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How To Make A Press Kit For Trade Show

handing foldersAs a presenter at a trade show you have the chance to promote your company and show everyone what you have to offer. An important element you should include in your presentation is a well-designed press kit. When you hand out press kits you grab attention not only from the press, but also from every other visitor that would want to learn more about your company.

Distributing press kits to editors and journalists will make their job easier when they come to write about your business. Press kits will provide the necessary information that they need. A press kit is your chance to give media contacts everything you want them to know about your business, product launch or service. Any good press kit must include:

  • Press release. The press release will be distributed at news sites, but you must also include it in the kit. This will help reporters to cover the story easily, instead of going through all the online news sites to find your release.
  • Company background. The background page has to be short and informative and not be longer than one page. It should cover and highlight only the important facts about your company and the product. A short company bio, location and accomplishments, plus product specifications and pricing will suffice.
  • High-res images. It’s an absolute must to include high-res images (at least 300 dpi) in your press kit. Unless the reporters take their own images at the event, they will need quality images of the product they report about. Images of your product, personnel and business logo will definitely help. To make them easy to incorporate into any page layout, be sure to provide images on a plain white background.
  • Contact information of your PR person. It’s best to include a page with your PR person’s contact information and any other relevant contact info at your company. It must contain phone numbers, email address and any other way to get in contact with the PR person.
  • Business cards. You should include a few business cards or brochures inside the press kit. It will be available for the reporters when they need to get in contact with someone in your company, or to hand out to other colleagues during the event.

Now that you have your press kit ready, start spreading the word about your business and products. Don’t forget that a press kit is a necessary marketing tool, no matter how large or small your company is. It is an extremely effective way to distribute your company information among different media contacts.