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Have A Standout Display And Get Plenty Of Attention From Prospective Clients

Do you sometimes get a feeling that no matter how hard you try to attract a prospect to your stand, it just doesn’t seem to work? If your display is missed by many customers that simply walk by your booth but never come in, it’s time for a new strategy!

It’s your responsibility to make clients notice your stand, because the more clients step in to your booth, the more leads you’ll have at the end of the show. So, how do you turn your booth into a customer magnet?

trade show display

The most important element is your staff, so choose them wisely. Your staff members need to be friendly and approachable, keep a big smile on their face and be very attentive to every person that stops by (this means – no texting on their phones or chatting with each other and ignoring everyone else).

Another important element is the booth’s design. If the design is outdated or not appealing in any way (faded colors, torn fabric, stained carpets, etc…) it would repel people, and no one would want to come in, even if you have the best staff members on the floor.

Your marketing message also needs to be clear and concise and projected in a way that most people will see it. This is the time to use a large banner, preferably one that can be seen from any spot on the trade show floor. Try a double-sided banner, or even one that can be hung from the ceiling.

Lastly, you need to show people who you are. Sometimes, targeted customers won’t notice you because they don’t know just how you can benefit them. If they don’t know anything about your company or what you have to offer, they will probably pass your booth. Many times, good prospects will not visit you if they didn’t get a previous invitation, before the trade show even started (by email or by seeing your message on your social page).


How To Get The Most From A Trade Show Booth

trade show displayIf you are about to attend a trade show, it is crucial to draw attention and a noticeable and visible trade show booth will help to achieve that goal. Trade shows are blasted with lots of products and big name companies, so if you want to get potential customers interested in your business, you need to stand out.

When considering how to get the most from a trade show, the most critical factors to consider when assembling your trade show booth are: size, colors, design and eloquent features to draw attention from passersby.

A feature that always draws attention is a video display. When you are displaying a video, potential customers can see or hear it from a distance, and come to your booth to check out what they’ve just heard.

It is also important to include some unique characteristic or a design feature that will differentiate your booth from the others. If you will have that booth that everyone is talking about, you will have people flocking in to see what all the fuss is about.

Put a lot of emphasis on colors. A display booth designed with the right colors will stand out in a crowded room. Even if the booth isn’t large, with the right colors it will be visible to everyone in the trade show.

Remember, the best way to get visitors to learn about your business is to have a booth that really stands out. When you are presenting your products and trying to draw in attention from other competitors, you must have that special something that will make your company stand out in the crowd.