Setting Up a Trade Show for the First Time

Trade show organizing can be quite troublesome when you’re doing it for the first time. It’s definitely a challenge for the organizer form start to finish; from marketing to meeting up business ends; from targeting client demographics to booth setup and design. All of these aspects should first be mastered before taking a dive into the world of trade show organizing. Luckily, we’re giving tips to first time booth organizers on how to avoid mistakes on your very first trade show event.

First time trade show organizer

1. Focus on trade show display and strategy – while it is important to focus on the design and creative aspect of booth setups, the more important thing is to plan a strategy. This requires aggressive marketing optimization and planning so as to dig up resources and take as many opportunities as you can to increase your trade show profits. On the other hand, booth design becomes an essential part of the trade show when it comes to personal client engagement so don’t forget about this either.

2. Do not go over the top – it’s one thing to have your booth designed beautifully and it’s another to get it “over-designed.” Overdoing your trade show display can repel potential clients rather than attract them so remember to put in just enough materials and design on your booths to keep things interesting and avoid boredom.

3. Train your staffers – one common problem for beginner trade show organizers is the lack of effective salesmen. Beginners usually hire cheap agencies or hire their own untrained personnel to do the job. Think twice before hiring salesmen as they would be the people facing your clients and bringing in sales to your charts.

4. Check your competitors – avoid trade shows that are empty or have no clients visiting your booths at all. This can be accomplished by checking on your rival trade shows on the area so you can maximize the location’s customers.

Being a newbie is not bad at all. It’s all about a good start so make sure to do your homework and follow these steps for a successful first trade show.

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