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How To Cut Costs At Your Next Trade Show

From a small private business to a large corporation, marketing expenses can weigh heavy on a company’s finances. Although attending trade shows can prove a vital part of a successful marketing strategy, it doesn’t come without its costs. Not only are there costs for having a company booth at a trade show or business convention, funds must be readily available for advertising displays and potential giveaways.

A successful trade show means a relevant return on sales while also spreading the word about your company. If spending on marketing tools consistently outnumbers the business you generate from attending trade shows and conventions, your funds will slowly dwindle and your company will suffer. Instead, follow these helpful tips on how to cut costs on your advertising and trade show events:

  • Choose economical displays. Table top displays and X Frame banner stands are cost-effective advertising tools that can showcase your company without spending a fortune. Focus on starting with smaller, affordable banner stands and then adding a new display each year to create a growing company booth. This will avoid the inconvenience of spending large amounts at once.
  • Select compact, lightweight displays. Traveling and shipping costs are contingent on the size and weight of an item so purchasing a lightweight, retractable banner stand that folds into itself will cut down on shipping costs.
  • Keep banner information relevant. Advertising a specific program or feature of your company that is subject to change will only force you to buy replacement graphics to update your display. Instead, only include information that is relatively permanent like your company name, business goal and history as well as popular products and product descriptions.
  • Purchase banner replacements. Look for advertising displays that have the option of changing the graphics when you need to update or change information. Instead of being forced to buy a complete display, you can purchase just a graphic replacement to save money and keep your display current.
  • Include bulk giveaways. Purchase in bulk small giveaways like banner pens with your company information on them to use at each event. Though it may see costly at first, investing in a useful giveaway in bulk quantities will attract visitors and can be used event after event. Plus, purchasing in large quantities will cut down on costs in the long run.
  • Start local. If you are a first time trade show exhibitor, make your first trade show a local convention if possible to cut down on traveling costs. Attending local trade shows before expanding your horizons to include national events will allow you to gain experience and confidence in your presentation while saving on the cost to travel to the event.
  • Train your staff. A knowledgeable staff that can provide a wealth of information about your company and the services you provide to visitors to your booth is the most effective financial investment in marketing you can make. Make sure your staff is trained to answer numerous questions about your company like background information, detailed product and service information as well as the ability to walk a customer through the ordering process if necessary.

Use these tips to cut costs at your next trade show booth and your convention experience will be successful without the costly aftermath of rebuilding your marketing budget.