Press Release Guidelines – Make An Effective Statement

In trade shows, it is very costumed to hand media kits to writers who come to report the event. In the media kit, you must include a press release, so the writers can send it directly to their newswire for publishing.

A press release basically reports an event, circumstance or product launch by a third party, and is provided to the news media for promotion. In general, a press release is different from a news article, as it’s designed to be sent to journalists or media outlets in order to encourage them to develop news articles on the subject.

The format of a press release is a very strict form that must adhere certain rules. When preparing a press release, take these format rules into account, to make the most professional press release you can.

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The press release headline should be brief, clear and concise. It is best to write the headline at the end, after you’ve written the story. The headline is the attention grabber of the release, and it should describe the latest achievement of an organization, a new product or a recent newsworthy event.


The text body must always start with the date and city of origin. The first sentence (also called the lead), should grab the reader’s interest and make them want to know more. It should be informative and basically – tell the story in a few words.

The rest of the body can elaborate and offer more details about the story, revealing more details. Still, it needs to be compact and not include long sentences or repetitions. It should deliver the facts about what happened or what is the story – an event, a product launch, a plan or goal, a personal or business achievement, and so on.

Third person

The press release report must always be written in third person, as it reports an event or occurrence by a third party. Even if you are writing about yourself or your business, you still need to deliver the news in a cold and distant way, like someone else wrote it.

About the company

Your company will be mentioned in the news article, so you need to provide the reporters with some factual background about the company and the people behind it in this section.

Word count

Don’t overdo and write a long essay. A good, interesting press release should not exceed 500 words. It should contain about 3-5 paragraphs, preceded by a clear and attention grabbing headline.


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