotion that is located next to the checkout in a retail store. The checkout is the point of sale, and these banners are often seen along the conveyor belt (in the case of supermarkets) or the counter (in smaller shops and independent boutiques) to encourage either an impulse buy or a larger purchase of a more everyday item.

Point of sale banners can also inform customers that an offer is beginning and ending soon, so even if the shopper can’t act on impulse there and then, he or she will make a mental note to pick up the items on the next shopping trip.

These banners are light and easy to move around and they are mostly in the form of retractable banners. They are usually used to advertise new products, or special offers that have a limited duration. Classic examples include seasonal items, like sunscreen, insect repellent and sunglasses for the summer, or holiday season items like wrapping paper, three-for two gift promotions and greetings cards.

store sale sign

There are also point of sale banners that you would see all year round. These banners are often used in cycles, drawing attention to items that shoppers need throughout the year, such as batteries, sweets, blank CDs and magazines.

Any shop with a small amount of free floor space would benefit from using point of sale banners to advertise. There’s often a lot of space around a counter or a checkout, as shelves full of stock would block the path of customers. However, a thin, lightweight banner that draws the eyes in, is worth its weight in gold.

Point of sale banners are usually anchored in a Plexiglass or clear plastic frame so that the promotional material can be changed according to the season. Sometimes the banners are free-standing and made of vinyl, so that they can be moved around the store.

The point of sale type of banners must be visually striking and appealing, with clear branding and concise information. Customers need to know how long the offer is running for, and how much they can save from it.


Presenting At A Trade Show? You Must Consider Banner Stands!

If you are looking for signage that you can move around or take to different venues, such as trade shows, then you need to think about retractable banner stands. There are literally hundreds of different sizes and shapes for you to choose from, and people often take retractable banners to trade shows to use as part of their display and to raise brand awareness.

retractable banner standThe good thing about retractable banner stands is that they take just seconds to assemble, and also to take down. All you have to do is extend the supporting pole and unroll the banner itself. The cylinder that houses the banner also acts as a protective case so that you can transport your banner to lots of trade shows without damaging it. Many people use the same banner for years, and only “retire” a banner when they have a company revamp.

The pricier banner stands feature a small halogen light which draws more attention to the company’s artwork and message, and most people prefer to use silver or black stands, as these neutral colors don’t detract from the all-important message to the customer. Take time to think about what you want to say to the audience at the trade show – you need a clearly placed and visible logo, as well as a very brief description of your products and services.

You’ll be able to choose from lots of different widths and heights, and together with vibrant graphics and a clear, concise mission statement, a retractable banner is excellent shorthand with which to tell people what you’re all about. Another feature of a custom-made banner stand is that you can use different banners with the same cartridge – it is easy to change the banners, and it would be useful if you’re pitching to different audiences at different trade shows. An older audience, for example, might want a more subtle approach than a younger one.

One important thing to remember is to buy the best quality product that you can. You don’t want vinyl that will fray, or colors that would fade. Because banners are a big feature at trade shows, you need something that will look new and vibrant every time you unroll it.


Use Telescopic Banner Stands To Get Noticed From Everywhere

When presenting at a trade show, one of the things that you must pay attention to is being noticeable. You want your clients and prospects to see your message from afar. Telescopic banner stands can fulfill this goal, as they are very versatile and can be used in a large variety of marketing situations.

banner stand

Even if you can’t afford a large booth, you can still use a small space to work for you and also have your product easily seen. Very different from the one dimensional pop-up displays, the telescopic banner stands are able to display either single sided or double sided banners. If you use a double sided banner, you will be able to promote your product to twice as many people with this type of display. These banners are made of Aluminum, which makes them very easy to use and they are also low-maintenance. The stands can be easily set down at the end of the show and put away in storage. When you are stressed with time, the fact that these banners are lightweight is also a huge advantage.

When there are so many exhibitors next to you, you need to get your message out and above the rest. This is why the telescopic banner stands were originally invented. When your message is high it means that you will be easy to find for the prospects that are looking for your stand.

It might not be a cheap investment, but it will surely be a wise decision to invest in a telescopic banner stand. In this source you can find more info: Telescopic Banner Stands.

Things to Consider When Buying and Using Retractable Banner Stands

One of the most popular display equipment used in trade shows is a retractable banner stand. The banner stand has plenty of graphic design space that allows you to share your brand or company message and at the same time, keep your design simple and clean. With these qualities, you need to make sure that you choose the retractable banner stand that would fit all your needs.  Here are some things you have to consider when buying this type of display stand.

retractable banner standQuality

When looking for banner stands, you need to look for manufacturers who use high quality materials. This ensures that the display will last for many uses.  As such, you have to think of the frequency in which you will use it as well as the regularity in which you will disassemble it. Aspiring buyers must think about the location (outdoors or indoors) where the display will be placed. In terms of quality, interested people must take these points into account as most will affect the longevity of the display.


There are various banner stand sizes available in the market. When choosing the right size, you must think of the allotted space in trade shows. There are those which fit the standard space offered by trade shows while there are stands which are made for larger display areas.


With the number of trade show display companies online, many people get overwhelmed with the process of choosing the right one.  If you see a company you like, do an online search for reviews made by previous customers of the company. Also, you have to look at the company website to see their profile, product guarantees and price range. To get your money’s worth, it never hurts to research online for previous clients handles as well as samples of their work.

For more info on retractable banner stands, visit this link: retractable banner stands.

Retractable Banners Can Elevate Your Campaign

Lots of businesses use different means to advertise their products or services. One very effective way to do that is to use a retractable banner. It offers lots of benefits such as fast setting up and taking down time, ease of transportation, lower shipping costs and the option to use it both inside and outside.

retractable banner

Not all retractable banners can fit both inside and outside, as an indoor only banner isn’t generally printed on weather resistant materials, so if it’s placed outdoors, it can brake very easily. If you intend to place it outside, make sure you have a support pole, a flexible support pole and resistant materials.

An outdoor banner is very helpful if you own a restaurant and you want to promote a special offer. It can also be great to announce festivals or gatherings, if you run a community college or a church. Whatever the announcement, if it’s placed outdoors, chances are more people will see it and will be aware of it.