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Have Trade Shows Become Obsolete?

With the digital age, people have come to question the existence of trade shows.  They argue that most business transactions could be done online, from meetings to payments.  Moreover, various economic problems pushed businesses and organizations to lessen their workforce and maximize all methods to save time and money.  With this in mind, there are businesses who think that investing time, money and effort in trade shows is not worth it.

However, trade shows have stepped up and proved that they are here to stay. It can be said that trade shows present a better opportunity for businesses, investors and buyers to get in the action. Here are some reasons why you need to consider setting up in trade shows.

More Decision-Makers Attend Trade Show  

From what clients and businesses have been saying, the number of high-level executives who attend trade shows have increased. Companies maximize effort, time and manpower, leading to well-planned visits to trade shows. Most of the time, they make a list of exhibitors and trade show displays they want to visit. They also make a specific timeline to ensure that they do not waste any time. This gives them more opportunities to roam around and look for the specific solution to their problems.

What can exhibitors do?

A busy trade show eventExhibitors must plan their displays to ensure that they benefit from trade shows. This must be done weeks before the trade show.  You need to carefully plan your strategy with reference to your business goals. From these goals, you can choose from various trade shows that fit your clientele.  After coordinating with the trade shows, you need to think of your purchased space. Plan your exhibit display according to the allotted space.  How you present your business, its advantages, features and elements will affect the way in which people view your business.Think of ways on how to promote the presence of your business in trade shows. Also, you need to decide on the people you would have on your exhibit and train them on the do’s and don’ts.

What are the most common planning problems?

Most problems occur because of lack of information. For staff, there are businesses that forget to tran their staff. During shows, your staff needs to know what information is essential and how this information is relayed. Also, you need to consider follow-up questions made by interested people. Most importantly, you must make sure that you would follow-up on these people and make it easier for them to contact you. You’ll be amazed at business statistics that show how many leads were not followed up on during such shows.

All in all, trade shows are great for face-to-face marketing that show how much could be done when things are done in person. No other medium will give you the chance to be in the presence of so many business people in a short amount of time.

Tips To Follow Before Your Next Trade Show

In the trade show world, it’s important to prepare and get some things done in advance, before the deadline gets too tight. The more you prepare in advance, the chances are you will be able to tackle any issues that will rise during the preparation period.

big crowded event

As soon as you get the specifics of the location of your booth and the size of space allocated for you, you can start designing the appearance of your booth. There is no point in starting the design before you get a certain location, as this might cause you to change everything you’ve planned. According to the space you have, use it appropriately – don’t stuff too much or have too little in your booth.

Another thing that should get your attention is digital appliances and lighting. Make sure that the lighting highlights the parts you want to show, and use special effects to get a special look. Also, take care of the digital aspect and make sure that everything works – from internet connections to USB and video presentation. Always have a few spare cables in case something doesn’t work.

Don’t focus on only one angle, think widely. A visitor might enter your booth from the back, so it’s important that all areas will be engaging and capturing, otherwise people might enter and leave without you even noticing it.

Remember that the sooner you take care of all these specifics, the less you’ll have to worry about later on. Close to the event date, go over everything again and make sure you didn’t forget anything. In this article you can find a few more helpful ideas: 10 Tips to Check Off for Your Next Trade Show.


Trade Show Press Kit For The Digital Age

The digital age came to stay and it has brought lots of benefits and useful tools that allow people to improve their trade show press kits to make them more creative and effective.

Design and presentation

Computers offer us a wide variety of options, power and flexibility to do a very effective job when preparing our press kits. Every person who decides to create a press kit should have a computer with good and powerful word processing software that helps them to do an effective job when preparing and designing their press releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, flyers and other promotional items. Professional word processing software gives us the chance to improve the presentation of our information. It provides useful tools to design well-formatted releases as well as bold-facing subheads that allow reporters, publishers and editors to scan the releases and quickly summarize the information.

digital trade show press kit

Digital data

Technologic age also offers us the chance to include digital items in our trade show press kits to enhance the impact of this marketing tool on the audience. This is the case of CDs, DVDs and USB memory devices. Many of the most successful companies include these items in their press kits as a way to provide digital data such as documents, promotional videos, music, virtual tours etc. In many cases, a copy on disk of your press kit could save space and time for editors when carrying your press kit or working with the information you provide them.

QR codes

Another useful digital tool that is gaining more and more popularity today is QR code. This is a very effective tool similar to barcodes but able to hold and share much more information. They are very useful for business promotion as they allow you to connect to the multimedia digital content that you are interested in announce. Editors, publishers, journalists and any interested person can scan or read a QR code with their smartphones. They can connect their device to a web browser and immediately link to the digital content on your company website. You just need to create your QR code by entering the proper data into the QR generator. The QR code can be placed on flyers, brochures, banners, catalogues or any printed or digital item included in your press kit.

digital trade show press kitHowever, since many people are not familiarized with the use of QR codes, if you decide to include them in your press kit, you must make sure that your audience knows how to use them. Besides, your QR code should lead to attractive information, giveaways, special offers, discounts, entertainment, how-to videos, and anything that catches your audience’s attention. It is highly recommended to link your QR code to a website that can be easily updated with new content considering that once you create a QR code you cannot modify it.


To promote your company or new products you can also include in your press kit different smartphone applications that provide users an easy access to your company and products information. There are many useful applications that you can include to facilitate editors and publishers to access to news, updates and other relevant information directly from their smartphones. You can also include QR codes to provide them links to download these applications from your websites. Actually, some of these applications can be designed to order your products and services right from your customers’ smartphones.

Electronic press kit

Thanks to the countless advantages that digital age offers us, today it is really easy and even more affordable to create an electronic press kit to promote our company, launched products or upcoming events. The content of these electronic press kits is similar to the hard-copy media kits but they can be stored and distributed on CDs, DVDs, and memory devices as well as posted on your website, providing easy access to the material and information that you are interested in sharing.

Without doubts, today there are many digital items and tools to create effective and professional press kits. That’s why it is imperative that any business owner, public relations professional and people involved in the business and marketing area be familiarized with the great advantages that technology offers to improve the quality, creativity and effectiveness of a press kit.