Tips To Reduce Stress Before Your Next Trade Show


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Exhibiting at a trade show takes a lot of time and efforts and it could be really exhausting for exhibitors. A few simple tips can help you reduce the stress of these hectic events. Read on to see how can you save time at trade shows and create a successful display.

Choose the right events to exhibit. Don’t waste efforts on events that are not returning your investment. Make a list of previous trade shows, track the sales you got from them and focus your attention on the most profitable events. Contact your loyal customers to check if the trade show you chose match with their preferences, thus increasing the chances of choosing the right event.

Make a research and study your potential customers: gender, age, occupation, preferences, dislikes… everything! Create smart advertisements with creative hooks that really call their attention. Study your competitors and explain in your ads what makes you different from them, this way you will attract targeted audience.

Trained and professional staff. A competitive staff will help you reduce stress and save time. Choose the right people to represent your company. Ensure they know what to do at all times. Track the leads they got from previous shows so you can select the best staff members for your next events.

small table top displayChoose an easy-to-use display. There are many portable displays that can be perfect for trade shows where shipping is needed. A few types of portable displays include banner displays, acrylic displays, tabletop displays and pop-up displays. Make sure you choose a display that is easy to assemble and disassemble so you can save time when arriving and leaving the show.

Register early – you don’t want to wait to the last minute. Also ensure you arrive at least three hours before the trade show starts. An hour before the opening, organize a meeting with your staff and go over all the details one last time. Select an experienced employee to update other members that may arrive late on those discussed details.

The key is very simple, plan ahead and make sure you are supported by a qualified staff and a good lead management system. Don’t leave anything to chance and you’ll reduce stress to the minimum.

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