Social Networking Tips For Trade Show Exhibitors

As an exhibitor you probably know that no matter what kind of event you are organizing, the best way to reach audiences, increase the number of attendees and to make your show a huge success, is to take advantage of all the marketing channels within reach.

The most successful strategy is to merge traditional and offline marketing techniques with social media channels. With simple steps and dedicated work you will have access to a wonderful and huge world impossible to reach with traditional methods.

Increase your online visibility: Most events have their own official website, but only a few take full advantages of all the free and available tools out there. The first thing you can do is create an event page of your company and publish different types of content in different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram and so on.

Engage with your audience: Engaging through social media is one of the smartest strategies to increase your presence on the web and to promote long-term relationships with potential costumers. Social survey platforms like Tweet Poll are perfect to promote interaction while engaging attendees. You can also use hashtags to receive feedbacks, to follow all kinds of conversations, retweets, and participants’ activity. Hashtags are the best way to track all the online activity revolving your event.

Make the event last longer: Record the most interesting, funny and remarkable moments of your trade show and upload them on different social media channels. The same way, if you hold conferences or give lectures you can release those interesting contents at online communities. Those strategies are perfect for several reasons – your event will last longer even after it’s over. You can also extend the event to those who didn’t have the chance to be there. You have more opportunities to encourage those who didn’t come this year to attend the next event.

When integrating smart strategies that involve social media you can create buzz-worthy events that will attract the attention of attendees, and also extend the experience to millions of potential customers. It’s time to make a move and play your cards right.

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