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Outdoor Advertising With Banners And Flags

Spring is here and summer is on its way, and the warmer weather brings various outdoor trade shows and festivals. These types of events allow you to promote your business and network with other members of the local community. Just as with indoor events, your exhibit booth needs to stand out from the crowd in order to draw customer traffic. Planning an outdoor display comes with a few different considerations, and a number of accessories are available for creating colorful, interesting exhibits that show off your products and services.

Outdoor displays

In general, outdoor exhibits rely more on banners and similar elements to grab visitors’ attention. One of the best options is to have a large custom-designed vinyl banner that reflects your business’s mission and culture. Bright colors on a banner are great options, as long as they coordinate with the rest of your display and with your product packaging. Outdoor vinyl banners are designed to withstand all kinds of weather, and they are durable enough to last for a few years at least.

No matter the weather outside, you should take some measures for shielding your display from the sun, wind or rain. Customized tents are excellent options, and they’ll also protect your booth employees and attendees from the harsh sunlight. Another major advantage of outdoor displays is that you have fewer space restrictions most of the time, so you’re free to add accessories outside your space, including teardrop flags with your business logo.

Outdoor banners and flags

Teardrop-shaped banners or feather flags placed right next to your booth will help bring in visitors as they see the flags flapping in the wind. These types of flags take only a minute to stake into the ground, and they’re just as easy to remove and pack up after the trade show. Flags can be custom-printed in the same way as banners, though it’s best to keep your message as short and concise as possible. People tend to spend less time stopping to read advertisements on flags, so sticking with just your company logo printed on each flag is just fine.

Posters are another alternative that don’t flap in the wind as the previous two kinds of flags. They can also come in bigger dimensions so you can add more text, such as your slogan and company contact information. This kind of signage is great for extra breezy weather when several loudly flapping flags could turn into a distraction.

Planning and set-up

Planning well ahead is a key part of a successful outdoor trade show exhibit. You want to have banners and flags that catch potential customers’ attention when there are many other exhibits competing for their interest. Ease of assembly is another must for outdoor trade show exhibitors. Check that your display materials are in good repair, without any parts missing. Also, before the show, make sure your employees know how to set up all exhibit elements quickly.

See How Feather Flags Can Draw Attention To Your Stand

If you are about to set up a booth at an outdoor event, there is no better way to drive everyone´s attention than using feather flags. Feather flags are by far the most effective solution to stand out at any event, festival or trade fare.

Flags can be printed with any kind of graphics and images with a really high quality resolution. People will see them from far away, as their vivid colors catch all eyes.

Feather flags make your booth much more noticeable, as they can be seen from afar. People who are not sure where to go will walk towards you, so, you have much more chances to increase traffic into your stand.

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outdoor feather flag

The ease of use makes feather flags very simple to set-up or take down. In a matter of a few minutes you can place them anywhere you want. These flags usually have different bases that can be used according to your needs – such as folding cross bases, water–filled bases and drive on bases.

Feather flags can be used not only outdoors but also indoors. In case you are taking part in an indoor event, you can make a good use of small feather flags, printed with special bright inks that look really good under artificial lights. If you want the flags to wave, you can set small fans to make wind and make this effect indoors.

There’s no doubt about it – feather flags are a great option to stand out among others in a very crowded event. They are perfect for increasing your company presence, building a brand and transmitting your message in the best possible way.


Feather Flags Are Great For Attracting Attention To Your Business

outdoor feather flagIf you want to advertise your business and expand your customer base, feather flags are a classic and economical solution. These promotional items are visually appealing and can be customized to your specific requests. Flags can help you promote your business at a reasonable cost.

Most flags can be placed almost anywhere, on any type of ground, including concrete, soil, grass or even sand. The flags are light and easy to transport and store. They can be placed outside your business or at an event and grab attention from everyone who passes by.

A great benefit that feather flags have is their durability. They are made from strong materials that are meant to withstand harsh weather conditions. You can design them with your own graphics and enjoy them for a long time.

Their initial cost is fairly reasonable, and they pay off very quickly since they last for years. Their light weight and ease of use are feather flags main benefits and they can be placed at many locations, making them versatile and very effective.