Want A Successful Trade Show Booth? Follow These Tips

Are you about to exhibit at a trade show soon? Want to stand out above your competitors? It’s time to realize you can’t just stand there at your booth, you need to do something to get the attention you want! To make your exhibit profitable and successful, you need to do something that will catch people’s eyes and draw them in. Here are a few suggestions on how to do just that:

Product demonstration

Presenting and demonstrating your products creates movement at your booth. This intrigues prospects to come by and check out your solution to their problem or need. When you demonstrate your product, make the benefits as clear as possible and show exactly how it works and what people can gain from it. If your product is too big, or if it is a service, you can shoot a video and play it on a large screen, it will work the same way.

Make sure to place a few chairs, and make your visitors as comfortable as possible. Even if you just started the day and no visitors are at sight, you can start the presentation – eventually people will come, stop and stay to hear about what you have to offer.

Entertaining visitors

To attract a large volume of people to your booth, you can hire an entertainer to gather a crowd. Anything that will draw attention can work – musicians, dancers, models and even a magician. The main thing you must remember – once the crowd is drawn, it’s up to your booth staffers to engage them and turn them into leads.

Communicate with attendees

It’s a common problem – a lot of booth staffers are not feeling comfortable to talk to strangers, so they stay deep inside their booth, waiting for those few attendees who walk in on their own. This is not the time to be shy, especially if you want to exceed your competitors. Make sure you have at least one staff member who is friendly and communicative, and place this person at the front of your booth. This staffer can engage people with questions like “Have you seen our new product?”, “What brings you by to this show?”, and even a simple “Where are you from?” to start a conversation. Once people are engaged, it’s much easier to keep them in with a demonstration and further explanation about your product or service.
There’s no doubt that creating movement in your booth is hard work, but your company probably invested a lot to present at that show. Don’t waste it on sitting there, doing nothing.

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