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Promote College And University Events With Banners

Creating a welcoming atmosphere for current and prospective students around campus is important when looking to effectively market your college or university and any special programs or events your institution may be holding. Printed signage for your institution can personalize your campus and leave a lasting impression on alumni and students visiting for an open-house.

By using banners and flags, you can showcase a “welcome” message or announcements regarding special activities. These affordable free-standing advertising displays can dress up your university’s grounds without exceeding the marketing budget allotted by the school’s administration.

Outdoor signage can catch the attention of visitors the second they pull into your school’s parking lot. Large fabric displays can proudly showcase your university’s logo or your national ranking among other colleges in the area. Small poster stands can direct traffic for a special event your school is hosting like an alumni weekend or annual fundraiser.

Table banners are a great solution for quick and easy advertising at a front desk, college fair booth or special event sign-up table. Retractable banners can be placed inside the buildings, directing visitors to the registration offices, dorms, cafeteria or auditoriums. Feather flags placed at the entrance or near an outside welcome booth will grab attention and focus from visitors as they come in.

Whether you want to include professional and fun signage inside the classroom or broadcast recreational activities and programs for students on campus, banners will give your university or college the attention it deserves.