Portable Podiums Will Spruce Up Your Display

For trade shows or conferences, podiums can be the focus of the audience’s attention, with your speaker or presenter taking precedence behind the stand or your important informational flyers strewn across the flat surface. Portable podiums and counters can be easily added to any exhibit area and accommodate any budget. Whether you have an upcoming community fundraiser or are attending a local trade show, invest in a presentation stand for a professional touch to your exhibit space.

Some shipping containers can easily transform to a podium counter. These unique containers are made from hard plastic and feature straps to secure the contents when traveling and convenient wheels at the bottom of the container. Sturdy aluminum legs are included to turn it into a presentation counter instantly! In many cases, an additional countertop lid is included to place on the case for a flat surface ideal for featuring promotional flyers, catalogs or sign-up contact sheets!

The shipping container effortlessly converts to a podium – simply take the contents out of the case, insert four aluminum poles into the bottom of case, place the lid on the floor under the legs and place the counter lid on top of the container to complete. The heavy-duty plastic container is further secured with nylon straps with pinch grips that will ensure that the contents of the case will stay safe.

A nice addition to the podium is a wrap or a cover, to personalize it, and showcase your company’s name, logo or contact information. These wraps or covers are printed on high quality fabrics to last for a long time, and the additional cost is almost unnoticed. All you need to do once the podium is standing is to place the cover or attach the wrap with Velcro, and you’re done.

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