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How to Create an Unforgettable Trade Show Booth

Exhibiting at a trade show mean you’ll have to compete for visitors’ attention against other exhibitors. In most cases, memorable exhibit booths are those that have a personal touch that is both unique and matches the theme of your booth. You can do it easily and without spending your entire budget on it. Check out these following ideas to create an unforgettable booth that will attract a crowd and stand out above your competitors.

  • Start by creating a welcoming and comfortable surroundings. Attendees spend endless hours walking around all day, visiting hundreds of booths. This can be quite exhausting, so why not offer them a comfortable place to sit, or a refreshing beverage?

  • Also, add a desirable aroma to your booth, something that just can’t be ignored. If attendees smell an enchanting aroma, they’ll sure come to visit your booth. This can be anything from fresh coffee, popcorn, baked pastry or even vanilla scented candles.

  • Bright and bold colors are also great attention grabbers. You don’t want to blend in with the furniture or the background, you want to stand out, right? It’s time to use surprising, bold colors that will be seen from afar, like yellow, red, orange or hot pink. Whatever colors you choose, be sure they work with the colors of your logo and company colors for a more harmonic look.

Keep those ideas in mind when you plan your next booth design and you’ll be on your way to a successful, memorable booth.

How to Make a Noticeable Booth in a Few Simple Steps

Trade shows and conventions hold an enormous potential to bring you lots of new sales leads that could become loyal customers. There are so many industry trade shows, conferences and conventions out there that present major opportunities for your company.

At today’s trade shows, visitors want to have more memorable experiences, to learn something new and to connect with companies that interest them on a more direct level. To help your next booth exhibit shine above your competitors, you will need to change and perhaps even abandon some conventional ideas that have been done many times over.

be different

Look for unique booth designs

Traditional booth displays usually consisted of a few fold-out tables with fabric covers, a simple backdrop and some stacks of brochures for booth visitors. While these layouts may have served the basic purpose of giving potential customers information, they were not that interactive and frankly, quite boring. An entire industry is now devoted exclusively to trade show booth design, and professional designers consult with business owners on the latest trends that will draw in more visitors.

Trying out some non-conventional booth designs will help take your exhibit to the next level, such as these ideas:

  • Slide shows and videos playing on monitor screens
  • A series of connected tables each featuring a different product
  • Banners visible from all angles
  • Demonstration areas to try out products

Offer a bit extra

refreshing coffee to goIn addition to promotional gifts which you must have, offering refreshments at your trade show booth will also draw in attendees. These refreshments can be quite simple, like a cup of coffee, a pastry or a smoothie. Trade shows are busy events with plenty of walking, so many of your visitors will remember your booth for these small extras.

Include eye-catching banners

A common mistake among exhibitors is to make banners too complex and wordy. The most effective banners simply have your company name and slogan printed on them. If a banner has too much text, most attendees are not going to stop and read all of it. You can also leave your company name off one banner and instead have an attention-grabbing question or phrase printed on it. This will spark visitors’ curiosity and pull them to your booth to find out more. Placing a banner on a rotating stand will allow more attendees to see it from every angle on the trade show floor.

Planning a trade show exhibit that stands out takes time and work, but thinking outside of the box will be well worth the effort. Booth layouts, banners and promotional items are all areas with creative possibilities. The results will make your display memorable to visitors and help to build your reputation as an industry expert.