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Tips on Pre-Show Marketing and Trade Show Promotion

Inviting visitors to your event is an important aspect of trade show planning. A large part of attendees get informed about your trade show even before the exhibit starts. As such, it becomes important to discuss how pre-show marketing and promotion can make wonders for your trade show exhibit.

the social mediaPre-show promotion involves an aggressive attack on the social media spheres and existing networks. Maximizing these connections can result in an enticing invitation that no one can possibly resist. However, organizers should take into mind that invitations should show the exhibit’s agenda. According to a study on trade shows, 76% of visitors already know or prefer to know a determined agenda before going to the event itself. The invitation should also avoid to be condescending and presumptive. Rather, it should be subtle and its marketing value should be subliminal.


Here are three ways to get your visitors hooked to your next trade show event.

Videos on Youtube

This strategy of optimizing video techniques is a usual tactic of trade show organizers today. They shoot video clips that promote the event and spread it all over youtube until it reaches the mainstream social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). The video should be clear and focused without compromising its entertainment quality. Videos that are not entertaining can only reach a limited degree of virality and hence, are ineffective in promoting events.

The Web

Your company’s website should also function as a constant invitation to visitors. The website should contain lists of products you supply, the companies you conduct business with as well as the latest news regarding new trade shows in their area.

Using the Social Media

One of the major media trade show organizers use to publicize their events is the social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all have potential contributions to a highly viral event. One of the ways to maximize your online presence is to create a group for your company. Another strategy is to join existing groups that have huge networks so you can plug your event right then, and there.

Learn Essential Press Release Basics

Press releases are one of the most common public relation strategies used today to attract media attention, announcing a new relevant product or an event launch and increasing your public presence and your brand’s popularity. They involve news stories, news products, sales, upcoming events, awards etc. Magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations are always looking for good stories to print or announce. That’s why, press releases play an important role in your marketing campaign.

essential press release basics


When it comes to press releases you must make sure that your news stories are good, well-written and interesting enough. Being honest, editors receive thousands of low-quality and irrelevant press releases every day. Press releases that are not designed in a proper format, or those who are irrelevant, or just self-serving ads are immediately deleted. However, editors get really interested when they notice that someone is submitting original and interesting story. This fact always helps you to increase your business prestige and eventually, editors will trust in your company, publishing and sharing more of your press releases.

However, there is no point in sending your press release out to every editor. This could be a waste of time, resources and money. You must find the relevant journalists in your niche, those who might be interested in covering your news stories. A proper press release distribution can make the difference between getting your news at the right time to the right audience and becoming a labeled spam. Thus, a crucial element in any press release distribution is getting a highly targeted media contact list.

Contact List

Creating a list with the most relevant media contacts could be really hard. It is not easy to find names, addresses, emails and fax numbers of editors and reporters who might be interested to write about you. However, once you have done it properly, you will notice the results. You can always save time and resources by hiring a press release company that offers the service to develop this highly targeted media contact list for you.

If not, any search engine will be a great way to find relevant reporters. Search by media name, publisher name, publication type or any kind of keyword related to your niche and audience. Always make sure that the sources have up-to-date information available and remember, if it is not important don’t include it.

Now that you have created the highly targeted list you should send to editors a request permission to submit your press release. However, always consider that editors change email or fax addresses frequently and sometimes your request permission doesn’t reach them. So, if you really need to call a certain editor, you should definitely do it.

Submitting The Item

An effective method to distribute your press release to publishers and editors who might be interested in publishing it on their websites is through newswire. This is an excellent service and the costs usually depend on the number of words. Newswire sites tend to be very reliable and many journalists use them to get information and good ideas for stories.

Another useful way to submit and distribute press releases nowadays is through press release submission websites. These websites offer paid and free press release submission. If your press release has the proper format it will be immediately approved and successfully distributed to a large audience. Besides, this technique can also help you from the SEO point of view because many news sources as well as search engines take news from these kinds of websites.

Always pay attention to timing. Many press release distribution websites give you the chance to select when you want your story to be published and distributed. In any case, it is better to have your release sent out on a Monday morning than on Friday evening. In the case your press release is covering any upcoming event you should make sure that it will be distributed with enough time to let readers organize their schedules to attend it.