Table Top Displays Will Help You Promote Your Business

Using a table top display is an economical and effective design choice for your trade show booth. A smaller scale banner or poster can grab visitors’ interest just as much as a full-height display. Custom graphics, product pictures and your company slogans are all possible elements to include in one of these trade show displays. The benefits of a smaller display include portability, reasonable prices, design versatility and easy inclusion in your sales presentations.

Benefits of Using a Table Top Display

A table top display is a prudent choice when you are participating in a trade show with limited floor space. Some trade show managers allot exhibitors different dimensions that increase in price as each participant requests more square feet to set up booth displays. In this case, a table top display is an economical choice that allows you to opt for a less expensive smaller floor space. With this budget plan for your trade show exhibit, you can then allot funds for other elements such as graphic design and sample products for visitors to take away with them. At some other trade shows, every exhibitor may be allowed the same square footage of display space. With these limits for your display booth, a table top display can be a much-needed space saver.

Putting together an eye-catching table top display is possible at a lower cost than purchasing a larger banner stand display for your trade show booth. A smaller scale banner can be just as effective at generating questions from visitors who may turn into new sales leads for your business. Many table top display designers also have a number of customization options tailored to your business’s overall image. These creative options can include:

  • Color schemes
  • Text and infographics
  • Your company’s logo or written slogan
  • Custom marketing messages tailored to specific audiences

If you want to assign your sales personnel to make product presentations, a table top display can be a helpful element without being too visually intrusive. A presenter can refer back to your core marketing messages rendered on the table top display, and this added visual element will help your business stand out in potential customers’ memories.

Selecting a High Quality Table Top Display

Deciding on the best table top display is a matter of considering your available floor space, the products and services you want to showcase and your target audience. To help your chances of good trade show returns, some initial market research will reveal information about your audience’s responsiveness to different displays. Much of this information is based on demographics, but one common element is the need to capture visitors’ attention quickly. Trade show attendees usually do not remember details about each booth they visit over the course of the entire gathering. A high-caliber table top display can help you become memorable to more new sales leads.

A table top display is an economical option designed for easy set-up as well as design flexibility. Arranging one entails unfolding the panels and often fastening them to a backing frame for added stability. Adding a professional-looking table top display to your exhibit plan is one of the most cost-effective means of showcasing your business at any trade show.

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