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Pop Up Display Banners – Smart Marketing Strategy

pop up display for restaurantEvery person exhibiting at an expo, trade show or convention, wants to attract as many people as possible. Most presenters use the same old tricks to attract people – brochures, free giveaways and friendly staff. However, a great way to attract audience that not many presenters are aware of is using pop-up displays at their stand. They can give you a big advantage over the competitors, so it’s a good idea to use them on your display.

Pop up displays are portable, easy to setup and take minimal storage space. They last long thanks to the durable fabric they’re made of. Vivid colors and graphics, and quality wrinkle-free fabric make them ideal for every presentation.

Other than being used for big events or trade shows and exhibitions, pop up displays can be used as creative marketing solutions. Practically any business that needs to announce a new product or a special deal would benefit from a pop up display. For instance, restaurants and nightclubs can present new menu deals or special meals and drinks; office lobbies, banks and even museums can use them to direct visitors around the complex; sporting events could use pop up displays to showcase star players or teams; and car dealerships can use them to promote special sales and entice buyers to check what is new.

Pop up displays have many uses, and they can promote any event or service, or point people in a large complex. Once the event or special promotion is over, you can store them and use them again after a while for the next event.

Outdoor And Indoor Advertising – What Are The Differences

Participating in a community event or expo can be a great way for your business to mingle in the local community and to generate new customer base. When you are about to plan your event display and promotions, keep in mind that indoor and outdoor events have different considerations. Certain types of banners, table displays and even booth set-up plans work better in one setting versus the other.

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Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are a lot spacier than indoor events, but on the other hand, you need to protect your exhibit from the sun, rain, wind and other nature elements. A tent can be a good addition as your table displays will be protected from unexpected rain. Vinyl banners are the best options for outdoor events since their material stands up to water, strong winds or fading from intense sunlight.

Depending on the time of year, you should tailor your promotional items to match the event. In the summer, useful giveaways can be hats or baseball caps, T-shirts, sunscreen or even water spray bottles for cooling off. When exhibiting in cooler weather, you can hand out umbrellas, scarfs or gloves. Each of these gifts should be printed or stamped with your company logo.

Indoor Events

When you set up a booth inside an exhibit hall you have the chance to reach a large number of potential customers, but you also have some space restrictions. The competition can also be tougher if you are exhibiting alongside many other businesses in the same indoor venue.

Indoor events don’t need to regard nature elements, so you have the option of using scrolling banners to catch visitors’ attention, and you can also get creative with lighting for your display booth. Since electrical outlets are generally more accessible indoors, you have some more freedom to add booth lights without the added tasks of setting up extension cords for them.

Choosing the right promotional items can also help the success of your indoor exhibit. Some good promotional items can include flash drives, notebooks, phone covers or tablet computer cases with your company logo embossed on them. People use these items many times each day so they will see your business name each time they use the item.

Planning each of these elements for your exhibit takes some investment and attention to detail, but staging both outdoor and indoor events will help you increase your customer base over time.

Interactive Technology Will Take Your Trade Show To The Next Level

If you want to create a really awesome and interactive experience in your next trade show, it’s time to harness technology to your benefits. Forget about traditional methods like LCD screens, social networks or QR codes, we are talking about really interactive experiences based on the latest technologies. In order to catch visitors attention you will need the best methods on the market.

A great starting point would be to use touchscreens and holoscreens. These are appealing solutions that generate traffic into your booth. You can use them to design interesting presentations that people can interact with. They are one of the best choices to create a personal experience with your products and get people involved with your brand.

binary codeAnother very interesting option is the interactive projection mapping. This new technology allows you to project animations and textures on different objects and structures creating attractive visual effects. You can also use infra-red sensors that allow users to interact with these animations where they can control them by using their body movements. This close interaction will hook every visitor on the trade show floor.

A less complicated option is to use simpler elements such as lights, sounds, special effects and videos. You can create an interactive atmosphere with a thematic stand. For example, if you are exhibiting ski products, you can recreate winter in your stand by using white cold lights, playing videos of skiing or sliding and even turning down the thermostat, and actually set a chilled environment. This way, people will immediately catch your message and they will identify your brand easily.

Another advanced solution is the mobile augmented reality. Since most people use smartphones, this solution is perfect to create a unique interactive experience between your products and your visitors. With this technology simple objects turn into really interesting animations once visitors see them through their smartphone cameras. You can also use this solution to bring detailed information about your products in a visual and interactive way.

Whatever you do, remember that the thing is using every available element to create a unique and interactive experience for your visitors. The more interaction you create, the more chances you have to attract people, and of course, generate more good leads.