Table Top Displays: The Ideal Solution For Trade Shows

There is no wonder why trade show exhibitors love retractable banners so much. They are easy to set up and take down; they are easy to transport; they are durable and extremely eye-catching. However, these banners often take a lot of space, and sometimes a smaller option is needed.

This is where table top banners come in, offering extra advantages that traditional floor models can’t. Table top retractable banners are smaller, more adjustable and more cost-effective solutions.

table top display

During the trade show exhibitors need to take care of establishing conversation with targeted customers, taking notes about important information, taking care of giveaways, etc. So, you certainly need a properly spot in your booth to deal with customers, otherwise you may have to take them to another place, which is not really advisable in those crowded events. With table top models you have the required spot in your booth, so you can keep your clients inside your booth space, helping them concentrate their attention on your company message.

Table top displays are offered in a wide range of sizes in order to satisfy everyone’s needs. You can find very small banners of 8” wide to 17” high to larger sizes of 33” wide to 40” high. Many of these models also include adjustable support poles and pole extensions so exhibitors can use them at different heights.

Smaller sizes don’t imply lower quality. Table top displays offer similar quality and features than those offered by full-sized banners. Their top-quality images and durability are similar, since many of them are also made of materials such as fibreglass, metal or aluminium.

Table top banners are turning into the most effective and popular solution for advertising because they are not only durable, eye-catching, easy to set-up and to transport, but they are also cost effective, more adjustable and more functional and practical than floor models.

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