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Useful Tips To Make Your Spring Sale Noticeable

Spring and summer sales are excellent means of bringing in business and avoiding a slow seasonal period during this time of year. The right marketing techniques and methods will help to generate continued interest in your products and services. A strong marketing plan will help build your overall profits, and it will also get the word out to customers that your business is the best source for their particular needs.

seasons sale ticket

Create appealing specials

Come up with the right close-out sale campaign and you won’t need to worry about leftover winter inventory. Conduct a research with your target market and see how many of them are likely to buy off-season merchandise. These types of shoppers often buy winter items in the spring and keep them for the following cold-weather season. They usually want to take advantage of savings, so reducing your original item prices and marketing these specials only at the spring season will benefit both you and your customers.

Refresh your banners

Outdoor advertising is a key element for any spring sales campaign. A new set of banners on your storefront or on the street outside will let passers-by know about the seasonal specials you offer. Many business owners tend to choose teardrop banners, mesh banners or feather flags in bright colors. Potential customers will notice these outdoor flags and banners flying in the breeze, and they are likely to take a closer look.

spring is a perfect time to refresh your advertising banners’ look as well. If you have used banners with only one or two colors previously, try adding more to your spring banners. You can also create a revamped graphic design with more intricate borders, logos or screen-printed images. Your regular customers will notice it and are likely to spread the word to their friends who are also completing their shopping lists. People also start to spend more time outdoors as the weather warms up, so spring may be a perfect time to add another type of advertising like a billboard if your marketing budget allows.

Offer spring only incentives

clipping couponsDuring the winter, many people make plans and resolutions for the spring, like becoming more organized or adopting healthier living habits. As a business owner, you can help them in achieving those goals. Set up some limited-time-only sales offers and give your customers some incentives for redeeming these offers before the expiration date. You can set up online incentives through social media, where customers who “like” or follow your social page would be eligible for these offers, and you could even include a small free gift with each purchase they make.

Set up sales themes

Lots of people use the spring season to travel, rejuvenate, relax and dispose of unwanted items. Designing a marketing campaign with these words and imagery can grab shoppers’ attention according to your type of business. If you run a business centered on health and wellness, add sales specials designed to show how your products will help buyers look and feel better. If you own a travel company, create spring sales campaigns for different demographics.

spring does not automatically mean your sales need to decline. You can leverage your target market’s regular plans and goals for the spring season and design a captivating marketing plan around those concepts.

Custom Banners Will Make an Intriguing Storefront

storefront bannerYour storefront is the first thing potential customers see, and if it’s located at a popular area, you have pretty much got it made, especially if you employ storefront banners. These banners let people know what you’ve got to offer from several meters away, drawing them into your shop.

A lot of companies use banner stands at trade shows and conventions, but for some reason, refrain from using them at their main place of business. The difference between banners made for conventions and banners for storefronts is mainly the materials used. Storefront banners are placed outside, which means they need to be weatherproof. Storefront banners also need to tell what you have on offer “right now” whereas expo banners tend to be more about your brand identity and your general purpose.

If you have a few banners left over from a trade show, you can try them out to see the effect they have before you spend money on a more durable banner. Eventually, though, you will need to make sure that your banners are tailored to the walk-in customers’ needs rather than to the needs of convention contacts.

You’ll need an eye-catching design to draw in the customers – commuters and busy shoppers tend not to look around themselves too much, so you need to break into their bubble. If you can get them to look at your banner for a second or two, chances are you’ve snagged them.

Eye-catching involves good product promotion, high-quality graphics and bright colors. You should push the products first and your brand later – the product is your priority and you want people to think about it immediately.

You’ll also need to be able to customize your banner – a dry-wipe portion, or a scrolling banner, for example. You can then change the offers seasonally or daily, as new content and images helps to keep people’s attention keen and increases your conversion rate.

Lobby Banners – Explore Their Major Advantages

Banners displayed in hotel lobbies, shopping malls, conference halls or banks are an invaluable promotional tool. If a staff member is talking to customers, a lobby banner stand can feature general information for other visitors. The lobbies of offices can use banners to tell visitors what they need to know about sales or products, as well as ideas and mission statements.

Restaurants, bars and fast food eateries make use of lobby banners to promote specials, membership or meal offers. They can also keep regulars up-to-date on upcoming events or special theme nights.

narrow base retractable bannerBanners are especially popular in lobbies and gathering points at trade shows to back up the products, and they can also act as crowd control tools, by telling people where to go or what’s up next.

A group of banners can really catch the eye and offer a dynamic graphical experience. This is especially useful when you are absent, as a group of lobby banners can get a lot of information across to potential customers.

Doctors and clinics can make use of lobby banners, as a discreet way of directing or informing patients. Scrolling banners in lobbies are especially useful, as the messages can be changed as often as necessary at no extra cost. The fact the banner is moving or flashing is an extra draw to the eye.

Banners can be made to look amusing so that they draw people in; this is especially so in the case of restaurants and dentists, where people want to be enticed or reassured. The knowledge that your dentist has a sense of humor can be invaluable!

One way to really get attention in a lobby is to use outdoor banners (even though you’re indoors). These banners are often placed up very high and can look very impressive against a high-vaulted ceiling. You can also place your store banners in the lobby or atrium of a mall to let passers-by know you’re there and have a special offer for them.

Hotel lobbies can place banners to announce offers, services or upcoming events, and cinemas also find lobby banners very useful, as people can easily see which films are coming soon. People are already primed for an eye-catching experience when they enter a movie theater, so will eagerly look at banners – especially if they are cut-outs in the shape of film characters.

Outdoor Events – What Are Your Advertising Options

When it comes to advertising your business, your storefront or office building exterior are normally the first choices for advertising, but you have additional options in other locations. Billboards, banners, flags and posters are just a few possibilities for eye-catching outdoor ads. Participating in trade shows and local outdoor events will help to get your marketing messages to a more diverse segment of people whom otherwise might not had the chance to learn about your business.

Advertising at outdoor events

Sporting events can be excellent advertising opportunities because your brand will be on display for a captive audience of fans, sports reporters, event staff and team members. Buying stadium ad space for a banner will allow you to display it in a prominent spot near the bleachers or playing field. For these kinds of events, vinyl banners are an especially good option because they are the most durable against nature elements.

banner at an outdoor event

Other advertising options you can incorporate include promotional items. Fold-up bleacher chairs or umbrellas with your business name and website address are easy advertising mediums that will also give attendees something practical to take with them. While offering promotional merchandise at your event booth, setting up a colorful double-sided poster stand with your company information is another way to create a memorable impression.

Outdoor community events such as farmers’ markets have risen in popularity, and they also present you with more advertising opportunities. These events are frequently staged in a central area of your city, and they allow you to interact with your customer base in a casual, fun environment. One of the best traits of outdoor advertising at events is a more personal and direct approach. Other kinds of events where you could advertise include: music concerts, swap meets, carnivals, holiday festivals and college events.

These examples make up a diverse range, and you can get the best results by advertising at events generally related to your products and services. Advertising at any outdoor event also involves planning which materials are the most appropriate and effective for your target market.

Banners, flags and posters for outdoor advertising

Banners are the most favorite advertising choice for many business owners. Lower costs of digital printing allow you to customize a banner with high-quality graphics and colors. Displaying one of these banners at any outdoor event will help to create a professional image for you as a business owner. A good vinyl banner will withstand strong sunlight and last for several years. If you have limited space, smaller teardrop banners are a worthwhile investment with the same visual impact.

Flags are additional tools for outdoor advertising at various venues. Feather flags are available in several different sizes, and they come attached along one edge to a lightweight but durable pole that you can stake into the ground. One effective advertising option is to display a row of feather flags along the outer perimeter of your business’s property.

Posters are smaller alternatives to full-size banners, and they can have the same effect without the same space requirements. If you have a storefront, adding a double-sided poster on a stand is a great way to gain interest from people walking by your front entry way. These kinds of posters are mounted on two-sided stands fabricated from sturdy material such as aluminum. One benefit of these poster stands is that most are made for interchangeable vinyl banners that attach to the frame with Velcro tabs or small hooks.

Outdoor advertising is a vital component of your overall marketing strategy, and it leaves plenty of creative room for tailoring your message to a specific customer base. Customized banners, flags and posters are visually appealing and relatively inexpensive materials for these advertising efforts. They have been proven to attract attention from more customers who may not have been previously aware of your business at all.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Holiday Season – Unique Marketing Ideas

When Christmas is coming, every small business is getting ready to maximize their holidays’ sales. Finding useful advertising ideas and improving your marketing strategy is the key, so you can get the most out of this Christmas season.


To capture the Christmas’ atmosphere you first need to redecorate your business. Use beautiful lights and Christmas colors such as green and red. Play Christmas melodies. Recreate a snowing atmosphere and ask some of your employees to wear Christmas costumes and to interact with clients. Decorate your space with Christmas toys. The thing is to make customers feel that they are in a magical and fantastic world.
christmas decoration

Display your promotions discounts and special offers everywhere: place a banner in your business storefront or the window, announce it in your website and all your social media channels. Also, hand out flyers with your promotions. You should also send Christmas cards to your best customers where you include a brief description of your special offers as well as a special discount code for VIP clients.

Special offers:

Christmas season is all about discounts so you should reduce prices and promote special offers. Have discounts vouchers, promotional days and special discount days (similar to Black Friday). Offer a gift to people who buy certain products. Keep it fresh and change the offer every day, the idea is to keep shoppers coming back.

Also offer customers free gift wrapping. Include a service that helps them think about gifts ideas and guides them to the right part of the store where they can find the best promotions. Make their shopping experience easier.


Everybody loves little gifts that they don’t expect to receive. So, have two or three types of small wrapped gifts under the counter ready to hand out after a purchase. Simple things such as a really cute soap, a bottle of wine or a beautiful candle are perfect. Include a written-card wishing them Merry Christmas and thanking them for their visit. This is a perfect strategy to make a very good impression on customers and keep them talking about your business.


Christmas is about a generous spirit that also reaches out to the less fortunate. Choose a charitable institution and donate part of your Christmas’ sales. Inform your visitors about it. This will definitely attract more people if they know that part of their purchases go to charity.

Christmas is the most special season of the year and everybody loves it. So, make people feel special in your business. Help them enjoy the Christmas’ atmosphere. Every visitor will appreciate it and your sales volume will increase accordingly.

Outdoor Banners – A Great Tool For Church Advertising

Church events hold a great deal of possibility for banner use, and these forms of advertising can be effective for spreading the word about fundraisers, festivals, guest sermons, youth activities, holiday celebrations and even craft fairs. Banners are also an eye-catching means of attracting new members to the parish.

Retractable banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor church events, and they can last for quite a while if maintained properly. Plus, banners can be stored easily when not in use, which makes them quite economical.
church banner
Banners can be used to notify congregation members of milestone events, such as First Communion, Confirmation, Baptism, Ash Wednesday, Easter, Lent and so on. Placing a colorful indoor banner in the church front entryway can direct attendees to the correct room for these special events.

Banners placed near the main church auditorium entry will immediately notify members of current and upcoming events. Placing a retractable banner outside a church building is also an effective way to catch potential new members attention.

An outdoor banner with messages such as “Join Us”, “Come Worship With Us” or “All Are Welcome” can make all the difference, and adding some colorful outdoor flags to a church exterior will have even more of the same effect.

Teardrop Banners Will Upgrade Your Entire Marketing Campaign

Teardrop banner flags are catchy outdoor advertising solutions that many business owners place near the entrances to their storefronts or place of business. These types of banners are both cost-effective and popular because they use less banner fabric than some others but still create enough of a visual impact.

teardrop banner flagPotential customers who see teardrop flag banners are likely to remember the business’s name and possibly investigate further about its products or services. Teardrop banner flags can be staked into the ground, but many now come with a durable base instead, so it can be moved around easily.

The benefits of teardrop banners are countless. A quality teardrop banner is durable enough to withstand natural elements, such as rain and wind. With professional screen print graphic design and dye sublimation printing, you can create colorful logos that make the most of the available fabric space.

The result can grab potential customers’ attention quickly as they pass by a business displaying a teardrop banner. Teardrop banners come in easy-to assemble kits, and they only take a short time to put together by sliding the fabric banner over its flexible teardrop-shaped frame.

Most teardrop banners have the option of stands with ground stakes or with aluminum bases, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Many banner kits now come with both sets of stand parts for maximum versatility. The average teardrop banner measures between 70 and 180 inches in height when assembled, and the inclusion of both stake and base may come with a slightly higher price, but gives you more options of where to place it.

No doubt that a teardrop banner will liven up your brand and attract attention from passersby, and maybe even draw people that didn’t think about entering your business.

Designing a Banner? Learn How to Choose the Right Colors

A lot of researches conducted in the last decades support the theory that color increases brand recognition. This means that the colors that you choose for a banner promotion have a major influence on its success. Take these factors into consideration when designing a banner and deciding on the color scheme to make sure that your colors tell the story of your brand.

How the eyes process color?

The way that the human eye processes color can have a major influence on the audience’s reaction to your banner. Black and white color schemes may hold the eye’s attention for about two-thirds of a second. Brighter colors, on the other hand, can capture attention for as much as two seconds. If you use a black and white color scheme, then make sure that you use another color splash to provide a focal point for your audience.

Yellow, for example, is the color that the eyes see first. However, yellow is also a fatiguing color that will cause people to look away if it is overused. Therefore, use yellow to highlight important text, but avoid using strong yellow as a background color. Earth tones or muted shades of color tend to hold the eye for longer than large swaths of bright color, and those softer colors are more suitable for a background.
pantone color guide

The cultural context of color

When you design a banner, make sure that you know what the color means in the predominant culture. For example, in American and European cultures, white symbolizes purity and cleanliness. In Chinese culture, however, white symbolizes death. Americans associate purple with nobility and royalty, but in the Netherlands, the color associated with royalty is orange. The western culture often associate red with love, passion or danger, whereas in eastern Asia, red is the color of joy, marriage and celebration, and in Africa, many countries associate the color red with death.

As you choose colors for your display, make sure to know the cultural origin of your audience. You want to make sure that the color conveys the message that you intended.

The psychology of color

Color can provoke strong feelings and reactions that your audience may not consciously recognize. For example, if you are advertising a medical product, then you should avoid the color red because red can trigger the perception of danger. Red also suggests financial trouble, so it may make a poor choice for a banner that advertises an accounting firm. Alternatively, colors that emphasize safety include green and blue, so these are better choices when safety is a major consideration. Think about the message of color, and choose colors that harmonize with the message of your brand.

Choose attractive combinations of colors

Select a color scheme that matches your products or services or a color that highlights your logo. Also, as you consider the colors for your banner, choose colors that share a unifying feature. Monochromatic schemes, for instance, utilize shades of the same color, and even pastels in different colors still share a unifying characteristic. Use colors that are beside one another on the color wheel for a soothing appearance, and use colors opposite one another for a more assertive statement.

Brilliant Advertising Ideas To Boost Your Small Business

The advent of the internet has changed the entire framework of marketing and advertising, especially as it relates to small retail businesses. It wasn’t so long ago that retail business relied primarily on the Yellow Pages for their advertising in addition to a couple of ads in the local newspapers and radio stations. The internet has made these mediums obsolete.

The first step in creating a proper advertising strategy is to determine your advertising budget. Common business practice dictates the advertising budget be a percentage of the total anticipated sales for the year. The percentage will vary according to a number of factors; including, the industry, the type of product or service being sold and the intensity of competition.
small store front
Since sales in most retail businesses vary at different times in the year, it is suggested that you prepare a monthly budget based on the projected sales for the particular month. When preparing your sales budget, pay particular attention to major shopping holidays such as Christmas, President’s Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

The type of retail business you have and the demographics of your customers are critical parameters in constructing an advertising strategy. Through an understanding of your industry and an accurate profile of your typical customer, you will be able to enjoy the best return on your advertising investment. For example, if you have a retail store that sells computer games then you would be better served buying advertising time on a Top 20 radio station in the evening than on a classical station during school hours.

According to a recent study, 89% of consumers conduct research online prior to making a purchase and as many as 79% will either “follow” or “like” brands on social networks in order to promote the business and also to get more information about it. There is simply no way around it; a website is an absolute must when it comes to owning a retail store.

While there are plenty of options when it comes to free website services, it is suggested that you spend the money for your own domain and have it custom designed. The appearance is far more polished, the cost is fairly reasonable in addition to which you will have site related email addresses.

Once you have a website up and running, it is time to give some thought to search engine optimization. Having a beautifully designed site is great but if no one ever sees it than it is of no use. Search engine optimization will improve the position of your site for relevant industry searches on the various search engines, with particular emphasis on Google. There is no shortage of SEO companies in the market and they offer different levels of service dependent upon your budget and other factors.

It is important that your business has exposure at social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn). This has the dual benefit of advertising and also strengthening your site’s ranking and statistics which will improve its position on search engines.

Consumers are more comfortable making purchases from someone who they feel is knowledgeable in the relevant field. Two great ways of establishing yourself as an expert is to maintain a blog on your website and to hold webinars. Use your blog to discuss new products, services and general thoughts about your industry. Webinars are appropriate for complicated products and items that are best served with a visual demonstration. Another option is video clips uploaded to YouTube for display on your website.

It is very important to keep track of the results of your various advertising streams. In this way, you can see what is working, what isn’t working and how to optimize your advertising budget.

While technology and advances in media have had enormous effects on advertising, the one thing that remains the same with small retail business is that advertising begins with window design and the store itself. The window display should be well thought out, changed seasonally and include an eye-catching banner outside the store, and the store should be clean and well-maintained.

Take Advantage Of Banners To Advertise Sporting Events

Banners can be used to advertise many different types of sporting events, from kids’ Little League games to major league teams with well-known names and players. Sporting events rely on fan support as their livelihood, and a banner can be an excellent way of letting team devotees know about upcoming games and matches. More advertising translates into higher ticket sales, and sports teams rely on this revenue to keep going from one season to the next.

Using vinyl banners is one of the most cost-effective means of letting the general public know about upcoming games for high school, college and community sports teams. Just as with other outdoor uses of banners, this advertising venture represents an investment that can quickly pay for itself. Vinyl is one of the best and most durable materials for outdoor banners because it withstands wear or damage from rain, wind, sunlight or similar elements. Designing banners for school or community teams is one of the simplest advertising ventures; many individuals ordering these banners stick to using the team name, mascot and colors. If a given team plays at the same location on a regular basis, this can also be rendered on the banner if preferred.
hockey match with banner at background

In addition to ticket sales, many sports teams rely on local business sponsors for their continued livelihood. These companies frequently provide funds for team uniforms, equipment, facility use fees, fan memorabilia and other related costs. Professional and semi-professional teams often have the help of public relations professionals to attract and maintain this kind of financial support from sponsors. Smaller, non-profit community sports teams alternately need to rely on groups of volunteers to bring in monetary donations from local businesses. Sets of vinyl banners displayed at community sports teams’ games can noticeably help bring in more customer interest in their sponsors’ products and services. For this reason, both sports teams and local businesses benefit from this type of sponsorship advertised to the general public with outdoor banners.

Vinyl banners can sometimes be placed only in certain areas at some sporting events. Organizers or sponsors cannot place banners in the sightlines of players where this outdoor advertising could be a distraction during a game. Many geographic metropolitan areas also do not allow banners to be placed where they’re visible from the main streets.

Some jurisdictions only allow banners to be displayed within a one-mile radius of a sporting event stadium or other venue where a given game will take place. When planning to use banners to advertise a sporting event, it is within organizers’ best interest to double-check all applicable local laws regarding banner wording and display practices.