Outdoor And Indoor Advertising – What Are The Differences

Participating in a community event or expo can be a great way for your business to mingle in the local community and to generate new customer base. When you are about to plan your event display and promotions, keep in mind that indoor and outdoor events have different considerations. Certain types of banners, table displays and even booth set-up plans work better in one setting versus the other.

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Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are a lot spacier than indoor events, but on the other hand, you need to protect your exhibit from the sun, rain, wind and other nature elements. A tent can be a good addition as your table displays will be protected from unexpected rain. Vinyl banners are the best options for outdoor events since their material stands up to water, strong winds or fading from intense sunlight.

Depending on the time of year, you should tailor your promotional items to match the event. In the summer, useful giveaways can be hats or baseball caps, T-shirts, sunscreen or even water spray bottles for cooling off. When exhibiting in cooler weather, you can hand out umbrellas, scarfs or gloves. Each of these gifts should be printed or stamped with your company logo.

Indoor Events

When you set up a booth inside an exhibit hall you have the chance to reach a large number of potential customers, but you also have some space restrictions. The competition can also be tougher if you are exhibiting alongside many other businesses in the same indoor venue.

Indoor events don’t need to regard nature elements, so you have the option of using scrolling banners to catch visitors’ attention, and you can also get creative with lighting for your display booth. Since electrical outlets are generally more accessible indoors, you have some more freedom to add booth lights without the added tasks of setting up extension cords for them.

Choosing the right promotional items can also help the success of your indoor exhibit. Some good promotional items can include flash drives, notebooks, phone covers or tablet computer cases with your company logo embossed on them. People use these items many times each day so they will see your business name each time they use the item.

Planning each of these elements for your exhibit takes some investment and attention to detail, but staging both outdoor and indoor events will help you increase your customer base over time.

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