Mistakes Your Staff Might Make And How To Avoid Them

As a business owner, you invest a lot when participating at a trade show. Clearly you know that a strong team of staffers is vital if you want to generate sales leads. A lot of common staff mistakes are related to communication and networking during the event, and preventing them could lead you to a big success.

Forgetting to acknowledge each visitor is the biggest mistake a staff member could make. Even while in conversation with others, your staffers still need to acknowledge each new attendee that stops by your booth, even with a simple head nod if they are busy with someone else.

Staffers who keep sitting in their chairs are sending the wrong message to your potential customers. If your staffers do not consider your trade show exhibit important, why would your customers? You can prevent this issue by limiting their shift breaks.

trade show staff

While on the subject of sitting, talking or texting on their cell phones is another colossal mistake. Spending all their time on the phone signals to visitors that your staffers have more important things to do. You can set up a rule that cell-phone will only be used at breaks.

Simply handing out media kits or brochures is not enough, especially when some staffers may use brochures to avoid more in-depth communication. Setting up a rule for customer engagement and reminding staffers during the show could definitely help.

Networking with other exhibitors can yield you valuable business contacts, so, encourage your staff members to talk to other exhibitors. This way, other business owners you network with are likely to send you potential sales leads.

Being unprepared for presentations is another mistake your staff might make. Your staff must be fully briefed on the points they need to cover during product presentations. The best way to prevent this problem is to hold thorough training sessions before the event, in which you outline every point your staff need to cover in detail.

Packing up your exhibit too early can not only give the wrong impression but it can also present a safety hazard. Display pieces can get in the way of other exhibitors who still haven’t closed their booths. To avoid this problem, ask your staff to start packing up only after the designated end time.


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