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Trade Shows in A Changing World

The chance to interact with colleagues, suppliers and buyers has long been cited as one of the reasons and benefits by people who attend exhibitions. Before, face-to-face communication was preferred by many to network with others. Now, people walk with their fingers typing with keyboard applications on different mobile technologies.

Given these circumstances, one may think that the importance of direct and personal communication has lessened. The question lies in the thought of a new phase where human interaction takes place through different devices. There is no simple answer to this question.

young professionalsOne of the pointed reasons for this change lies in the demographics present worldwide. Those who are regarded as the baby boom generation were at ease at meeting people face-to-face because they lived in a time when this was easy, convenient and relaxing. Moreover, this was their way of developing trust as well as confidence in the people who will work for them or do business with them.  People who offer firm handshakes and genuine smiles, sound friendly and look professional are top choices for people to transact business with. On the other hand, people who dress sloppily and stalk others while eating do not have much chance for offers or deals. (more…)

How To Write A Professional Press Release

Since a press release is a piece that will be published at newspapers or online news sites, having a newsworthy subject is more than essential. However, no matter how sensational your news is, if you don’t present it properly, you won’t succeed. Knowing how to write a press release is the only way to guarantee it will be accepted and published by important editors and publishers.

When writing your press release you must consider that the first thing that editors read is the subject line of the email or request. So, you must catch the editors’ attention right from the very start. You should always keep it short but with a powerful message. Tell exactly what the editors need to know. Remember, you are not trying to sell them your news, you are trying to sell them the idea that readers will be interested in your story.

writing professional press release

The format to follow should be: company logo, contact information, title, subtitle, summary, body and boilerplate.

Title is probably the most important part of any press release. Editors or reporters are not interested in helping you making money, they just want to know if you can offer them a good story. So, use just a few and short words to state your most exciting news like you see in newspapers every day. The press release subtitle is always the perfect tool to flesh out your angle and hook editors or reporters.

Now, you must work on your summary. Summary must be a short and concise introduction to the release itself. Say what you need to say in no more than one very short paragraph. A traditional summary should include the 5 W’s: who, what, where, when, why and how of the release.

Whether summary or body, they both need to be written in an easy and readable way. Don’t try to impress your readers with complicated words and extensive vocabulary. According to studies, short sentences and mono syllabic words generally have more impact on readers. You should be very careful about grammar and spelling errors. Never write in first person, always do it from a journalistic perspective. Try to keep it short. One page press release is ideal.

Finally, you should use one or two sentences to write about your company: who you are and what you are offering. This is known as the boilerplate (or bio, for short).

Also pay attention to the search engine optimization. You should make a selection of a few keywords and always include your primary keyword in the title. Secondary keywords should be spread out on the content. Body should always include main and secondary keywords. Links should be focused on your keywords too. Inserting too many links could make your press release look like spam. So, it’s important to place links subtly. You should always place one link in the first paragraph and one link in the last paragraph. It is also recommendable to include URLs as links.