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7 Superb Benefits Of Pop Up Displays

When it comes to advertising at events or trade shows, pop-up displays stand out as one of the best solutions. Thanks to a few distinctive features, this advertising tool is a real effective method to display messages. Here are some of the major benefits of using a pup-up display.

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    Variety of sizes: Depending on your needs, pop-up displays offer you many different sizes, so they are very convenient not only for small areas and showcasing tables but also for large exhibition floors.
  • Time saver: Pop-up displays offer a simple aluminum structure that plays an important role when it comes to saving time while exhibiting at a certain event. These kinds of designs use velcro strips to attach the printed banners to the frame. This way, you can not only save time by storing and transporting the banners already attached, but you can also replace graphics in just a few seconds.
  • User-friendly: Pop-up displays are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. Their structures are made of lightweight aluminum easy to extend and compress. So, it takes just a few minutes to display your message once you are in the exhibition floor with no need to use any kind of tool for the assembly and disassembly process.
  • Durability: These displays have not only durable aluminum frames, but also banners made from long-lasting fabric. They are the perfect choice when looking for durable solutions to use over and over again, and they can be cleaned in washing machines with cold water.
  • Easily portable: Despite the large sizes of many of these designs, they weight very little. Besides, most of these displays includes a carrying bag to make transportation an easier process.
  • Versatility: Pop-up display include an option to purchase poster replacements so you can update and alternate your graphics making your message appealing and interesting enough for passersby. This way, you won’t have to buy other displays for future events.
  • Affordable prices: Considering the high-quality of these displays and the enormous benefits for their users, their price is quite low and can fit any marketing budget.

No doubt that pop-up displays has many advantages and they can elevate any marketing campaign or exhibition booth. Their affordable costs make them an ideal advertising tool that any business can harness to their benefits.

How To Avoid Fatal Trade Show Marketing Mistakes

It’s a known fact that trade shows are a valuable marketing medium, especially if you need to approach new clients or to increase your brand awareness. The thing is, it’s not as easy as you’d might think. Even experienced presenters sometimes make mistakes that can be prevented, so you should read on carefully and avoid these following marketing mistakes.

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Not attending unfamiliar trade shows

It’s a common mistake among trade show presenters – attending only shows they know and have exhibited in the past. Sometimes, you can benefit more from exhibiting at a small trade show aimed to a specific market, rather than a big overall industry show. There are many new trade shows opening every year, and it would be a shame not to explore every channel to broaden your marketing strategy.

Only focusing on logistics and forgetting marketing

True, it’s very important to pay attention to every detail when it comes to logistics and organization of your exhibition. However, it’s also important to put some effort on marketing, unless you want a dull, empty booth. Marketing starts before the show, through social channels where you can inform your clients or potential visitors about your attendance at the event. At the event itself, you can draw in attendees with brochures, raffles, and a friendly staff.

Choosing the wrong staff

Your staff can literally make or break your event. It’s amazing how many booth staffers just sit at their tables with their heads down, busy with their phones and practically doing everything they can to avoid conversation with visitors. Don’t let that happen in your booth! Choose your staff smartly and only take those who are willing to actually work and have the right attitude and work ethics.

Creating a cluttered, overloaded exhibit

You need to remember that your booth needs to capture attention from visitors, not to confuse them. When you put too much graphics, colors and bulks of text in your message, it will only confuse people and drive them away. Keep your booth design and message clean and short.

Keep those tips in mind when you plan your next trade show exhibit and avoid those mistakes that can only harm your results.

Getting the Most From A Single Trade Show Display

Only have money in your budget for one advertising display? Don’t want your lone trade show banner stand to fall short in presenting a professional and effective marketing solution for your business? Don’t let your advertising options be controlled by your budget strings.

Having only one advertising display can be effective but it also leaves little room for error. The design, location, style and versatility of your display are crucial elements to a successful company showcase. Adhering to the following critical display concepts ensures that your display will stand its ground in a fiercely competitive business market.

trade show exhibit

  • Design. You only have one chance to make a first impression. With a single banner stand fitting into your budget, the design of the display will either help or hinder your marketing plans. Do not bombard your audience with information overload on your exhibit. Including lines and lines of formidable text and informative imagery will only deter visitors from stopping at your booth space. Instead, entice visitors with a clean design of a central logo or company name with a few key words. An impressive image, like one of your most popular products or key features of your company, will draw an audience to your space. Once the display attracts the audience, you can rely on your knowledgeable staff or informative brochures to elaborate on what your company does and who you are.

  • Versatility. With only one display in your possession, you want to make sure that your presentation doesn’t grow stale event after event. Keeping your display current while reusing the same stand multiple times is dependent on the ability to change the graphics on your stand. Having the option of alternating graphics on your display will allow your solitary advertising exhibit to change with you and your company.

  • Location. Placing your display in a high-traffic area where it will be seen is a must. The most attractive exhibit will fail to capture attention if stationed in a low profile location. Showcase your stand next to your event table or in the center of your booth as a backdrop to boost its effectiveness. If you own a brick-and-mortar business, place your stand at the register or point-of-purchase point.

  • Style. The style of the chosen display must suit your needs and your goals. Do you want a horizontal display that will cover more floor space or a vertical display that will add height to your advertising exhibit? Browsing through the various styles of displays and settling on the design that is right for you is important. A style that is timeless, unique and fits your company will make your exhibit a long-lasting investment.

With only one advertising display you can garner well deserved attention to your business. And with the additional funds from increased sales, you can eventually expand your display exhibit at the next trade show.

Great Presentation Tips To Succeed In Any Trade Show

Every presenter knows that trade shows are great venues to present new products, innovative services or interesting new deals. But what some of them don’t know is that just being there at the expo is not enough, you should know how to present your offer in the most attractive way.

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For starters, prepare in advance. If you plan to show a video presentation from your laptop, make sure you have all the necessary equipment – speakers, flash drives or an external hard drive, and a remote to control the slides. These will make your presentation a lot smoother.

It’s recommended to practice and rehearse before the trade show, so make time to do that before you head out. You should deliver the material fluently and convincingly. Practice at least once or twice in front of family and friends, and get their honest feedback.

Make sure you have a backup plan to cover any crisis that might come up. Many things can happen and you need to be prepared. For instance, someone from your staff might get sick, or there could be a serious malfunction in the LCD projectors, or your laptop can suddenly stop working. If you come prepared with extra items to backup the presentation, you’ll be able to deal with just about anything.

Remember to take it easy and look at things with a sense of humor. Even if things go bad, if you keep calm and still smile, it will send a message of confidence to your audience.

Have A Standout Display And Get Plenty Of Attention From Prospective Clients

Do you sometimes get a feeling that no matter how hard you try to attract a prospect to your stand, it just doesn’t seem to work? If your display is missed by many customers that simply walk by your booth but never come in, it’s time for a new strategy!

It’s your responsibility to make clients notice your stand, because the more clients step in to your booth, the more leads you’ll have at the end of the show. So, how do you turn your booth into a customer magnet?

trade show display

The most important element is your staff, so choose them wisely. Your staff members need to be friendly and approachable, keep a big smile on their face and be very attentive to every person that stops by (this means – no texting on their phones or chatting with each other and ignoring everyone else).

Another important element is the booth’s design. If the design is outdated or not appealing in any way (faded colors, torn fabric, stained carpets, etc…) it would repel people, and no one would want to come in, even if you have the best staff members on the floor.

Your marketing message also needs to be clear and concise and projected in a way that most people will see it. This is the time to use a large banner, preferably one that can be seen from any spot on the trade show floor. Try a double-sided banner, or even one that can be hung from the ceiling.

Lastly, you need to show people who you are. Sometimes, targeted customers won’t notice you because they don’t know just how you can benefit them. If they don’t know anything about your company or what you have to offer, they will probably pass your booth. Many times, good prospects will not visit you if they didn’t get a previous invitation, before the trade show even started (by email or by seeing your message on your social page).


Design Your Next Display From The Customer’s Point Of View

Whether this is your first of 50th trade show, you should be open to ideas and new methods of attracting people to your booth. One great tip that not a lot of people are taking into account is to design your trade show display from the customer’s point of view.

You should know that putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is quite essential. If you want look at your booth design from a customer’s point of view, there are certain basic elements that you should consider:

Think about why these people came to the trade show, and what are they looking for. Once you come up with the answer, you will be equipped to tailor your display to suit your customers’ needs.

trade show display

Take into account their background and age range. It’s important to identify if you want to attract 20 year olds or 60 year olds, as the entire booth design would be different. People from different ages would appreciate different features. It also matters if your potential customers are from a big city, a small town or a rural area, because they will be looking for different things.

Look at your display and think about what would you like to see – would you prefer a simple display or an interactive and technological one? You can also ask existing customers as to what would attract them to your booth and get their feedback. Remember – a fresh pair of eyes is always a good idea.

It really isn’t difficult to plan a display from the customers’ perspective, but it is very important considering the advantage it can give you over the competition. Consider these aspects before your next exhibition and you will soon see your sales and conversions increasing.


Great Tips For Unique Banner Locations

Banners are a great marketing tool, helping you to promote your products or announce a special sale. They are also very effective at trade shows, where visitors can see them from afar and come to your booth to check you out.

Probably the most important principle for banner display is to hang it in a high-traffic area for maximum exposure. You need to ensure that the banner is visible from all angles, and that no obstructions stand in the line of sight between the intended audience and the banner.

Banner stands are great to display banners, and they come in a wide variety of heights and widths. Usually, banner stands are more suitable for places with a steady stream of pedestrian traffic. The important thing is to make sure that the message is near the top or at the reader’s eye level, because anything lower than three feet above the ground may not be noticed.

store front banner

You can also attach the banner to a pre-existing sign, just remember to choose a banner that is wide enough and long enough to wrap around the edges of the old sign. All you need to do is to wrap the sign and secure the banner to the back with screws and washers. Avoid using glue because it may smear the ink or damage the material.

Another option is to hang the banner from a fence, as this is a great banner location. In this case, consider using a mesh banner that will allow airflow through the material. Space the grommets so that you have one every few feet, and buy zip ties for attaching the banner. Instead, you can use bungee cords to hang the banner using the four corners. Don’t forget to place the banner in a way that key text is at eye level.

You can also hang the banner from a building, but if you do that, you should consider professional installation. If you have awning, then you can tie the banner directly to the awning using rope. In any way, consider both pedestrian and vehicle traffic when placing the banner to guarantee maximum visibility.

How To Get More People To Your Tradeshow Display

Presenting at a trade show usually means you have something to offer to a certain crowd, weather a product or a service. But, presenting is not enough, you need to employ some innovative tactics that will draw lots of visitors to your stand.

Start with something that always draws attention – a raffle or a scavenger’s hunt. These activities always capture audience attention and people spread around the rumor you are giving away a really awesome prize. If you can’t afford to hand out an expensive prize, you can give free samples of your product.

raffle tickets

Another great interactive idea is to get a large screen and show Facebook updates and live tweets from the trade show floor. You can also hand out brochures with QR codes that will lead to your website, or to a special offer only for the event attendees.

Other giveaways are also effective, especially if they are useful to the recipient. Most attendees will throw a keychain to their bags and forget about it, but if you will give them a small practical gadget, like a car-key finder, chances are they will use it daily, and your company’s name on it will be a constant reminder.

You can also have some food, drinks or candy at your booth to give to visitors. People walk around at the event all day, and they would love a coffee break or a snack. While they are resting for a few moments at your booth, it’s the perfect time to interest them with your products.

Remember, the competition at trade shows is fierce, and any advantage over the others will yield more leads and increase sales. Innovation is the key, along with well-trained staff and an attractive booth design.

Have Trade Shows Become Obsolete?

With the digital age, people have come to question the existence of trade shows.  They argue that most business transactions could be done online, from meetings to payments.  Moreover, various economic problems pushed businesses and organizations to lessen their workforce and maximize all methods to save time and money.  With this in mind, there are businesses who think that investing time, money and effort in trade shows is not worth it.

However, trade shows have stepped up and proved that they are here to stay. It can be said that trade shows present a better opportunity for businesses, investors and buyers to get in the action. Here are some reasons why you need to consider setting up in trade shows.

More Decision-Makers Attend Trade Show  

From what clients and businesses have been saying, the number of high-level executives who attend trade shows have increased. Companies maximize effort, time and manpower, leading to well-planned visits to trade shows. Most of the time, they make a list of exhibitors and trade show displays they want to visit. They also make a specific timeline to ensure that they do not waste any time. This gives them more opportunities to roam around and look for the specific solution to their problems.

What can exhibitors do?

A busy trade show eventExhibitors must plan their displays to ensure that they benefit from trade shows. This must be done weeks before the trade show.  You need to carefully plan your strategy with reference to your business goals. From these goals, you can choose from various trade shows that fit your clientele.  After coordinating with the trade shows, you need to think of your purchased space. Plan your exhibit display according to the allotted space.  How you present your business, its advantages, features and elements will affect the way in which people view your business.Think of ways on how to promote the presence of your business in trade shows. Also, you need to decide on the people you would have on your exhibit and train them on the do’s and don’ts.

What are the most common planning problems?

Most problems occur because of lack of information. For staff, there are businesses that forget to tran their staff. During shows, your staff needs to know what information is essential and how this information is relayed. Also, you need to consider follow-up questions made by interested people. Most importantly, you must make sure that you would follow-up on these people and make it easier for them to contact you. You’ll be amazed at business statistics that show how many leads were not followed up on during such shows.

All in all, trade shows are great for face-to-face marketing that show how much could be done when things are done in person. No other medium will give you the chance to be in the presence of so many business people in a short amount of time.

Tips on Pre-Show Marketing and Trade Show Promotion

Inviting visitors to your event is an important aspect of trade show planning. A large part of attendees get informed about your trade show even before the exhibit starts. As such, it becomes important to discuss how pre-show marketing and promotion can make wonders for your trade show exhibit.

the social mediaPre-show promotion involves an aggressive attack on the social media spheres and existing networks. Maximizing these connections can result in an enticing invitation that no one can possibly resist. However, organizers should take into mind that invitations should show the exhibit’s agenda. According to a study on trade shows, 76% of visitors already know or prefer to know a determined agenda before going to the event itself. The invitation should also avoid to be condescending and presumptive. Rather, it should be subtle and its marketing value should be subliminal.


Here are three ways to get your visitors hooked to your next trade show event.

Videos on Youtube

This strategy of optimizing video techniques is a usual tactic of trade show organizers today. They shoot video clips that promote the event and spread it all over youtube until it reaches the mainstream social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). The video should be clear and focused without compromising its entertainment quality. Videos that are not entertaining can only reach a limited degree of virality and hence, are ineffective in promoting events.

The Web

Your company’s website should also function as a constant invitation to visitors. The website should contain lists of products you supply, the companies you conduct business with as well as the latest news regarding new trade shows in their area.

Using the Social Media

One of the major media trade show organizers use to publicize their events is the social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all have potential contributions to a highly viral event. One of the ways to maximize your online presence is to create a group for your company. Another strategy is to join existing groups that have huge networks so you can plug your event right then, and there.