Shelter Your Outdoor Display With A Canopy Tent

Outdoor events such as expos, trade shows, festivals or county fairs are usually take place all year round, summer or winter. When showcasing at an outdoor event, it’s important to shelter the display area from either sun or rain. And if you can use this shelter as a practical way to add a promotional value to your display, it’s even better.

Such a shelter can be a custom canopy tent that you can use against rain or wind. The instant pop up tent features a canopy constructed of a water-resistant fabric which will guard your exhibit space from unpredictable nature elements. The bonus is that you can feature your company logo or contact details on the tent.

canopy tent

A great advantage of the canopy tent is that it’s made of a light aluminum frame that is not bulky and complicated. The tent frame extends outwards and features a network of cross bars on the ceiling of the canopy to stretch the printed fabric. The canopy is adhered to the frame with Velcro so the set up and take down are easy and simple.

Undoubtedly, canopy tents are a must-have to make your next outdoor event a success. They will guard both your display and the visitors, making your spot a popular place where people find shade from the sun or shelter from the rain.


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