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Learn How To Make The Best Trade Show Media Kit

When presenting at a trade show or conference, you must have a media kit to hand to visitors or reporters covering the event. The trade show media kits’ main purpose is to generate a lot of buzz about your business and presented product.

Therefore, a complete and well-planned media kit is essential to your overall success, because it will get the word out to as many people as possible before and during the event.

A successful trade show media kit must include: press release, company background information, product samples, brochures and catalogs, promotional items with the company’s logo, and hi-resolution show booth

The press release is basically an announcement of your business’s participation in a specific event, and it has to abide press release rules, such as the release date, byline, a subtitle and company info. It usually includes the dates, times and locations of the event as well as general directions of where your exhibit will be located and what products will you be showing.

It is highly recommended to include some promotional items in your media kit. Items with your company logo will get your brand name into people’s minds during the trade show. Such promotional items can be mouse pads, pens, flash drives and so on.

A catalog is an invaluable resource for journalists to get familiar with your products, and if you include a CD or flash drive with high-quality product images, it would be best.

If you follow these tips for making a smashing media kit, you will undoubtedly succeed in your next trade show. Good luck!


Things to Consider When Buying and Using Retractable Banner Stands

One of the most popular display equipment used in trade shows is a retractable banner stand. The banner stand has plenty of graphic design space that allows you to share your brand or company message and at the same time, keep your design simple and clean. With these qualities, you need to make sure that you choose the retractable banner stand that would fit all your needs.  Here are some things you have to consider when buying this type of display stand.

retractable banner standQuality

When looking for banner stands, you need to look for manufacturers who use high quality materials. This ensures that the display will last for many uses.  As such, you have to think of the frequency in which you will use it as well as the regularity in which you will disassemble it. Aspiring buyers must think about the location (outdoors or indoors) where the display will be placed. In terms of quality, interested people must take these points into account as most will affect the longevity of the display.


There are various banner stand sizes available in the market. When choosing the right size, you must think of the allotted space in trade shows. There are those which fit the standard space offered by trade shows while there are stands which are made for larger display areas.


With the number of trade show display companies online, many people get overwhelmed with the process of choosing the right one.  If you see a company you like, do an online search for reviews made by previous customers of the company. Also, you have to look at the company website to see their profile, product guarantees and price range. To get your money’s worth, it never hurts to research online for previous clients handles as well as samples of their work.

For more info on retractable banner stands, visit this link: retractable banner stands.

Tips on Pre-Show Marketing and Trade Show Promotion

Inviting visitors to your event is an important aspect of trade show planning. A large part of attendees get informed about your trade show even before the exhibit starts. As such, it becomes important to discuss how pre-show marketing and promotion can make wonders for your trade show exhibit.

the social mediaPre-show promotion involves an aggressive attack on the social media spheres and existing networks. Maximizing these connections can result in an enticing invitation that no one can possibly resist. However, organizers should take into mind that invitations should show the exhibit’s agenda. According to a study on trade shows, 76% of visitors already know or prefer to know a determined agenda before going to the event itself. The invitation should also avoid to be condescending and presumptive. Rather, it should be subtle and its marketing value should be subliminal.


Here are three ways to get your visitors hooked to your next trade show event.

Videos on Youtube

This strategy of optimizing video techniques is a usual tactic of trade show organizers today. They shoot video clips that promote the event and spread it all over youtube until it reaches the mainstream social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). The video should be clear and focused without compromising its entertainment quality. Videos that are not entertaining can only reach a limited degree of virality and hence, are ineffective in promoting events.

The Web

Your company’s website should also function as a constant invitation to visitors. The website should contain lists of products you supply, the companies you conduct business with as well as the latest news regarding new trade shows in their area.

Using the Social Media

One of the major media trade show organizers use to publicize their events is the social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all have potential contributions to a highly viral event. One of the ways to maximize your online presence is to create a group for your company. Another strategy is to join existing groups that have huge networks so you can plug your event right then, and there.

Setting Up a Trade Show for the First Time

Trade show organizing can be quite troublesome when you’re doing it for the first time. It’s definitely a challenge for the organizer form start to finish; from marketing to meeting up business ends; from targeting client demographics to booth setup and design. All of these aspects should first be mastered before taking a dive into the world of trade show organizing. Luckily, we’re giving tips to first time booth organizers on how to avoid mistakes on your very first trade show event.

First time trade show organizer

1. Focus on trade show display and strategy – while it is important to focus on the design and creative aspect of booth setups, the more important thing is to plan a strategy. This requires aggressive marketing optimization and planning so as to dig up resources and take as many opportunities as you can to increase your trade show profits. On the other hand, booth design becomes an essential part of the trade show when it comes to personal client engagement so don’t forget about this either.

2. Do not go over the top – it’s one thing to have your booth designed beautifully and it’s another to get it “over-designed.” Overdoing your trade show display can repel potential clients rather than attract them so remember to put in just enough materials and design on your booths to keep things interesting and avoid boredom.

3. Train your staffers – one common problem for beginner trade show organizers is the lack of effective salesmen. Beginners usually hire cheap agencies or hire their own untrained personnel to do the job. Think twice before hiring salesmen as they would be the people facing your clients and bringing in sales to your charts.

4. Check your competitors – avoid trade shows that are empty or have no clients visiting your booths at all. This can be accomplished by checking on your rival trade shows on the area so you can maximize the location’s customers.

Being a newbie is not bad at all. It’s all about a good start so make sure to do your homework and follow these steps for a successful first trade show.

How To Make An Effective Media Kit?

documents folderWhen showing at a trade show, one of the first things that you give a potential client or a reporter is a media kit (also referred to as press kit). A media kit offers you the chance to give reporters everything you want them to know about your company, products or services, and it provides them with the information they need to write about you or your business after the event.

There are a few fundamental items that you must include on the press kit to make it effective and successful. Make sure you don’t forget these items when you prepare the media kit as they are quite critical.

One important item is your contact information. You should include a page or brochure that contains the contact information of the person in charge on PR and other relevant contacts at your company. This will help the reporters find the information they need, all in one place.

When reporters write about a product, they would want to include images for illustration. Therefore, it’s a must to include high-res images in your media kit. The images should be of your company logo and the products you are promoting. To make the images easily incorporated into any page layout, they should be on a plain white background.

Another item you must include is a press release, as suggested in this article: What to Include in a Press Kit and Other Helpful Trade Show Tips. The reporters and contacts at the trade show who receive your press kit will have your company’s press release readily available, and they won’t have to dig through their email to find it, or to search the online newswire announcements until they find the press release.

To make the media kit more up-to-date and engaging, you can take it one step further and use only recycled paper. This will look innovative and also appeal to those a care about the environment.

cd for presentationAnother thing you can do is to make it digital. Simply convert all the brochures, business cards and contact info into images, and make a CD that will include those details plus all the images and even video presentations. This way, you simply hand out one CD that contains everything, and no one will have to walk around with a big folder.


What To Include In A Media Kit

media press kitYour company is never too small to think about having press kits. Media kits are essential to open doors. They are an excellent marketing method that offers information to people interested in knowing about you, from reporters and editors who want to write a news story about your company or any launched product, to anyone who wants to collaborate with you. Knowing what to include in your press kit is imperative because a media kit is a great way to put the spotlight on your company.

Here are some tips to help you create your own media kit:

First of all you must include press releases. This is probably the most important element of any media kit. If you have a new product a press release can help you introduce it. The same way, if you have any news story such as a merger with another company or any upcoming event, a press release will help you to announce it.

Another important element is backgrounder. It will provide information about your company, its vision, interests and mission. It can include some biographies about important executives and public faces behind the company.

You should also include catalogs, images and logos. It is always essential to make sure that they have high resolution. Remember, quality is the key. You cannot promote a high-quality product by using poor materials. You can also add a brief letter addressed to the media thanking them for their interest in your company. In this letter you should list what you include in your press kit.

what to include in a media press kit

If you are promoting a new product you should certainly include a sample of the product. This is always a very creative way to attract media and to give press people the chance to taste on their own the product you offer.

You can also make a good use of some digital features to include in your press kit: CDs and DVDs with images, demos, presentations and video tours as long as they are necessary and useful for editors and reporters.

You should also include a past press coverage. If your company has been covered by any newspaper or magazine you can include a press coverage where you detail those media outlets. Many people like to include a list of articles written about their company or even some samples of these writings. This could be interesting, but don’t overdo it.

You should also include if possible personalized items in your media kits. Anything where you can put your company’s name and logo could work. Pens, pencils, mouse pads, stress relief balls, magnets, notepads, stickers and so on. They tend to be great advertising tools because people always use them. So, your company’s name will be just in front of them.

Always include your contact information. A few business cards with your email addresses, phone numbers, location and website URL is the most recommendable choice.