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Designing Your Banner Stand: Creative Tips

Banner displays with eye-catching graphics can be an excellent way to promote your business or organization at any event, expo or conference. Here are a few tips for creating an eye pleasing and unique display to catch your visitors’ eyes:

Tip #1

It’s imperative that you’ll make the most of your banner stand design. You need a display that will stand out from the rest. You need to immediately connect with your audience on a level that will keep them interested. So, be sure to employ the following design advices:

  • Place your primary information above-the-fold (top 1/3 of your display)
  • Match your banner stand to the theme of your display
  • Use bold and contrasting colors
  • Use sharp, clear graphics that promote your message
  • Avoid offering more information than necessary
  • Keep things simple, don’t clutter your design

Tip #2

Not all banner stands are the same, and not all of them serve the same purpose. Some are designed as table top displays, some are large or double-sided, and some offer scrolling mechanism so you can include a larger message. By knowing the type of space you’ll be located in, you can choose the exact banner stand that will coordinate with your display space.

Tip #3

When designing your banner stand, choose a message that you can use repeatedly. Don’t choose something specific to one event or trade show. Make a design that will be versatile enough to travel with you from one event to the next.

Now that you have a few basic ideas, it’ll be a lot easier to design your next banner at the most suitable way.


Custom Banners Will Make an Intriguing Storefront

storefront bannerYour storefront is the first thing potential customers see, and if it’s located at a popular area, you have pretty much got it made, especially if you employ storefront banners. These banners let people know what you’ve got to offer from several meters away, drawing them into your shop.

A lot of companies use banner stands at trade shows and conventions, but for some reason, refrain from using them at their main place of business. The difference between banners made for conventions and banners for storefronts is mainly the materials used. Storefront banners are placed outside, which means they need to be weatherproof. Storefront banners also need to tell what you have on offer “right now” whereas expo banners tend to be more about your brand identity and your general purpose.

If you have a few banners left over from a trade show, you can try them out to see the effect they have before you spend money on a more durable banner. Eventually, though, you will need to make sure that your banners are tailored to the walk-in customers’ needs rather than to the needs of convention contacts.

You’ll need an eye-catching design to draw in the customers – commuters and busy shoppers tend not to look around themselves too much, so you need to break into their bubble. If you can get them to look at your banner for a second or two, chances are you’ve snagged them.

Eye-catching involves good product promotion, high-quality graphics and bright colors. You should push the products first and your brand later – the product is your priority and you want people to think about it immediately.

You’ll also need to be able to customize your banner – a dry-wipe portion, or a scrolling banner, for example. You can then change the offers seasonally or daily, as new content and images helps to keep people’s attention keen and increases your conversion rate.

Large Adjustable Banners – The Best Way To Promote Your Business

For your next big trade show or other promotional event, a large adjustable banner is well worth considering for your arsenal of marketing tools. Setting up an exhibit for your company is an exciting undertaking, but it can also be challenging in a few specific ways. You’re usually competing with plenty of other business owners in the same or a similar industry. A large adjustable banner display will jump out visually from other, smaller banners. It will also add more visual interest and color to the rest of your trade show booth.
drawing a crowd

Adjustable banners fit various spaces

These banners include frame hardware that adjusts in both height and width, which can be ideal for a trade show where you have limited space for your exhibit. Adjusting the width can allow you to display your banner within the allowed square footage and still catch visitor’s attention. When taking your business’s exhibit to outdoor events with more leeway in terms of set-up space, you can then pull out the telescopic frame and make your large vinyl banner stand out even more.

Adjusting the height of your banner allows you to display it along with tables, backdrops and any other elements you want to include in your exhibit. If you don’t wish to use your large banner as a backdrop itself, you can lower its height so it doesn’t block your exhibit’s additional wall backdrops. The same idea applies if you want to lower your banner and place it in front of your display tables.

They draw more interest

On average, more people will pay more attention to large, bright banners than they will to smaller ones. A tall, wide banner will have an impact because it will visually jump out among a lot of other trade show exhibits. Adding vivid images, graphics and colors to a large banner will make a difference in the foot traffic at your next event. Modern print technology includes the use of fade-resistant inks for the banner design, and these finished large banners are also printed to look especially appealing under the artificial lighting used at most indoor trade shows.

Very easy to assemble

Most adjustable banner frames have tripod hardware with locking mechanisms, making them very quick and simple to raise and lower. Putting the frame itself together also takes only a few minutes of locking the different parts together and inserting the poles into the banner sleeves. Other convenient features include stabilizing support feet, telescopic support bars and durable canvas tote bags to store banner kits when not in use. When disassembling and storing an adjustable banner, we recommend carefully rolling the banner evenly to prevent unwanted creasing at any of the edges.

Convenient for travel

Even though they’re fabricated with sturdy hardware, large adjustable banner displays are still lightweight and easy to transport even through crowded convention halls. Each banner kit’s frame and support bars are fabricated from high quality aluminum that resists denting, scratches or other types of wear and tear. If you’re planning on adding several trade shows to your company’s yearly schedule, taking a large adjustable banner for your display is worth the initial investment. Your banner display will stand out in a busy exhibit hall, and it will not place extra trouble on your booth staff to transport it from one place to the next.

Pop Up Displays – A Smart And Economic Choice

When it comes to considering your trade show booth options, pop up display is one option that has come a long way recently. Pop up displays are becoming a very useful solution for many companies when exhibiting at trade shows for a few distinct reasons.

  1. Pop up displays tend to be a very cost effective solution. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are cheap. A pop up display will look good and last for a long time, which makes it a wise investment for any trade show presentation or a store display.

  3. They can be easily assembled and disassembled, saving you time, efforts and lots of troubles when you are in the trade show floor taking care of many other things. Besides, pop up displays are made of lightweight materials, and they are designed to be really durable if you are looking for a pop up display to use several times a year.
    quick fabric banner

  5. Pop up displays are really light-weight and easy to transport. They can be packed into cases that can be easily checked onto airlines or you can transport them easily in your car. What looks like a small detail will save you lots of troubles during your trip considering all the other million things that you need to transport.

  7. They save you space. If you have a limited trade show space you will want to consider some pop up displays solutions. There are 10’ display designs that are perfect for companies who don’t have enough space to exhibit. These small designs save you space to include banner stands, tables and other accessories that people generally need when showcasing at trade shows.

  9. Another great advantage is that it’s very easy to change graphics if you want to use different messages from show to show.

  11. Pop up displays come with a great variety of sizes and formats, so it is pretty easy to find the one that suits you best.

So, if you’re looking for a cost effective, portable and easy to use trade show display, pop up displays may be the perfect solution. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that the pop up display you choose meets your needs and goals.

In What Type Of Banner Stand Should You Invest?

For trade show exhibitors, there are several absolute musts, one of them is using a banner to attract the attention of people and to enhance lead generation, sales and brand identity. But before you rush off to buy a banner, you have to be able to choose the right one for you.

There are many factors for consideration when it comes to choosing a banner stand; particularly cost, durability, place of use, aesthetics and practicality. Some are more important than others and keeping these factors in mind will help you to make the right choice.

Narrow base banner stand is an affordable option, but because it seems unstable, people tend not to choose it. This is not true of course, as these banner stands have feet that swing out to stabilize the banner, which can be used at exhibitions and indoors in retail stores. The stand could also be used for business presentations and the banner itself can be changed so the investment is worthwhile.

Wide base banner stands are also quite affordable, as are the replacement banners that you can place in them. These stands are made of high quality aluminum, which makes them perfect for use at any trade show. This type of banner stand will not drain your budget and can be used time and time again. Plus, it will attract attention whether you choose to use it with a banner alone as part of a store display or as a wide booth design at a trade show.

two banner stands

Investing in a large adjustable banner display is an excellent idea if you are looking to capture the attention of visitors at expos and trade shows. It can also be used at other venues, such as hotel lobbies, promotional events and advertising venues. These banners are a bit expensive in terms of initial outlay but are worth the investment because of the amount of attention they generate and how far away it is possible to see them. The banner itself can be printed on vinyl so it can be used outdoors as well. These banner stands are durable, highly practical and aesthetically brilliant, so they are worth every penny invested in them.

If you are looking for a real cost-effective banner stand, the X frame banner stand can be the solution. It is designed specifically for trade shows and indoor use in retail outlets, and it is easy to transport and set up so you will not waste time with it. The vinyl banners are very eye catching and will add to the aesthetics of any display. It may not last for years as some of the other banner stands available but its low price means that it will fit any budget and serve the purpose you need it to.

Lastly, a double sided banner display is another great investment, even though it is the most expensive. Being double sided, people will be able to see them no matter which angle they approach from and this automatically creates more attention and offers 360 degree visibility. There are obvious advantages to this if you are at a trade show but they can also be used in lobbies of buildings, as point of sale banners in stores and in any number of other locations. They are retractable for ease of transport, meaning that they are practical, and look incredibly good with printed messages and digital graphics.

Now, all you need to do is to choose the right banner stand according to your needs, budget and venue. You can find all of these banners and more in this website –


Presenting At A Trade Show? You Must Consider Banner Stands!

If you are looking for signage that you can move around or take to different venues, such as trade shows, then you need to think about retractable banner stands. There are literally hundreds of different sizes and shapes for you to choose from, and people often take retractable banners to trade shows to use as part of their display and to raise brand awareness.

retractable banner standThe good thing about retractable banner stands is that they take just seconds to assemble, and also to take down. All you have to do is extend the supporting pole and unroll the banner itself. The cylinder that houses the banner also acts as a protective case so that you can transport your banner to lots of trade shows without damaging it. Many people use the same banner for years, and only “retire” a banner when they have a company revamp.

The pricier banner stands feature a small halogen light which draws more attention to the company’s artwork and message, and most people prefer to use silver or black stands, as these neutral colors don’t detract from the all-important message to the customer. Take time to think about what you want to say to the audience at the trade show – you need a clearly placed and visible logo, as well as a very brief description of your products and services.

You’ll be able to choose from lots of different widths and heights, and together with vibrant graphics and a clear, concise mission statement, a retractable banner is excellent shorthand with which to tell people what you’re all about. Another feature of a custom-made banner stand is that you can use different banners with the same cartridge – it is easy to change the banners, and it would be useful if you’re pitching to different audiences at different trade shows. An older audience, for example, might want a more subtle approach than a younger one.

One important thing to remember is to buy the best quality product that you can. You don’t want vinyl that will fray, or colors that would fade. Because banners are a big feature at trade shows, you need something that will look new and vibrant every time you unroll it.


How To Use Modular Display To Create A Stunning Booth

In trade shows, numerous companies are all trying to stand out from their competitors to get the most attention from visitors. A great way to capture attention is to utilize your display space and banners to produce unique, eye-catching presentation. A modular display will deliver a modern and unique presentation.

The modular displays are very distinctive, with a framework of tiny interworking cross bars that create a truss style display. By adding an interesting display and making it the focal point of your booth you will catch the eye of visitors at any event.

modular display cube

In addition, it will only benefit your display if you place a nice design on your banner like a central, eye catching logo coupled with attention grabbing graphics and a few keywords. The modern designs are usually minimalistic, so keep the text and information to the bare minimum.

The modular display is an economical marketing solution that serves as a smart investment. The hardware is durable and reusable, so you can change the banner when you need to update your information or products.

The assembly of the modular display is quite simple – you connect the sections of the hardware together, and attach the banner with snap on hooks, using adjustable connector cubes. Those remarkable qualities transform into a display that you will want to use over and over again.