3 Rules Your Booth Staffers Must Follow

Trade shows offer businesses the opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with prospective clients. When planning your event, this advantage always has to be in your mind. Planning a presentation at a trade show or convention has so many factors that a lot of times, one critical factor is forgotten or neglected – your staff.

Skilled and well-trained booth staffers can easily develop business relationships and generate a lot of good leads. In order for this to happen, you should establish a few ground rules for your staff members.

trade show visitors

  1. Keep your staff energetic and enthusiastic throughout the event. It is only natural that by the end of the event, staffers will be exhausted from hours of standing and talking. A very helpful way to keep them energetic is to have them engaged in activities or raffles with attendees. It will make things more exciting for booth staffers, and it will also give attendees a memorable experience.

  3. Limit the time staffers can use their phones or tablets. Studies show that booth staffers who constantly use their smartphones or tablets often come off as disinterested and even rude. It could literally make attendees pass on to another booth with more friendly staff members.

  5. Make sure your staffers stick to the plan. You should make in advance an outlined plan of what you want to achieve from that specific event. Whether it’s increasing sales orders, generating qualified leads or increasing brand awareness, your staff members must stick to a focused strategy and meet the goals you’ve set up for them.


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