Is Your Trade Show Display Attractive Enough?

At trade show, a main component for success is visibility. If nobody sees your booth, it won’t matter that you have an excellent product or a unique service. Standing out among dozens or hundreds of competitors is tough, that’s for sure, but it’s not impossible. The thing to focus on is an attractive booth that everyone will see and want to visit.

Your display needs to create a buzz, so that every visitor will want to come in and check out what it’s all about. So, it needs to be engaging and attractive and offer some added value to the visitors. People want to feel that some thought was put into the efforts of bringing them into a certain booth.

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One thing that will definitely bring a lot of crowd is a product demonstration. A live demonstration is something that many presenters often neglect, and it’s a shame because it can certainly create a lot of buzz and interest about your booth. Accompanied with an interactive, fun lines by your best sales crew, a live demo will boost your display and generate interest and probably a lot of good leads.

This also leads us to choosing the right staff. A well-trained staff can make all the difference between a mediocre presentation and a WOW presentation. Young and fresh staff will swoop the audience and make a fun presentation. So, invest in your team, make sure they are happy and even offer them incentives for bringing in more sales leads or for talking to as many potential clients as possible.

In the end, people will remember that your booth was interesting, fun or unique, and that’ll bring them to visit your store or website to make a purchase.


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  1. David Reply


    Thanks for the input, your web site provided us with useful info to work on.

  2. Molly Reply

    Exhibitions are the best avenues where businesses can get many prospective clients, especially now that banner stands are created with stylish and decorative designs.

  3. lisa Reply

    An attractive booth is really the key point if advertisers want more visits.

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