Learn How To Make The Best Trade Show Media Kit

When presenting at a trade show or conference, you must have a media kit to hand to visitors or reporters covering the event. The trade show media kits’ main purpose is to generate a lot of buzz about your business and presented product.

Therefore, a complete and well-planned media kit is essential to your overall success, because it will get the word out to as many people as possible before and during the event.

A successful trade show media kit must include: press release, company background information, product samples, brochures and catalogs, promotional items with the company’s logo, and hi-resolution images.trade show booth

The press release is basically an announcement of your business’s participation in a specific event, and it has to abide press release rules, such as the release date, byline, a subtitle and company info. It usually includes the dates, times and locations of the event as well as general directions of where your exhibit will be located and what products will you be showing.

It is highly recommended to include some promotional items in your media kit. Items with your company logo will get your brand name into people’s minds during the trade show. Such promotional items can be mouse pads, pens, flash drives and so on.

A catalog is an invaluable resource for journalists to get familiar with your products, and if you include a CD or flash drive with high-quality product images, it would be best.

If you follow these tips for making a smashing media kit, you will undoubtedly succeed in your next trade show. Good luck!


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