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Have Trade Shows Become Obsolete?

With the digital age, people have come to question the existence of trade shows.  They argue that most business transactions could be done online, from meetings to payments.  Moreover, various economic problems pushed businesses and organizations to lessen their workforce and maximize all methods to save time and money.  With this in mind, there are businesses who think that investing time, money and effort in trade shows is not worth it.

However, trade shows have stepped up and proved that they are here to stay. It can be said that trade shows present a better opportunity for businesses, investors and buyers to get in the action. Here are some reasons why you need to consider setting up in trade shows.

More Decision-Makers Attend Trade Show  

From what clients and businesses have been saying, the number of high-level executives who attend trade shows have increased. Companies maximize effort, time and manpower, leading to well-planned visits to trade shows. Most of the time, they make a list of exhibitors and trade show displays they want to visit. They also make a specific timeline to ensure that they do not waste any time. This gives them more opportunities to roam around and look for the specific solution to their problems.

What can exhibitors do?

A busy trade show eventExhibitors must plan their displays to ensure that they benefit from trade shows. This must be done weeks before the trade show.  You need to carefully plan your strategy with reference to your business goals. From these goals, you can choose from various trade shows that fit your clientele.  After coordinating with the trade shows, you need to think of your purchased space. Plan your exhibit display according to the allotted space.  How you present your business, its advantages, features and elements will affect the way in which people view your business.Think of ways on how to promote the presence of your business in trade shows. Also, you need to decide on the people you would have on your exhibit and train them on the do’s and don’ts.

What are the most common planning problems?

Most problems occur because of lack of information. For staff, there are businesses that forget to tran their staff. During shows, your staff needs to know what information is essential and how this information is relayed. Also, you need to consider follow-up questions made by interested people. Most importantly, you must make sure that you would follow-up on these people and make it easier for them to contact you. You’ll be amazed at business statistics that show how many leads were not followed up on during such shows.

All in all, trade shows are great for face-to-face marketing that show how much could be done when things are done in person. No other medium will give you the chance to be in the presence of so many business people in a short amount of time.

Tips on Pre-Show Marketing and Trade Show Promotion

Inviting visitors to your event is an important aspect of trade show planning. A large part of attendees get informed about your trade show even before the exhibit starts. As such, it becomes important to discuss how pre-show marketing and promotion can make wonders for your trade show exhibit.

the social mediaPre-show promotion involves an aggressive attack on the social media spheres and existing networks. Maximizing these connections can result in an enticing invitation that no one can possibly resist. However, organizers should take into mind that invitations should show the exhibit’s agenda. According to a study on trade shows, 76% of visitors already know or prefer to know a determined agenda before going to the event itself. The invitation should also avoid to be condescending and presumptive. Rather, it should be subtle and its marketing value should be subliminal.


Here are three ways to get your visitors hooked to your next trade show event.

Videos on Youtube

This strategy of optimizing video techniques is a usual tactic of trade show organizers today. They shoot video clips that promote the event and spread it all over youtube until it reaches the mainstream social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). The video should be clear and focused without compromising its entertainment quality. Videos that are not entertaining can only reach a limited degree of virality and hence, are ineffective in promoting events.

The Web

Your company’s website should also function as a constant invitation to visitors. The website should contain lists of products you supply, the companies you conduct business with as well as the latest news regarding new trade shows in their area.

Using the Social Media

One of the major media trade show organizers use to publicize their events is the social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all have potential contributions to a highly viral event. One of the ways to maximize your online presence is to create a group for your company. Another strategy is to join existing groups that have huge networks so you can plug your event right then, and there.

Trade Shows in A Changing World

The chance to interact with colleagues, suppliers and buyers has long been cited as one of the reasons and benefits by people who attend exhibitions. Before, face-to-face communication was preferred by many to network with others. Now, people walk with their fingers typing with keyboard applications on different mobile technologies.

Given these circumstances, one may think that the importance of direct and personal communication has lessened. The question lies in the thought of a new phase where human interaction takes place through different devices. There is no simple answer to this question.

young professionalsOne of the pointed reasons for this change lies in the demographics present worldwide. Those who are regarded as the baby boom generation were at ease at meeting people face-to-face because they lived in a time when this was easy, convenient and relaxing. Moreover, this was their way of developing trust as well as confidence in the people who will work for them or do business with them.  People who offer firm handshakes and genuine smiles, sound friendly and look professional are top choices for people to transact business with. On the other hand, people who dress sloppily and stalk others while eating do not have much chance for offers or deals. (more…)

The Affect Of New Trends On Trade Shows

An interesting article caught our attention about how to take some new trends in the catering world and implement them on events and trade shows. Sounds a bit peculiar at first, but there are a few interesting points that might help in your next show.

people at an event

One trend for instance is the local cuisine and drinks. Most people usually expect to experience the local food when they visit a new place. The same goes for trade shows – the visitors want to experience something different, so if you incorporate some unique aspects in your booth, more people will come to check it out, which eventually transfer to more sales. You can add info-graphics to your display and see if you get more engagement.

Another trend to translate to the trade show world is the alcohol trend. Lately we see more and more hard alcohol being served at events. This means that the budgets are getting bigger, since hard alcohol requires a bartender to mix the drinks. If a company can afford that, there is no reason they could not afford new trade show accessories to boost their display.

Here you can read the full article: Trend Spotting and How It Affects Your Trade Show.