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How To Make A Press Kit For Trade Show

handing foldersAs a presenter at a trade show you have the chance to promote your company and show everyone what you have to offer. An important element you should include in your presentation is a well-designed press kit. When you hand out press kits you grab attention not only from the press, but also from every other visitor that would want to learn more about your company.

Distributing press kits to editors and journalists will make their job easier when they come to write about your business. Press kits will provide the necessary information that they need. A press kit is your chance to give media contacts everything you want them to know about your business, product launch or service. Any good press kit must include:

  • Press release. The press release will be distributed at news sites, but you must also include it in the kit. This will help reporters to cover the story easily, instead of going through all the online news sites to find your release.
  • Company background. The background page has to be short and informative and not be longer than one page. It should cover and highlight only the important facts about your company and the product. A short company bio, location and accomplishments, plus product specifications and pricing will suffice.
  • High-res images. It’s an absolute must to include high-res images (at least 300 dpi) in your press kit. Unless the reporters take their own images at the event, they will need quality images of the product they report about. Images of your product, personnel and business logo will definitely help. To make them easy to incorporate into any page layout, be sure to provide images on a plain white background.
  • Contact information of your PR person. It’s best to include a page with your PR person’s contact information and any other relevant contact info at your company. It must contain phone numbers, email address and any other way to get in contact with the PR person.
  • Business cards. You should include a few business cards or brochures inside the press kit. It will be available for the reporters when they need to get in contact with someone in your company, or to hand out to other colleagues during the event.

Now that you have your press kit ready, start spreading the word about your business and products. Don’t forget that a press kit is a necessary marketing tool, no matter how large or small your company is. It is an extremely effective way to distribute your company information among different media contacts.


Learn How To Make The Best Trade Show Media Kit

When presenting at a trade show or conference, you must have a media kit to hand to visitors or reporters covering the event. The trade show media kits’ main purpose is to generate a lot of buzz about your business and presented product.

Therefore, a complete and well-planned media kit is essential to your overall success, because it will get the word out to as many people as possible before and during the event.

A successful trade show media kit must include: press release, company background information, product samples, brochures and catalogs, promotional items with the company’s logo, and hi-resolution show booth

The press release is basically an announcement of your business’s participation in a specific event, and it has to abide press release rules, such as the release date, byline, a subtitle and company info. It usually includes the dates, times and locations of the event as well as general directions of where your exhibit will be located and what products will you be showing.

It is highly recommended to include some promotional items in your media kit. Items with your company logo will get your brand name into people’s minds during the trade show. Such promotional items can be mouse pads, pens, flash drives and so on.

A catalog is an invaluable resource for journalists to get familiar with your products, and if you include a CD or flash drive with high-quality product images, it would be best.

If you follow these tips for making a smashing media kit, you will undoubtedly succeed in your next trade show. Good luck!


Trade Show Tips: When Disaster Strikes

Anything can happen in an actual trade show. Your booth designs can go wrong, your products can get broken, your giveaways might get lost, etc. The point is, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. One way to avoid trade show disasters is to always bring your trade show emergency kit. Your trade show kit should be handy, convenient and has everything you need for disasters that might come your way.

An emergency kit
Here are the tools you’ll need for a disaster-proof trade show event:

Office Trinkets – Include extra business cards, pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, tape, staplers, scissors, papers, rubber bands, notepads, glue sticks, paper clips and clips.

Heavy Duty Tools – Just in case electricity goes down or some technical glitch happens your way, bring a flashlight, screwdrivers, a hammer, measuring tape or anything that might be great help for your trade show needs.

Cleaning Materials – For spoiled liquids, dirty floors, mud pools – always bring your cleaning materials such as paper towels, adhesive removers, carpet stain remover, bleach, cleaning wipes and a mini wiper.

Extra Exhibit Part and Pieces – If your exhibit products go awry, it might be handy to bring replacement parts, light bulbs, connectors, double sided tape, Gaffers tape and other repair tools your exhibit might need.

Miscellaneous Items – Anything you or your booth staffers might need. For example, breath mints, tissue, sewing kit, eye drops, first aid kit and some basic over-the-counter medicine such as Advil, Tylenol, Valium, etc.

Organizing your own trade show emergency kit can take only 30 to 45 minutes depending on the availability of resources. The best part here is that you can still reuse them come your next exhibit. Just make sure you change some of the tools depending on your show’s specific needs.


How To Make An Effective Media Kit?

documents folderWhen showing at a trade show, one of the first things that you give a potential client or a reporter is a media kit (also referred to as press kit). A media kit offers you the chance to give reporters everything you want them to know about your company, products or services, and it provides them with the information they need to write about you or your business after the event.

There are a few fundamental items that you must include on the press kit to make it effective and successful. Make sure you don’t forget these items when you prepare the media kit as they are quite critical.

One important item is your contact information. You should include a page or brochure that contains the contact information of the person in charge on PR and other relevant contacts at your company. This will help the reporters find the information they need, all in one place.

When reporters write about a product, they would want to include images for illustration. Therefore, it’s a must to include high-res images in your media kit. The images should be of your company logo and the products you are promoting. To make the images easily incorporated into any page layout, they should be on a plain white background.

Another item you must include is a press release, as suggested in this article: What to Include in a Press Kit and Other Helpful Trade Show Tips. The reporters and contacts at the trade show who receive your press kit will have your company’s press release readily available, and they won’t have to dig through their email to find it, or to search the online newswire announcements until they find the press release.

To make the media kit more up-to-date and engaging, you can take it one step further and use only recycled paper. This will look innovative and also appeal to those a care about the environment.

cd for presentationAnother thing you can do is to make it digital. Simply convert all the brochures, business cards and contact info into images, and make a CD that will include those details plus all the images and even video presentations. This way, you simply hand out one CD that contains everything, and no one will have to walk around with a big folder.


Any Business Should Have A Media Press Kit – Find Out Why

Any business or company showing at a trade show or expo should have a media kit for the visitors. A lot of shows attract reporters and handing them a professional kit could be the difference between success and failure. You can visualize the kit as your business resume, so it must reflect all the good things.

A good media kit should contain a few unexpendable elements. It should look professional and represent your company in the best way. You should start with the folder that contains the data. It should be designed to fit the audience as well as the theme and the product or service you are promoting. You can add your logo and choose colors that would highlight the logo or image.

business media press kit

The media kit should contain a brief background about the company and a few words about the company’s key figures. It should also contain a more explanatory page or brochure about the specific product or service currently promoted.

If possible, try to include a sample of the promoted product. If this is a service, you can include a digital link to the service, to show what it is and how it works. A sample is always a good strategy, as it captures the attention of the audience, giving them a taste and leaving them wanting more.

It would best to include a separate page with the company’s contact information. Make sure you include the organization’s name, a few contact names, their e-mails and their day and evening phone numbers. News is a 24 hour a day business, and morning newspapers mean lots of reporters work evenings. In case the package gets dropped, post contact information on each piece in the kit.

Lastly, include at least 3-4 business cards in the kit. It’s absolutely crucial to include business cards as most reporters keep them. In case a reporter lost your kit but he remembers it was interesting, he can reach you through the business card and get more information directly from you.

business media press kit

Trade Show Press Kit For The Digital Age

The digital age came to stay and it has brought lots of benefits and useful tools that allow people to improve their trade show press kits to make them more creative and effective.

Design and presentation

Computers offer us a wide variety of options, power and flexibility to do a very effective job when preparing our press kits. Every person who decides to create a press kit should have a computer with good and powerful word processing software that helps them to do an effective job when preparing and designing their press releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, flyers and other promotional items. Professional word processing software gives us the chance to improve the presentation of our information. It provides useful tools to design well-formatted releases as well as bold-facing subheads that allow reporters, publishers and editors to scan the releases and quickly summarize the information.

digital trade show press kit

Digital data

Technologic age also offers us the chance to include digital items in our trade show press kits to enhance the impact of this marketing tool on the audience. This is the case of CDs, DVDs and USB memory devices. Many of the most successful companies include these items in their press kits as a way to provide digital data such as documents, promotional videos, music, virtual tours etc. In many cases, a copy on disk of your press kit could save space and time for editors when carrying your press kit or working with the information you provide them.

QR codes

Another useful digital tool that is gaining more and more popularity today is QR code. This is a very effective tool similar to barcodes but able to hold and share much more information. They are very useful for business promotion as they allow you to connect to the multimedia digital content that you are interested in announce. Editors, publishers, journalists and any interested person can scan or read a QR code with their smartphones. They can connect their device to a web browser and immediately link to the digital content on your company website. You just need to create your QR code by entering the proper data into the QR generator. The QR code can be placed on flyers, brochures, banners, catalogues or any printed or digital item included in your press kit.

digital trade show press kitHowever, since many people are not familiarized with the use of QR codes, if you decide to include them in your press kit, you must make sure that your audience knows how to use them. Besides, your QR code should lead to attractive information, giveaways, special offers, discounts, entertainment, how-to videos, and anything that catches your audience’s attention. It is highly recommended to link your QR code to a website that can be easily updated with new content considering that once you create a QR code you cannot modify it.


To promote your company or new products you can also include in your press kit different smartphone applications that provide users an easy access to your company and products information. There are many useful applications that you can include to facilitate editors and publishers to access to news, updates and other relevant information directly from their smartphones. You can also include QR codes to provide them links to download these applications from your websites. Actually, some of these applications can be designed to order your products and services right from your customers’ smartphones.

Electronic press kit

Thanks to the countless advantages that digital age offers us, today it is really easy and even more affordable to create an electronic press kit to promote our company, launched products or upcoming events. The content of these electronic press kits is similar to the hard-copy media kits but they can be stored and distributed on CDs, DVDs, and memory devices as well as posted on your website, providing easy access to the material and information that you are interested in sharing.

Without doubts, today there are many digital items and tools to create effective and professional press kits. That’s why it is imperative that any business owner, public relations professional and people involved in the business and marketing area be familiarized with the great advantages that technology offers to improve the quality, creativity and effectiveness of a press kit.

Why You Need Trade Show Press Kit

Trade shows play an important role when promoting your company. They are a good chance to show people who you are and what you have to offer. Taking advantage of these promoting events is a very smart step, as well as making a good use of all the strategies to get the best results from them.

What is a press kit

One of the most important elements to consider when being part of any trade show is the press kit. In fact, if your company is taking part of one of these events, press kit is a useful aspect that you shouldn’t ignore. Creating a press kit to hand out at a trade show is always the first step to get attention from press. It is a very effective way to increase your business’ visibility.

Newspapers, magazines and other media outlets are always a great way to promote businesses. They give you the chance to put your company or new product in the public eye. Actually, since these media outlets carry great credibility, having your company news covered in newspapers or magazines is a great way to build your business’ reputation.

trade show press kit

Taking into account that journalists, editors, reporters and publishers tend to be very busy people, it is always a good idea to help them when they decide to cover some of your company news. Many companies distribute press kits among editors and journalists as a way to help them create news stories about their businesses and products. These kits provide the necessary information that reporters and editors need to complete the job. Without doubts, press kits save time for the media. They are a very useful tool for editors, reporters and publishers who are interested in promoting your story or event.

What to include in the press kit

An effective press kit includes media-ready photographs and images for the writers’ convenience. Actually, it can include photos of people or places that are not accessible to the general public. Press kit also includes fact sheets giving reasons that explain why that company or product should be covered by the media outlets. It also provides sample interview questions that allow media to know those questions that your company is ready to answer. It can contain backgrounds, visuals and other company information that can make the media promotion much easier. Press kits are a full package of information at hand that can be totally useful for meeting media request.

This way, preparing and sharing your media kits is one of the first things you should do when being part of a trade show. Actually, not only at trade shows, this method always brings great results as a regular strategy to follow every time you need it, considering that it is a very cheap method.

Press kits are perfect tools to catch everyone’s attention, not only media but also potential clients that could be interested in buying your products or services. This way, these kits also become a powerful advertising method that allows you to promote your company to targeted audiences.

Distributing the press kits

However, you must be careful when distributing your press kits. You should first contact press people to ask them if they are interested in covering your story. Also take into account that the newspaper or magazine that you select to distribute your kit must have a business section where posting your story. Otherwise, your efforts could be just a waste of time and resources, not only for you but also for those reporters and editors who receive your kits.

Remember, no matter how large or small your company is, a press kit is a necessary marketing tool to promote your business. It is the most effective way to distribute your company information among different media contacts. Every business should have press kits handy, especially if you are trying to launch a new product or service where time becomes a key factor.

What To Include In A Media Kit

media press kitYour company is never too small to think about having press kits. Media kits are essential to open doors. They are an excellent marketing method that offers information to people interested in knowing about you, from reporters and editors who want to write a news story about your company or any launched product, to anyone who wants to collaborate with you. Knowing what to include in your press kit is imperative because a media kit is a great way to put the spotlight on your company.

Here are some tips to help you create your own media kit:

First of all you must include press releases. This is probably the most important element of any media kit. If you have a new product a press release can help you introduce it. The same way, if you have any news story such as a merger with another company or any upcoming event, a press release will help you to announce it.

Another important element is backgrounder. It will provide information about your company, its vision, interests and mission. It can include some biographies about important executives and public faces behind the company.

You should also include catalogs, images and logos. It is always essential to make sure that they have high resolution. Remember, quality is the key. You cannot promote a high-quality product by using poor materials. You can also add a brief letter addressed to the media thanking them for their interest in your company. In this letter you should list what you include in your press kit.

what to include in a media press kit

If you are promoting a new product you should certainly include a sample of the product. This is always a very creative way to attract media and to give press people the chance to taste on their own the product you offer.

You can also make a good use of some digital features to include in your press kit: CDs and DVDs with images, demos, presentations and video tours as long as they are necessary and useful for editors and reporters.

You should also include a past press coverage. If your company has been covered by any newspaper or magazine you can include a press coverage where you detail those media outlets. Many people like to include a list of articles written about their company or even some samples of these writings. This could be interesting, but don’t overdo it.

You should also include if possible personalized items in your media kits. Anything where you can put your company’s name and logo could work. Pens, pencils, mouse pads, stress relief balls, magnets, notepads, stickers and so on. They tend to be great advertising tools because people always use them. So, your company’s name will be just in front of them.

Always include your contact information. A few business cards with your email addresses, phone numbers, location and website URL is the most recommendable choice.