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Table Top Displays Will Help You Promote Your Business

Using a table top display is an economical and effective design choice for your trade show booth. A smaller scale banner or poster can grab visitors’ interest just as much as a full-height display. Custom graphics, product pictures and your company slogans are all possible elements to include in one of these trade show displays. The benefits of a smaller display include portability, reasonable prices, design versatility and easy inclusion in your sales presentations.

Benefits of Using a Table Top Display

A table top display is a prudent choice when you are participating in a trade show with limited floor space. Some trade show managers allot exhibitors different dimensions that increase in price as each participant requests more square feet to set up booth displays. In this case, a table top display is an economical choice that allows you to opt for a less expensive smaller floor space. With this budget plan for your trade show exhibit, you can then allot funds for other elements such as graphic design and sample products for visitors to take away with them. At some other trade shows, every exhibitor may be allowed the same square footage of display space. With these limits for your display booth, a table top display can be a much-needed space saver.

Putting together an eye-catching table top display is possible at a lower cost than purchasing a larger banner stand display for your trade show booth. A smaller scale banner can be just as effective at generating questions from visitors who may turn into new sales leads for your business. Many table top display designers also have a number of customization options tailored to your business’s overall image. These creative options can include:

  • Color schemes
  • Text and infographics
  • Your company’s logo or written slogan
  • Custom marketing messages tailored to specific audiences

If you want to assign your sales personnel to make product presentations, a table top display can be a helpful element without being too visually intrusive. A presenter can refer back to your core marketing messages rendered on the table top display, and this added visual element will help your business stand out in potential customers’ memories.

Selecting a High Quality Table Top Display

Deciding on the best table top display is a matter of considering your available floor space, the products and services you want to showcase and your target audience. To help your chances of good trade show returns, some initial market research will reveal information about your audience’s responsiveness to different displays. Much of this information is based on demographics, but one common element is the need to capture visitors’ attention quickly. Trade show attendees usually do not remember details about each booth they visit over the course of the entire gathering. A high-caliber table top display can help you become memorable to more new sales leads.

A table top display is an economical option designed for easy set-up as well as design flexibility. Arranging one entails unfolding the panels and often fastening them to a backing frame for added stability. Adding a professional-looking table top display to your exhibit plan is one of the most cost-effective means of showcasing your business at any trade show.

Portable Trade Show Displays – The Easiest Traveling Solution

Whether you are traveling to a local convention or heading to a trade show all the way across the country, traveling with your advertising displays can be frustrating and exhausting. From paying costly freight charges to ship your stand to and from your exhibit location, to struggling to carry your display to your booth space, a compact and portable banner stand is necessary for the on-the-go exhibitor to save on time, money and frustration. A portable banner stand makes it easy to transport your marketing tools to and from each exhibit space without breaking a sweat or exceeding your budget.

Consider retractable banner stands for instance, they allow you to conveniently transport your display with the printed banner recoiled within the aluminum base to protect your graphics and create a compact unit for storage and travel. Another convenient advertising solution is a vinyl banner, which can be easily rolled together and stored when not in use.

Also, table top displays are small enough to fit into your carrying bag or a suitcase to decrease your shipping charges and make traveling with your displays more manageable. Pop-up displays are another excellent portable choice, as they utilizes a collapsible hardware frame which compresses to a compact size when the custom printed fabric banner is not displayed.

Contrary to what people think, durable stands for indoor or outdoor use do not have to be big and bulky. Portable sign stands, like poster stands and teardrop banners are designed to be set up in minutes and either fold flat or be taken apart to be easily transported to the next convention. For restaurants or retail stores, display your portable outdoor stand during the day in the front of your business and take the displays inside at night.

From trade shows and business presentations to college fairs and special events, investing in portable banner display allows you to cut down on the time it takes to set up and take down your advertising displays as well as decrease the stress of traveling to and from your exhibit space.

5 Ways to Achieve an Impressive Booth on a Tight Budget

As an exhibitor at a trade show, attending the event and setting up your booth can be a strain on your finances. You want to produce an impressive company booth that will present your business in the best possible way. Though a professional-looking space can carry a hefty price tag, you should avoid skimping on quality to fill up space in your booth.

Smart planning for your trade show event will allow you to create an eye-catching display without going above and beyond your means. Follow these 5 helpful tips for achieving an impressive booth on a tight budget:

  1. Select cost-effective displays. Large, bulky displays that cost a fortune will not help you stay within budget and create a professional display space. Instead of conventional, sizable free standing units, opt for a retractable banner stand. Cost-effective and easy-to-use, a floor retractable banner stand is the ideal addition to your trade show space. Place one in the back of your booth or two on either sides of your display table and you are sure to attract visitors to your event space.
  2. Use what you have, and utilize displays you already have from past events to save money. Update your existing exhibits with new graphics and your display will be up-to-date without forcing you to purchase a completely new unit. Many advertising displays have the option to change the printed banner on the frame so when selecting displays, keep in mind that you may want to change out graphics in the future.
  3. Utilize your space. Creating a plan as to what the layout of your space will be is as important as the displays themselves. No matter the quantity or size of banner stands you have to work with, creating a pattern that allows for a traffic path for both you and potential visitors will make your space appear organized and professional. A well thought out layout will produce a surrounding that will help your event space be both functional and interesting.
  4. Create vibrant designs – focusing on attention grabbing graphics will help give your booth a boost. Since graphic design costs are usually priced by time used to create the design, having a clear vision of what you want to include in your design and what you envision the finished product to be will help shorten the design time and therefore financial costs.
  5. Include knowledgeable staff. Friendly staff members who offer expertise about your company and services to visitors are as good of a marketing tool as an effective advertising display. Train your employees on the specifics of your company and they will be the ultimate cost-effective and efficient marketing solution for your business.

For the cost-conscious buyer, an impressive booth that will make your competitors jealous and visitors compelled to stop at your company space is a must have!

Tips You Must Implement If You Want To Get Noticed At Trade Shows

Exhibiting at a trade show can make a significant difference in your company’s bottom line for the rest of the year. Reserving a space for your booth is the easy part. The challenging aspect of a trade show is to stand out from a large crowd and stick in visitors’ minds. Some of the most memorable things you can do at a trade show involve thinking outside of conventional business practices while still projecting a professional image.

Network with people all around the trade show floor

It may sound counterintuitive, but business owners who network on the trade show floor away from their own booths are those who bring in more foot traffic. Meeting and talking with others in your industry is a very good way to spread the word about your company. If you learn about other entrepreneurs’ businesses and send interested customers to their booths, they will quite often do the same for you. While you work the trade show floor, make sure to take along a stack of your business cards or brochures to hand out.

networking with people

Go for a unique booth layout

The standard trade show booth features a table with printed brochures in the front and sample products in the back. This layout is so common because it has worked just well enough for many business owners over the years. If you want your returns from a trade show to be exceptional instead of “just good enough,” consider mixing up the layout of your booth. Try displaying your product lines in the front, sectioning your booth into different product-line-specific areas or including a walkway that naturally draws curious visitors further into your display area. Using panels to create more separation from the main trade show floor is another tactic of successful exhibitors. Customers who feel they are in a “mini-store” of sorts are more likely to stay longer, browse through more of your products and engage more with your sales staff.

Offer incentives both online and offline

One of the goals of a trade show booth is to get visitors interested in learning more details about your products and services by visiting your website, blog or social media pages. Studies have shown that potential customers who look up a business online, bookmark its website or follow it on social networks are several times more likely to come back and make future purchases. As part of your incentive plan, offer each new customer a small reward for liking your Facebook page, following you on Twitter or connecting with your Google+ page. If it’s in your budget, you can even offer double rewards for those who refer a friend to your online pages.

Offer useful promotional items

Standard fare for promotional items includes pens, coffee mugs, tote bags and similar items for many trade show exhibitors. The main problem is that a number of visitors discard these items or put them away and forget about them once they leave the trade show. One idea is to give out promotional items that offer a little extra everyday convenience for potential customers during their daily routines. Examples include electronic sensors used to locate misplaced car keys, a portable flash drive, or a pocket-size digital recorder for dictating notes on the go. Customers who can use these promotional products daily are also much more likely to remember your business.

holding a gift bag

Encourage your customers to participate

People enjoy getting involved directly with a trade show exhibitor whose products interest them. Holding raffle drawings, scavenger hunts or wheel-spinning for a prize are all excellent ways to interact with customers. These activities are fun and effective at strengthening buyer loyalty. They also provide trade show visitors a welcome break from passively browsing through booths and listening to sales pitches. Gift certificates for your products are popular to give out as winning prizes, and you can even hold a raffle drawing for a bigger-ticket item such as a laptop or tablet. Adding these contests and activities to your exhibit may cost a bit more, but the returns can be much bigger as more visitors tell their friends about your trade show booth.

Make sure your sales pitch is not boring

Many customers want to hear the specifics about how your product or service will make their lives easier or solve a certain problem they often encounter. A sales pitch that simply lists features and benefits is no longer sufficient because most people do not mentally connect these points to their everyday lives. Based on your target audience demographics, create a narrative presentation that takes them through how they would commonly use your product.


Important Tips For A Successful Trade Show Display

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to introduce your business to potential clients. Other businesses at the event will be competing against you for the same prospects, so you’ve got to have some leverage. If you want these prospective clients to notice your display, you have to consider these essential tips for a successful showcase.

trade show crowd

  • Be sure to eliminate any visual clutter that might confuse or overwhelm your booth visitors. Your booth is not a walking brochure, and the banner you hang should only include a main message and your business logo. All the other contact details or product features should be included in a flyer or a media kit.
  • Display lighting is a critical tool, because events or trade shows often take place in poorly lit spaces like convention centers or hotel ballrooms. If your booth will have more lighting, chances are it will stand out from the crowd. You can use small spotlights to highlight your display materials, or use a light that shines your logo on the floor or on your booth walls.
  • An important aspect of the display is its location. If your display is placed on a high-traffic path or near the front entrance, it will undoubtedly increase your visibility. This means you must register early to secure one of the best spots in the show.
  • When hanging banners or information posters, make sure they are placed at waist level or above. Anything below that, and there is a good chance that people will miss it. You only have a short time to capture customers’ attention, so placing items in their line of sight will keep them from looking the other way and get their attention.
  • Make sure to incorporate giveaways or product samples because costumers love them. Also, consider interactive activities like surveys or sampling. A touch-screen display is another way to get customers to interact with both your business and your products. This way, you will capture customer contact information so that you can follow up with potential clients.

Ways To Make Your Booth Noticeable

expo boothThere is no doubt that one of the most challenging aspects of trade shows is to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by visitors. In order to be memorable you need to get creative and think outside of conventional business practices.

Start with offering unique promotional items. Most giveaways get tossed or forgotten moments after the show. Items that offer a little extra will be used daily by those who received them, and visitors who use these items daily are also much more likely to remember your business.

Another thing that not many exhibitors follow is to interact with fellow exhibitors. When you meet and talk to others, you spread the word about your company. If you send interested customers to fellow exhibitors’ booths, they will most likely do the same for you.

Excellent ways to interact with customers can include scavenger hunts, raffle drawings, or wheel-spinning for a prize. These fun activities are a welcome break from passively browsing through booths or listening to long sales pitches. These activities might cost a bit extra, but the returns can be much bigger as more visitors tell their friends about your cool booth.

When you make a sales pitch, make it more than simply list the features and benefits of your product. Based on your target audience demographics, create a vivid presentation that will make your audience see how they can use your product.

The best trade show practices emphasize building solid connections with customers and with other vendors in your industry. Incorporate these ideas into your next trade show and you will stand out from the competition.

How To Get The Most From A Trade Show Booth

trade show displayIf you are about to attend a trade show, it is crucial to draw attention and a noticeable and visible trade show booth will help to achieve that goal. Trade shows are blasted with lots of products and big name companies, so if you want to get potential customers interested in your business, you need to stand out.

When considering how to get the most from a trade show, the most critical factors to consider when assembling your trade show booth are: size, colors, design and eloquent features to draw attention from passersby.

A feature that always draws attention is a video display. When you are displaying a video, potential customers can see or hear it from a distance, and come to your booth to check out what they’ve just heard.

It is also important to include some unique characteristic or a design feature that will differentiate your booth from the others. If you will have that booth that everyone is talking about, you will have people flocking in to see what all the fuss is about.

Put a lot of emphasis on colors. A display booth designed with the right colors will stand out in a crowded room. Even if the booth isn’t large, with the right colors it will be visible to everyone in the trade show.

Remember, the best way to get visitors to learn about your business is to have a booth that really stands out. When you are presenting your products and trying to draw in attention from other competitors, you must have that special something that will make your company stand out in the crowd.


Use Telescopic Banner Stands To Get Noticed From Everywhere

When presenting at a trade show, one of the things that you must pay attention to is being noticeable. You want your clients and prospects to see your message from afar. Telescopic banner stands can fulfill this goal, as they are very versatile and can be used in a large variety of marketing situations.

banner stand

Even if you can’t afford a large booth, you can still use a small space to work for you and also have your product easily seen. Very different from the one dimensional pop-up displays, the telescopic banner stands are able to display either single sided or double sided banners. If you use a double sided banner, you will be able to promote your product to twice as many people with this type of display. These banners are made of Aluminum, which makes them very easy to use and they are also low-maintenance. The stands can be easily set down at the end of the show and put away in storage. When you are stressed with time, the fact that these banners are lightweight is also a huge advantage.

When there are so many exhibitors next to you, you need to get your message out and above the rest. This is why the telescopic banner stands were originally invented. When your message is high it means that you will be easy to find for the prospects that are looking for your stand.

It might not be a cheap investment, but it will surely be a wise decision to invest in a telescopic banner stand. In this source you can find more info: Telescopic Banner Stands.

How To Create A Simple Yet Effective Trade Show

Knowing how to make your booth design simple yet effective is key to trade show success. This can be learned by looking into which trade shows really sell and which ones do not. A large part of a trade show’s success is anchored on the exhibit’s design. But what if you’re short on finances? Again, how do you create a simple yet effective trade show? (more…)